How To Get Rid Of Mockingbirds

Mocking birds are commonplace in several regions of the world, but that doesn’t make them welcome to see. If you have a lot of mockingbirds visiting your land, you may be bothered by their noisy antics.

These birds are thought to be among the most vexing on the planet. First, they make lots of noise, and worse, they are known to attack anyone who gets close to their nests during the nesting season. Knowing this, you’ll want to do as the book says, “To kill a mockingbird,” yet things aren’t that simple.

In our guide, you can learn the most effective ways how to get rid of a mockingbird at night that is causing sleepless nights. By the end, you’ll have enough ways of how to deter mockingbirds, or even other birds you don’t want to visit your yard. (Learn How To Get Rid Of Ants In Garden Without Killing Plants)

mockingbird aggressive

Is Killing Mockingbirds Legal?

Legally, you can’t get rid of mockingbird that way as they are protected by federal and state law.

Without a permit or license from the federal and state governments, it is illegal to trap, capture, trade, transport, and disturb their nests, eggs, or young.

Disturbing or hurting these birds on public land would be illegal.

Mockingbirds have exceptional memories and can spot a substantial threat while not easily frightened.

Mockingbirds can remember anyone who threatened them and can attack them. They will attack again if they see you as a potential threat. Mockingbirds are highly territorial and will dive-bomb anyone entering their territory.

Why Are Mockingbirds Aggressive?

Here are reasons why mocking birds are so aggressive.


Mockingbirds are possessive and territorial birds. As a result, they attack anyone or anything that comes close to their nest. Their aggressiveness is a defensive response in this circumstance.

Aggressive Mockingbirds

Mockingbirds have been found in studies to be able to recognize the faces of people and pets they perceive to be dangers. If a mockingbird perceives you as a threat, it may attack you even before doing anything, so keep your distance.


Breeding Season of the Mockingbird

During the breeding season, breeding mockingbirds become even more hostile.

If there are mockingbirds living around your fruit trees and bushes, you should wait until the season is over to get rid of them or prune your yard.

As early as February, male mockingbirds create their breeding territory. In most cases, the breeding season is between April and July.

When a female mockingbird joins an unmated male’s territory during this time, the male produces specific harsh sounds. The male and female then face each other and observe each other before the male chases after the female.

When the female departs the territory, the male spreads its wings and makes cries for enticing her back.

The good news is that mockingbirds choose a mate and often stay together, so their are shorter and not as loud.

Some unmated males cannot find a mate during the breeding season and will sing until the end of the season when they then leave. (Read Why Are Flies Attracted To Poop)

A Mockingbirds Nest

Mocking birds prefer to build their nests in dense, low shrubs. Unfortunately, parks, forest edges, mowed lawns, and utility poles are frequent areas where they build their nests.

Mockingbirds love fruit and are drawn to such a food source they find in the area as they build their nest.

Mockingbirds love berry bushes, so netting these can help keep them away.

Mockingbirds Detect Threats

Keep in mind that mockingbirds may detect threats. They are good at spotting potential threats and will attack for survival.

Humans approaching a mockingbird with a repellent may upset the bird and prompt it to attack. The same can happen with dogs on the property.

It helps avoid contact as these are so good at spotting threats; any efforts to stop could make matters worse.

A mockingbird attack is unlikely to kill you, but you could be injured. Because of their territorial nature, it is not advised to approach a mockingbird’s nest.

A mockingbird can detect your presence and attack you much faster than you think. These obnoxious little birds are a nuisance and will fight you.

What You Need To Get Rid of Mockingbirds

To remove a mockingbird from your territory, you must first prepare.

Get a high-powered water gun, or you can use a water hose. Set up a water source, and whether you use a water gun or hose, keep water around your yard when you need to refill. If you’re using a hose, check water pressure, as low-pressure won’t be any help.

Make a hawk or owl silhouette. These work like a scarecrow for mockingbirds. Mockingbirds are instinctively afraid of apex predators like hawks and owls.

A good light source is essential when hunting at night—just a torch, penlight, or flashlight. You’ll need light to avoid rocks, branches, and plants.

Get binoculars or a telescope. Enhanced vision tools will help you locate the mocking birds exact location in trees with dense leaves.


How You Get Rid of Mockingbirds

All the collected supplies are meant to safely assist you in scaring off the mockingbird without harming it.

The goal is to encourage it to move on, not hurt it. Then, once you have your items ready, you can chase down the mockingbirds and reclaim your territory.

Using Water

Water guns with an impressive velocity are useful when trying to scare mockingbirds away rather than being a fun activity.

The aggressive birds will pick fights and attack people with dive bomb attacks who get too close in the mating season.

Follow these steps when using super-soaker water guns or a water hose. If you have a nerf gun with soft bullets, you can also use these steps. (Learn How To Get Rid Of A Cricket You Can’t Find)

1. Make your weapon ready.

Fill your water gun with water and keep a nearby water source ready. When using a water hose, ensure sure the water flow rate is high enough to reach your target.

2. Examine the Area

Survey the tree or bush area and find your target using binoculars or a telescope.

Ensure sure there are no obstructions between you and the mockingbird’s location. Also, make sure there’s nothing in your way that could cause you injury.

3. Aim High and Fire

Aim high with your water gun and fire when you’ve found your target. Without hurting the mockingbird, the idea is to make it aware that it needs to find a new home. If the bird moves from one area to another, stay with it until it moves on its journey.

Using Decoys

Setting up a hawk or owl decoy is an easy technique to keep mockingbirds out of your yard or keep them from coming back after you’ve successfully warned them away.

Follow the steps below:

1. Get a Hawk or Owl Silhouette

On a piece of cardboard, trace or draw silhouettes of hawks or owls.

Make as many as you require, then take the drawing and fix it to a dowel rod.

Mockingbirds are worried about the presence of owls and hawks, so you can buy ready-made decoys as these could be more lifelike.

If you have a barn, use these decoys to deter pesky birds from nesting there. Owl decoys are cheap and useful at scaring off a variety of birds.

For example, an owl decoy will effectively keep pigeons and most birds from approaching. If you have problems with mockingbirds, owl decoys can help.

Consider using owl decoys and other methods preemptively. Keep owl decoys up so that when mockingbirds migrate through the area, they don’t choose your land as a home.

2. Place Decoys in Strategic Locations

Install your owl decoy in several areas where mockingbirds will be intimidated or where you have spotted the birds.

Your owl decoy can make them uncomfortable and want to stay away from you and your family members.

Can You Buy a Mockingbird Repellant?

Mockingbirds don’t have their own repellent, yet mockingbirds may be deterred using hawk or owl decoys and ultrasonic bird repellers.

It’s debatable whether ultrasonic bird repellents genuinely work to repel mockingbirds as people dispute whether birds of an aggressive nature can hear the sounds. (Learn How To Get Rid Of Clover Mites)

Use Noise and Light

Loud sounds can scare most birds. For example, you can use loud music to scare mockingbirds who are aggressive.

It’s illegal to kill mockingbirds, and even accidentally killing one could get you into deep trouble.

Bright lights can be effective, as it is another thing mockingbirds dislike.

Keep Trees Pruned

Keep your trees maintained and neatly trimmed to keep mockingbirds away. Mockingbirds will have fewer places for building nests if you prune your trees appropriately.

Some individuals try to remove dangerous branches, but you can also remove trees ahead of time. Mockingbirds won’t nest on your land if you don’t have good trees to call home.

It’s best not to remove trees for trivial reasons but keep them well-trimmed. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, you may always hire a landscaping company to keep your tree in order.

Ear Plugs

Mockingbirds are very raucous when looking to find mates. However, if a lone male is on your property, it may call out day and night for a mate.

You can’t blame the bird for obeying its biological imperative need, but it will be bothersome. Unfortunately, the law prohibits disturbing or harassing mockingbirds, so you must put up with the loud noises.

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