How To Get Rid Of Snakes Under Concrete Slab

There’s no question that snakes around your home can be unsettling. Even non-venomous snakes, such as rat snakes or garter snakes, can pose a threat as they still bite and could harm pets or your kids. Identifying the particular type of snake is the first step in snake removal.

Because there are so many varieties of snakes, it’s difficult to recognize them; therefore, before choosing a strategy, you should know their habitat, behavior, and appearance. Many people have the “snake infestation under the house” problem, so it isn’t new.

Luckily, there are eight significant ways you can tackle how to get rid of a snake hole under slab. Snakes will seek a cool spot to hide during the day, and a concrete slab makes the perfect hideout.

In our guide, you can learn more about how to get rid of snakes under concrete slab and also eradicate rodents that offer them a food source. By the end, you’ll know all the ways to remove snakes and how to fill snake holes, and you will be permanently keeping snakes away from your home. (Learn How To Get Rid Of Groundhogs Under Shed)

Tips To Get Rid Of Snakes Under Concrete Slab

Best Ways Of How To Get Rid Of Snakes Under Concrete Slab

Regardless of whether you have harmless snakes, you can use the following methods to get rid of snakes under concrete slab.

1. Make Snake Traps

A snake will remain under a slab of concrete once it enters until it is persuaded that there is a cause to come out. They can feel safe and comfortable there. Using bait and trapping snakes is the most effective approach of how to get rid of snakes under concrete slab.

Mice, insects, frogs, and other small rodents they eat make snake bait for your snake trap. You can use many traps, such as a “glue trap.” Here, you’ll have a surface coated in an adhesive to hold the snake in place.

Pouring vegetable oil can help break the snake free, yet this can be tricky as the snakes will want to bite because they are agitated and feel threatened. Wearing protective gloves would be the least protection you’ll need.

A maze trap is another form of trap; it is often built of wood and features a canal that draws snakes in but prevents them from escaping. This trap uses bait; once the snake is caught, you can open the lid to let it go.

And last, many use funnel-shaped minnow traps. The snake enters, yet it cannot exit. You’ll need to pick an area where you can attract the snake, such as any overgrown vegetation near your home.

Once the trap works, you can get rid of snakes by taking them to release them somewhere away from your home.

2. Using A Snake Repellent

If you spray a snake repellent underneath the concrete slab, the snake will probably leave. It’s crucial to be prepared to block their entrance and prevent snakes from coming back. You can use moth balls or other scents that repel snakes instead of purchasing commercial snake repellents.

You will need to secure the place where the snake is entering the concrete because many say they are ineffective at keeping snakes away permanently. The key is knowing how to control the snake population so you can discourage snakes and carry on enjoying your comfortable outdoor living space.

Sealing gaps, cracks and holes make snakes away

3. Seal Cracks and Holes In Concrete

Remember that snakes begin looking for even the tiniest cracks, as small as a half-inch, to reach their desired location. Sealing gaps is one way to prevent snakes from crawling under your concrete slabs. Fill any cracks in your foundation and seal any space between your home and the patio.

Before the snakes start seeking a spot to hide away from the cold weather, fill in the cracks over the summer. Expandable caulking is an option, but make sure they aren’t inside when you seal it. (Learn How To Get Rid Of Gnats With Dawn Dish Soap)

4. Get Rid Of Snakes Food Source

Snakes enter a region where they can easily find the food they require. Rodents like mice and rats are their favorite foods. The snakes will remain if there are any mice or rats present. You should take all possible steps to get rid of them completely.

To trap the rats, set traps for them, poison them and ensure they have nothing to eat. Besides this, knowing how to get rid of mice under concrete can be a great start of how to stop more snakes from coming to feast on rodents. However, the best rodent control could be corn snakes, pine snakes, or other constrictors.

So, they will move their nests once the mice smell the snakes. Once this happens, the snakes will not have food and will find another place to live.

5. Maintain A Clean Yard

You are enticing snakes, rodents, and other pests to stay in your yard and under your concrete slab if you have unruly foliage and stuff lying around. Garter snakes and others seek locations where they can find cover from predators. Even if perfectly harmless, any snake can bite when threatened.

Rats come first; with these, you can find snakes and other predators, creating a vicious cycle. If you have dog food in containers or bird feeders, the rats come for easy access to food.

To begin with, make sure all food is kept in metal containers with lids. Keep your bird feeder away from your home and clean up the bird droppings if you have one.

After that, clean up your yard by cutting your lawn short and pruning your bushes. You ought to keep your lawn as tidy as possible and dispose of anything you don’t require. This can be the first step to get rid of snakes since they won’t come for no reason.

6. Use A Snake Proof Fence

Another choice is to attempt surrounding the area where the snakes are entering the concrete slab with a fence. You can take your fence and cover it with a layer of fine mesh to keep pests out from under your concrete slab.

To prevent a snake or pest from slipping underneath, you’ll need to bury it underground. Many fencing styles are acceptable but must be covered with hardware cloth or aluminum flashing.

The snake will find any gate, so even these need to be secure. Check areas where rodents are tunneling, fix any holes, and take steps to get rid of them.

7. Use Effective Landscaping

Snakes prefer certain types of scenery, much as other animals do. Snakes like certain things, so you may take those things away to get rid of snakes’ hiding places.

For instance, you can replace large rocks or damp mulch with smaller pebbles or gravel because they like those areas. Make a strong wall to fill in the spaces between the rocks because they also enjoy walls made of loose stones.

Keep your grass short since long grass invites snakes to get closer. They tend to stay away from exposed areas. Keep trees trimmed and elevated off the ground to prevent snakes from hiding in your shrubs and trees. (Read Killing Gophers With Bleach And Ammonia Guide)

8. Call Pest Control

Snakes can be scared of humans, yet snakes freak out many individuals. An easier option for many could be to call the local animal or pest removal service to get rid of the snakes for them.

If you use pest control, there’s no need to deal with the snakes under your concrete slab, and you can leave it up to the professionals. While you may have harmless snakes under your slab, they will feel threatened and try and bite in self-defense.


Snakes have a reputation for lurking in chilly, gloomy areas. They will probably settle down if they can go under a concrete slab. When they are not out hunting, they seek a secure location to unwind; if you have one, other snakes may follow.

There are several ways to get rid of a snake under your concrete slab, but you should concentrate on taking preventative measures to keep more snakes away rather than setting snake traps around your home.

Snake tongs


How do you use snake tongs?

Using snake tongs is another effective strategy for removing snakes hidden beneath the concrete. Snake tongs enable you to reach into tiny crevices, grip the snake, and remove it. If the concrete slab allows, this is a great way to get rid of snakes under the slab.

Remember that once the snake has been dug out from under the concrete, you will need a snake bag to put it in.

Do snakes hide under concrete?

Checking for holes and gaps left by other animals along the margins of concrete slabs and other decking. The primary culprits for digging are rats and mice. Snakes, however, depend on the labor of others and use their holes.

How do you get snakes out of your foundation?

If you block off the space but allow a small hole, that’s the best approach to get a snake out of the shed.

The snake will be forced to exit through this one aperture. Place a snake trap close to the entryway. Glue traps are a simple method for catching snakes and other pests. However, snakes learn to avoid them if they are almost caught.

Do mothballs repel snakes?

Science refutes the old wives’ tale that claims using moth balls as snake repellents will keep snakes away. Mothballs don’t frighten snakes at all as snakes use their tongues to sense scents, mothballs and other odor-based approaches are unlikely to deter snakes.

Does vinegar get rid of snakes?

Vinegar can deter snakes, but it won’t get rid of snakes. A natural snake repellent can be made, so sprinkle vinegar around areas you want to stop snakes.

What time of day are snakes most active?

When it’s not too hot for them to survive, venomous snakes like a
tiger and brown snakes prefer to be more active in the early morning, late afternoon, or at night. (Learn How To Get Rid Of Mockingbirds)

What plant will get rid of snakes?

Onions and garlic, two typical garden plants, are repulsive to snakes. The scents released by both plants terrify and repel snakes. The best garlic plants, according to legend, repel snakes. An oily substance is released from a clove when a snake crawls over it.

How To Get Rid Of Snakes Under Concrete Slab

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