How to Get Rid of Ground Moles

You can spend ages creating the best lawn in the neighborhood, and then you spot many mounds of earth scattered around your grass. It can be frustrating when you realize you have a significant mole problem because they won’t go away by themselves.

One of the significant issues with moles is that you rarely see them, and the majority of their life they spend underground making their mole tunnels that run under your garden.

While they can burrow their underground tunnels as deep as twelve inches, they often pop up now and again, and thus you are faced with the many mounds of earth in a morning.

You can learn here how to get rid of ground moles from your garden using home remedies that are proven effective.

Home Remedies to get rid of Ground Moles

You can also learn the other means you can use to stop moles and voles, making a mess of your garden without learning how to kill moles.

What are Moles?

Moles are carnivores, and moles feed on insects rather than garden plants. Yet, their tunnel system can span your entire garden and cause significant problems as they can kill roots with their burrowing.

All that happens underground, yet it is the surface tunnels and mole activity, which does the damage to your lawn or garden.

You tend to find moles in soils, which are rich in organic matter. Besides all this, if your garden is full of other soil pests, you can have a more extensive infestation than merely one mole.

Moles have fur that is bluey black or gray. They have slender snouts, fine needle-like teeth, spade-like feet small eyes, and ears that are concealed by fur.

Adult moles can grow up to 12 ” long depending on the species, and they are voracious eaters that can consume 100% of their body weight daily just to help them survive.

While similar to voles, the noses are one way to tell the difference because their noses reach way in front of their mouths. The Eastern mole is the more common variety of garden pests in the mole family. (Learn How To Trim Arborvitae)

How to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard

When you have moles in your yard, you can use humane methods rather than resort to killing them.

Many of the best solutions are home remedies that are proven to work. Here are the home remedies to get rid of moles the easy way.

Remove the Moles Food Source

Moles feed on insects that also live in the soil, and they are fond of grubs. While they are helping keep your pest control on track, they outweigh the benefits of this.

Once you eliminate grubs, you can find there is little to keep the moles in your garden, so adding beneficial nematodes or using the effective milky spore granules or powder to kill grubs goes a long way to eliminating their food source.

The downside to this is that moles eat earthworms, so it will not be possible to remove their source of food entirely.

Natural Planted Repellants

Certain plants like Marigolds, Daffodils, or any others from the allium family can help deter moles. Planting a barrier of these plants can help, yet it isn’t feasible to have plants surrounding your entire garden just to repel moles. (Learn How To Kill Creeping Charlie)

Dig Trenches

One way to get rid of moles is to prevent them from entering in the first place. Trenches that are six inches wide and two feet deep can be an excellent deterrent, particularly once you fill it full of rock or wire. Stone can be one way to stop a mole tunnel in its tracks.

Sonic Devices

Sonic mole repellants are not a home remedy, yet they are harmless. Moles don’t like noise, and that is why you hardly see them in the day.

A sonic device can be a quick method of lawn and garden care against your mole and other pest problem. It is worth noting; some pests become immune to these after a while.

Mole Traps

If you wish to use a mole trap to get rid of moles, set these in the early spring once you see signs of tunnels. You will need to check the tunnel is active. If you are successful with your mole traps, you need to take the mole at least five miles from your home to make sure they don’t return.

Mole Bait

Before looking at the most effective way of getting rid of moles, the final method is mole bait. You can find baits that mimic their regular source of food in size and texture. Each of the worm-sized portions contains a lethal dose of bromethalin. (Read About Fairy Pots)

You will find these kill the moles within 24 hours. It is a severe form of lawn care, yet some individuals will take this route for mole control.

If you are looking for one of the best ways, how to get rid of moles in yards and gardens, this final method takes some beating.

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Best Solutions to get rid of Moles

Castor Oil Mole Repellant

You can purchase these oil mixes for this purpose, yet it is easy to manufacture the best repellent for all your mole issues.

All you need to do is the following:

  1. Mix 1/2 a cup of castor oil with 1/2 cup of liquid dish soap in a jar.
  2. Close the lid and shake to mix until combined
  3. Add a few tablespoons of the mix to some tap water
  4. Use the solution to soak around the visible molehills

If it rains, you will need to apply as will you need to if you spot a new molehill show up. In most instances, you will find the moles begin moving out of your garden.

Using this method is effective as the castor oil affects their digestive system, and they hate the smell of the oil as well.

How to Get Rid of Ground Moles


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  1. We have seen no mole activity since we bought a robotic lawn mower 2 years ago. It runs daily for 8 hours. It is a pretty quiet machine, but we think it makes enough noise in its random wanderings around the yard to scare off the moles. We are very happy with this added benefit.

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