How To Give A Mobile Home Curb Appeal

How To Give A Mobile Home Curb Appeal

You may be one of the many semi-off-grid and live in a mobile home or the many manufactured homes on offer. While many take a large budget, some homes are a little more conservative.

You may think your mobile or manufactured home curb appeal is lacking, should you have one of these more affordable homes.

Luckily, without using mobile home landscape design software, you can raise your home’s appearance on a considerably lower budget.

White mobile home van underneath a tree

You can find the most affordable and great tips to increase manufactured homes’ appearance in our guide.

So, if you are into home improvement, you can dive in and see which of these tips meet your needs and give your home the appearance you desire.

Manufactured Homes Curb Appeal Ideas

It doesn’t matter what your skill level; there many ways to change the exterior of your house, and many you can do in a weekend or less, and you can spend as much as you want.

1. Paint Your Homes Exterior

You can do many things to improve your home’s curb appeal, but if your exterior siding is dull, damaged, or weathered, it tends to overshadow everything else.

However, before starting, you need to make sure which paint types you can use on your siding. You need paint to give good coverage for fending off the weather and resistant to stains.

Remember, using light color paint on your siding will make your home appear larger and make manufactured, or mobile homes appear larger. (Read Acrylic Enamel Paints)

2. Add New Skirting

Mobile home skirting is the barrier between the outside world and the underside of your mobile home. It’s functional as it can fend off animals, snow, rain, and wind-blown debris. Besides this, it can help when winter comes, and you need to consider heating and insulation.

There are many attractive skirting types, from vinyl, faux stone, brick patterns, or even wood.

Make sure you select skirting that complements your mobile or manufactured home exterior and works with your landscaping.

3. Landscape Your Area

You may not have the largest property area, yet a beautiful little outdoor garden can boost curb appeal on your manufactured home dramatically. If you are new to gardening, there are considerable numbers of landscaping things you can do.

You may even find; some small tips replace the need to add a skirt as a priority.

Fill your property yard with sand or pea gravel. You will find this ideal for keeping weeds under control. If you don’t want to plant flowers, you’ll find gravel the easiest option for a clean look.

White mobile home with trees in the sides

You can plant a tree and watch it grow as a focal point over the years. Just make sure it isn’t too close to your manufactured home. Plants or small shrubs can be planted in pots and places along the side or front of your home to act as your skirt or hide your old one.

For the green-fingered, you can plant flower beds with either perennials or flowering shrubs. You can find adding native grasses is as appealing as any flowers would look to onlookers of your property.

Rather than have weeds popping up, or having bare dirt, use a mulch to cover your plant beds as this makes your entire garden clean and organized. Landscaping for mobile homes doesn’t take too long or too much effort. (Find the Best Free Landscape Design Software)

However, it does make your house look idyllic rather than something that is just put into position.

4. Shutters and Window Boxes

Some manufactured homeowners may consider changing windows, although you can save the cost by adding shutters and window boxes.

Most individuals like the look of this as it changes the entire appearance of your home. Besides, you can grow flowers or plants such as herbs in the window boxes.

You will add color, and with the right ones, you can get rid of mosquitos and flying insects.

More Extensive Manufactured Home Curb Appeal Tips

All the above cost hardly anything to make your house look different. However, if you wish to tackle a few other things, you can do these before you set about your landscaping.

1. Add a Deck

Adding a deck can invite hospitality and offer you a larger home living space. A deck will certainly increase the curb appeal of any manufactured home.

Your home will look and feel like a larger place with a deck on your property.

2. Add a Porch

Following on from the above, you can easily add a porch to your home property if you like. However, it may be a joint effort with your decking, though this will depend on your home and property configuration.

A front porch on your manufactured home can offer all your deck can do and more. Rather than space out back, you can sit on your porch and watch the sunrise.

Also, if you have guests, they have somewhere undercover if the rain starts falling. A mobile home with front porch is desirable, particularly if you carry on with the next home improvement idea.

3. Get a New Front Door

It’s not always essential to get a new front door, although they can set the tone of your home. If you don’t yet have your porch, the front door to your house will be the first thing guests will see as they approach.

If you don’t get a new door, a new fresh coat of paint may be all it would require first, to add a little splash of color and brighten up your manufactured home.

With all the above good ideas, you can see how easy it is to make your manufactured home outdoor into something beautiful that wouldn’t look out of place alongside many conventional homes. (Find the Best Solar Powered Lights For Outdoors)

The great thing with these small, simple tips, from the first to the last, is they don’t cost too much to accomplish. All it needs is a little foresight and design, and you can transform the entire area.

If you struggle, perhaps you can crack out the landscape designing software to help visualize how to change your manufactured homes’ curb appeal.

How To Give A Mobile Home Curb Appeal

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