How To Get Rid Of Oak Mites

The magnificence of oak trees is well known. With their leaves changing a variety of yellow, orange, and brown colors, they add dramatic beauty to the gorgeous autumnal vistas. Despite its beauty, having one close can aggravate since they are home to tiny little parasites known as oak leaf gall mites. Oak mites are parasitic gall larvae that devour wasp larvae on oak tree galls.

A gall is a tiny brown malformation that develops after a wasp lays eggs on the leaves of an oak tree. The tiny parasites can be seen using a magnifying glass, but you can certainly tell where they have been once on your skin.

Because gall mites get onto your skin or clothes and bite your skin, causing redness and rashes, the oak leaf itch mite is a more considerable nuisance to humans than it is to trees.

Because the mites’ gall works as a protective layer, you can’t just spray an oak tree to destroy them. So keep an eye out for oak trees with galls if you’re working outside in the late summer.

Oak Mites

In our guide, you can learn more about how long do oak mites last and how can you get oak mites in house? By the end, you’ll see the best way to deal with and treat any bug bites from your oak tree mite population. (Learn How To Get Rid of Soil Mites)

How Do You Get Rid Of Oak Mites On Your Skin?

Oak tree itch mites have a diameter of 2.5 millimeters, making them practically invisible, and you’ll often need a magnifying glass to view them well. The following is the procedure for treating an oak mite bite. First, calymphane cream is a cream that contains calymphane. Second, antihistamines are a type of antihistamine that is taken orally. Finally, hydrocortisone is an oral pharmacological treatment drug.

However, you need to know a bit more about them before learning how to avoid them and deal with the issue when they bite people.

When are Mites Most Dangerous?

Look for oak trees with brown leaves that insects surround. The leaves will turn brown and wither as gall mites, and other insects develop. Because galls are difficult to notice, look for browned leaves to check for wasp and gall larvae activity.

Another way to check for oak mites is to check for small insects buzzing about the base of an oak tree. You can spot swarms a few feet in the air or as high as 20–30 feet.

You’ll see such swarms around September, but you can also see them at sunset throughout the summer.

Mite Protective Gear

At the end of the summer, stay away from oak trees. The galls where the juvenile oak leaf itch mites eat the wasp larvae split free as summer changes to fall, releasing the mites into the air. Unfortunately, a strong breeze can also knock the mites off the tree, allowing them to enter your clothing and bite you.

The mite population can be enormous by the end of the summer, with up to 300,000 mites falling from each tree per day. You can find it takes as little as three weeks to create an entire generation of these developing insects.

If possible, wear long sleeves as protective clothing when working outside to keep the oak leaf itch mites away from your skin. Bites are most common on a person’s upper body or in areas where clothes are unfastened. When working outside, a hooded jacket can be worn to conceal the back of your neck. (Read Can Fleas Live In Human Hair)

Mites in the Home

When oak mites leave their galls, oak mites travel in the wind, so around the end of August, close all windows and doors, and as the gall mites are so small, they can slip through the cracks in your screen.

You’ll find oak leaf mites between August and October and are airborne. They easily bite individuals through open windows, doors, or screens.

Deterring Mites

Avoid spraying or removing the mite-infested oak tree. The spray won’t penetrate the gall shielding the oak mite and is ineffective. You don’t need to remove the tree as the tree pests are unlikely to be a problem every year.

Staying away from raking leaves around the base of oak trees is the best way to avoid being
bitten by oak leaf mites. You can get some insecticides to use with your garden hose that may kill hatched mites. Unhatched mites from these microscopic parasites deep in the oak tree galls won’t be harmed.

Oak itch mites

Do Oak Mites Burrow Into Your Skin?

Oak itch mites crawl under the skin and eat liquids. Depending on the type of bite and how long it takes to appear, the bite will last 5-7 days and can be seen in the eyes.

If you have been working around your red oak trees, here’s the best way to deal with tiny parasites and other pests that could be on your body.


Remove all clothing and wash it as soon as possible. When you wash your clothes, use laundry detergent and hot water as they attach themselves to your clothes and can stay on the fabric for several days.

As you transport these dirty clothes to the washing machine, keep them away from everything in your house.

Take a long, hot shower and thoroughly cleanse your body as Oak mites can’t be seen with the naked eye. Apply soap to your entire body and rub it in with a washcloth. To ensure that every part of your body is clean, shampoo and rinse your hair, and any mites on your body will be killed by soap and hot water and washed away.

Put on clean clothes after drying, and after you’ve finished with the towel, wash it in the washing machine before reusing it. When working outside in the late summer, repeat this procedure as much as is required. (Read Potato Bug Bite Guide)


When mites bite people, apply anti-itch cream to the skin. The bites appear as tiny, welt-like bumps on your skin that inflame and itch.

You may buy over-the-counter itch cream at your local pharmacy or get it online. Apply a dab of cream on each lump every day and leave it alone. Use the cream until all of the bites have vanished. The bites of oak mites normally persist around two weeks.

You may ask do oak mite bites spread? It is not good to scratch your bites because this might lead to infection, which could spread, although the bite won’t.

How Long Do Oak Mites Live On Humans?

When the oak mite eats the cilaroid larvae’s food supplies, they burrow underground and vanish. Is there something wrong? The victim’s itching condition may endure for two weeks.

Oak mites are microscopic small parasites. They’re arachnids, which are linked to spiders and ticks but aren’t insects. These invasive species, also known as itch mites, oak leaf gall mites, or oak tree mites, are assumed to have originated in Europe.

The problem with oak mites is no perfect solution to get rid of them.

An oak mite infestation can produce multiple generations in a single week, and oak mites can fall in large numbers off oak trees.

They can fly through open windows or land on people sitting or walking beneath the trees because of their small size. So keep windows closed during the fall.

After male and female oak mites breed, a fertilized female oak mite makes its way into an oak gall full of midge larvae. She paralyzes the larvae using venom and feeds on them until her eggs hatch.

Oak mites can overwhelm people and become lodged inside loose clothing and hair because they can fall from trees in such large numbers. In addition, Oak mites are difficult to notice, making them much more aggravating to deal with.

Get Rid of Oak Mites

How to Get Rid of Oak Mites

Oak mites are difficult to get rid of, especially if you weren’t aware that you have them. Because these mites dwell inside the galls and there is no method to spray inside, you can’t spray the tree with insecticides.

Because there are no products that would kill the oak mites or remove them from the trees, you must take precautions to avoid being bitten. When they have eaten all of the larvae in the galls, the problem occurs late in the summer or early in the fall, so be on the lookout at this time of year.

Cover the galls in tightly wrapped garbage bags to prevent the mites from escaping when you remove galls from your tree.

Another way to attract birds to your yard is to put bird feeders. The insects that create the larvae that oak mites feed on are naturally preyed upon by birds. (Learn How To Get Rid Of Clover Mites)

Treat Oak Mite Bites

The most important thing is to avoid scratching oak mite bites, which are small and irritating. You can get an infection if you scratch them.

Take a hot shower and wash all of your clothes before applying anything.

To relieve itching, apply a topical anti-itch cream and take oral antihistamines.

Although oak mites rely on insects, they look for other hosts to feed on when their food source becomes low. As a result, they can bite humans in proximity. The bites are itchy unpleasant and cause rashes that resemble those caused by bed rashes. Within a few hours of the bite, the rashes form.

Calamine lotion or over-the-counter hydrocortisone can treat oak mite bites in the same way as chigger bites are treated.

How To Get Rid Of Oak Mites

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