How To Get Rid Of Maple Tree Helicopters

Maple tree seed structures are called by different names, including keys, tags, and spinners. The distinctive shape and activity of these structures earn them their descriptive names. Like cherry fruit, maple seeds form in pairs on a stalk.

Each seed is affixed to a wing-like structure made of paper. These tiny maple tree spinners twirl and spin like helicopter blades as maple seed pods fall from a tree. These seeds can catch the wind and travel a considerable distance. In addition, because of their abundance and ability to spread, maple seeds can be challenging to clean up.

These seeds are often called helicopter seeds because they spin, and that whirling enables them to fly. When the weather is unpredictable, or the trees are stressed, they frequently do this. When a tree is stressed, it goes into survival mode and produces more seed pods than usual. Silver maple seeds are known for producing many seed pods because of this.

maple tree helicopters

A tree may not be stressed, yet they can produce many blossoms, and while frost often kills some flowers on branches, it doesn’t kill them all. Here the blossoms can seed and produce an abundance of seed pods.

In our guide, you can learn more about the little helicopters that sprout and ruin your lawn in the front yard of your garden. By the end, you’ll have enough information on how to get rid of these winged seeds, so they are no longer a nuisance. (Learn How Fast Do Maple Trees Grow)

How Do You Get Rid of Helicopters From Maple Trees?

Keep an eye on maple trees to see when they flower because if you prevent fertilized blooms from maturing, you can avoid seed development.

To protect other plants from growth regulator hormone overspray, cover it with plastic tarps. In addition, never spray growth regulator hormone on a windy day.

Experts recommend Florel to prevent seed growth of seeds and fruit from many plants.

How to Use Growth Hormone Regulator

Take a large bucket and add growth regulator hormone with water. The ratio is 1-quart hormone regulator to 10 gallons of water.

You will need to use the mixed hormone right away as if it stands too long; it loses its effectiveness.

Fill a chemical spray applicator’s tank with the hormone. Then, point the sprayer at the red maples (Acer Rubrum) and depress the wand’s trigger.

To uniformly spread the spray, wave the wand over the tree in a grid pattern. Make sure the growth regulator hormone is uniformly applied to the tree. (Read Best Time To Spray Weed Killer)


Why Does My Maple Tree Have So Many Helicopters?

Every year, every tree needs some maintenance. The magnificent summer blooms on Maple Samaras take some work now and later.

With work created from other trees, why do you see so many maple tree seeds in the backyard each year?

The answer is that maples are excellent self-replicators.

Unlike other samaras with only one wing, helicopter seeds can be spread and carried far by the wind.

Many maple tree seeds die or are eaten by hungry animals, yet those surviving the winter are protected from the cold and predators by snow. When the snow melts in your garden, these seeds have optimal conditions to germinate slowly in the spring.

Because each helicopter has two seeds, its chances of surviving and finding a location to grow are improved. Keeping your yard tidy isn’t the only reason to clear fallen maple tree seeds. This prevents unwanted maple seedlings from sprouting.

If not treated, the leaves, roots, and branches of maple trees will damage concrete, siding, and roof shingles.

Begin cleaning up as soon as you see maple tree seeds fall. The best approach to clean helicopter seeds from your lawn and flower beds is using a rake. Regularly inspect the foundations of your home, garage, and other outbuildings to ensure no trees are sprouting nearby.

maple helicopter on ground

How Long Do Maple Trees Drop Helicopters?

To begin, the official term for this winged seed is a samara, which refers to a particular fruit that can travel great distances from its parent tree. Samaras is also produced by ash trees and elm trees, while maple samaras are the greatest at flying. Maples developed these seeds to ensure their stronghold as front runners in tree foliage.

Healthy maple trees might skip a year in seed development because of poor pollination or an overabundance of blooms the previous year.

However, an overabundance of samaras can show that a particular tree experienced stress the previous year and that generating a bumper crop of seeds is the tree’s method of ensuring that the species survives should stress continue.

The wings provide maple seeds with yet another significant benefit. The wing of a maple seed helps it hold upright between grass blades or other plants once it lands.

The planted seeds stand upright and have a better chance of sinking into the soil below. The wings fall away once the seed is driven into the earth, allowing the seed to germinate more quickly.

It depends on the type of maple tree you have, and each has its own set of requirements:

  • Late spring – Silver maple.
  • Late spring to early summer and fall is the best times to see red maple trees.
  • Summer and Fall – Sugar maple samaras have 1-inch wings that ripen in the summer and fall releases around two weeks after they mature.

How Do I Get Rid Of Maple Seeds In My Lawn?

The fruits of maple trees are called samaras, yet it isn’t just maples that produce samaras. Take immediate action if a wayward maple seedling grows where it shouldn’t. A quick hand pull should pluck any maple seedlings you see.

The soil is still moist, and the root systems are immature.

Maple plant seedlings will be easier to pluck in this state if you know what you’re doing. However, it will become much more of a chore in the future. Here are some pointers on how to get rid of maple tree seedlings in your yard.

Pull or dig up little tree seedlings by hand to remove as much of the maple’s root system as necessary. Any remaining root system has the potential to bring the seedling back into your garden.

Cut off huge sprouts at ground level before brushing an undiluted, nonselective herbicide like glyphosate onto the freshly cut area if they’re too big to pluck or dig up. However, if the undesired sprout is developing from the root system of a desirable tree, don’t do this.

Regularly inspect the grassy area of your garden for new seedlings and pick out or cut off any young undesired plants at ground level as soon as possible after you see them.

Removing red maple trees and seedlings from your garden after they have matured can be difficult and time-consuming.

Using the services of a professional to fully and properly remove the tree and root system of maple trees and maple seedlings can help you avoid hurting the surrounding landscape or your property during maple tree and root removal.

Cleaning up the samaras after the tree has finished dropping seeds and before sprouting is the best way to deal with this issue. (Learn How To Get Whipworms Out Of Yard)

Use a shop vac when dropping seeds are in areas you can’t sweep or rake.

Lay down thick layers of newspaper, then wet them and cover with mulch to stop seeds germinating.

When you stop maple seed pods, you prevent seed formation by stopping pollinated flowers from developing. Cover nearby vegetation using a tarp, thus preventing pollinated flowers on desirable plants from growth regulator hormone overspray on your land.

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