How To Get Slime Out Of Hair

Slime is something you’ve probably heard about if you have little children and how they can play and get into many gooey messes with minor cleanup.

You can buy commercial slime, or it can be a fun project to make with kids, which can be enjoyable. Slime is entertaining but can spin into a parent’s worst nightmare when it ends up stuck in hair.

While slime doesn’t stick to many things, the story quickly changes once it ends up in hair.

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Slime doesn’t seem to want to let go of your child’s hair or anyone’s hair. However, once you know a few tricks, it can be straightforward to remove slime from hair without special equipment, and you can do this with things from around the home.

In our guide, you can learn more about how to take slime out of hair using several effective methods. By the end, you can find out several ways of dealing with slime-infested hair to leave anybody’s hair silky clean. (Learn How To Get Ink Out Of Clothes With Hairspray)

What Will Dissolve Slime?

For getting slime out of hair, knowing what’s in it is pretty helpful. Glue, Borax, food coloring, and baking soda make up most of the slime slippery substance, including homemade slime.

Traditional cleaners make it hard to find out how to remove slime from hair because of the content of Borax and baking soda, while the white glue helps the slime putty stick to everything. Besides this, the addition of food coloring leaves the most vivid streaks.

Slime putty also has the feature of not being water-soluble because of its high oil content.

Because the sticky goo isn’t water-soluble, cleaning it takes more than hot water and dish soap to eliminate stubborn slime build-up in the hair.

One of the best ways of how to get slime out of hair is with peanut butter.

  1. Peanut butter is just one of those life-saving items you should always keep in your pantry besides being just a tasty treat.
  2. Peanut butter has enough oil content to help remove chewing gum from hair, and also using this is the easiest way to get slime and silly putty out.
  3. Apply peanut butter onto the slime area and let it sit for a few minutes so the peanut butter can soak into the slime.
  4. You can then massage the peanut butter into the slime in your child’s hair and start pulling the bits out as it loses its grip.
  5. Once you have removed most of the sticky substance, shampoo as usual, and your young kids’ hair will be slime-free. It could take an extra shower to remove the smell of peanut butter, and they could have brown hair after removing all the slime using this method.

Does Vinegar Get Slime Out Of Hair?

Here are the steps to remove slime by applying diluted vinegar. Both distilled white vinegar or apple cider vinegar fight the slime with their acidic components.

  1. As much slime as possible should be removed. If there are large globs of slime, pick them out gently first. Move on to the next step if they don’t come out effortlessly.
  2. Protect the person’s eyes by putting goggles on them. Because diluted vinegar can still sting, wearing goggles can help. Make sure the strap doesn’t get caught in the slime, and the youngster may need to hold the goggles in place.
  3. Because the vinegar drips, have the victim stand in the tub or shower while you apply it.
  4. Hair should be rubbed with a mixture of 2/3 vinegar and 1/3 warm water. If the slime is at the ends of your hair, just dip your hair into the mixture. Pour the mixture on the hair if you don’t want to use it.
  5. To loosen the slime, massage it with your fingertips.
  6. As needed, continue dipping the hair or pouring vinegar over it.
  7. White distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar can be used.
  8. Rinse out any residual slime with conditioner.
  9. Apply conditioner to the affected region.
  10. Use a comb to break up any lingering slime in the hair gently, then wash it as usual while taking a warm shower.

Alternative Ways to Remove Slime From Hair

Here are more ways you can remove slime from hair.

Remove Slime from Hair with Conditioner

How to get slime out of hair can be done with nothing more than warm water and a hair conditioner. Crayola, the manufacturer who makes silly putty, claims the hair conditioner shampoo method is among the best ways to remove silly putty out of your hair and get slime out of your hair. (Learn How To Get Hair Dye Off Wood)

  1. The best way to break down the slime using the conditioner method with warm water depends on where it is in your hair. If it’s on the ends, a bowl of warm water will suffice, but if it’s in the middle or on top of the head, a hot shower will suffice.
  2. Apply conditioner with your fingertips after bathing the hair in warm water. From top to bottom, work the conditioner in.
  3. Use your fingers to break up any slime as you rub the conditioner into your hair. The conditioner’s oils will break it down, making it easier to remove from your hair.
  4. Massage the slime with your fingertips while the water is running, and gently peel out as much as you can. Once the slime starts to loosen its grip, you can quickly eliminate any remaining slime by combing through wet hair in the direction of hair growth.
  5. Rinse off the conditioner and shampoo your hair once most of it is gone. Understanding how to wash a synthetic wig can also aid in the removal of goop from the hair.

olive oil

Remove Slime From Kids Hair with Oil

Homemade slime recipes should now include helpful tips on the best ways to remove slime from hair. (Learn How To Get Hair Bleach Out Of Clothes)

Vegetable oil and olive oil can also remove slime or similar sticky products from hair.

In addition, when dying your hair, you can rub oil along your hairline to keep the most colorful stains from the hair dye on your skin.

Oils that remove slime

  • Baby oil
  • Vegetable oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Any other oil-heavy product
  1. Apply a dab of oil to your hair. Massage the oil into the slime-covered region as if you were shampooing it.
  2. Work the oil into the hair with your fingertips, traveling in the same direction as the hair growth.
  3. Comb the hair using a fine-tooth comb, gently comb the hair to gently pull hair gently and remove as much gunk as possible. Be gentle, as you don’t want to pull any hair out.
  4. Wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner. Once the slime is mainly gone, hop in the shower to finish the job. The warm water, shampoo, and conditioner will help get the last slime out of the hair.
  5. Plus, you could still have lingering odors from the oil you used, which you’ll want to wash out.

It is worth noting here that Oobleck acts much differently from slime. You can use any of these removal methods.

But because of the difference in compounds, you’ll need to use cold water rather than warm water when removing slime using oil-based products.


Remove Slime from Hair Using the Mayo Method

Mayo and a comb are some of the easiest ways to remove dried slime from a kid’s hair while avoiding hair damage after using baby oil or coconut oil, etc.

Take a handful of mayo and massage it into your child’s hair like shampoo. Using a comb or brush, gently comb out your child’s hair.

After each pass, make careful to clean the hairbrushes of slime and mayo. To remove any remnants of slime and mayo, wash hair as usual to avoid the greasy oil marks mayo and oils can leave.

Remove Food Coloring Stains from Hair

Food coloring is used in many DIY slime recipes; after all, who wants to play with dull-colored slime?

  1. The food coloring gets into the hair when slime gets into it. Food coloring isn’t a problem in darker hair, but it’s one of the most challenging slime stains to remove in lighter hair.
  2. A color stripping shampoo is one approach to be slime-free and without color stains in light-colored hair.
  3. You can also use a paper towel and rubbing alcohol.
  4. To avoid tangling, soak your paper towel in some rubbing alcohol then wipe the hair from top to bottom.

How to Get Slime Out of Clothes

Getting gum out of clothes is like getting dried slime out of clothes.

  1. Remove as much slime as possible from your clothes.
  2. Apply a generous amount of dish soap to the stain.
  3. Run a stream of cold water over the clothes and rub the fabric together.
  4. Scrub until the slime stain is gone.
  5. Wash the clothes as directed in the washing machine without worrying about slime chunks spreading to your other clothes.

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