How To Grow Strawberries Indoors

Strawberries are one of the best fruit plants you can grow in your garden and happen to be one of the easiest.

You may not be fully aware that you can grow strawberries inside for an extended growing season, so long as you provide all the essentials such as water, light, and others to deliver the right growing conditions.

Growing strawberries indoors means you can skip some steps and better control how your plants grow.

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Even if you are new to gardening, you can use our guide and learn enough about growing strawberry plants indoors and bringing a touch of summer to your dining table throughout the year. (Learn How to Grow a Lemon Tree from a Seed)

Can You Grow Strawberries Inside Your House?

Strawberries are one of the easiest fruits to grow indoors. It doesn’t matter if you grow strawberry plants from seeds or you purchase plants, follow certain steps for growing strawberries indoors.

Here are a few tips to get you going for growing strawberries year-round.

Plants can be from seeds or potted plants. You will need a potting mix of peat moss/coconut coir and some added perlite.

It won’t be possible for strawberry plants to be pollinated conventionally; thus, indoor strawberry blossoms won’t be complete unless you hand-pollinate each flower.

You find homegrown strawberries pack more flavor than store-bought berries.

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How Do You Care for Strawberry Plants Indoors?

When growing strawberries indoors, you need to make sure you care for them in the best way. Strawberries need certain requirements, and it doesn’t matter if you grow in containers in your windowsill or hanging baskets; they all require the same attention.

Supplies for Growing Strawberries Indoors

You have two main options for indoor strawberry garden supplies. You can choose a pre-made kit or buy your things separately. Most kits, however, only provide strawberry seeds rather than seedlings.

While seedlings lead to getting strawberry plants and fruits sooner, you will need to buy things separately.

Here are some strawberry garden kits that have everything already put together, as well as a list of the supplies for gathering them separately.

  • Organic Potting Soil
  • Strawberry Plant Containers (choose from a terra cotta strawberry pot, self-watering container garden kit, stackable strawberry garden, and many more designs.
  • Clean Water: Rainwater can offer the best as there are no chemicals
  • Watering Can
  • Light: If your strawberries can’t get sufficient natural light, you’ll need to supplement it with artificial light.
  • Soft Brush for Pollination: Paint Brushes or makeup brushes can suffice, as can a cotton swab if you are gentle.

Establish Strawberry Plants in Their Container

You can purchase seeds, and these need freezing for a month to trick the plants into thinking they have endured the winter. Fresh strawberry seeds taken from a ripe strawberry may not need freezing. You can also get ready to plant strawberry varieties, which could be the best option to begin with. (Read Poppies Planting Seeds)

Add your potting soil to the growing container. Moisten with sufficient water so the soil clumps together. Make sure it isn’t too wet where it goes muddy.

For seeds, thaw them and plant at room-temperature soil as they’ll think spring has arrived. Follow further planting instructions on the seed packet when growing strawberries indoors.

Ensure you don’t plant seeds deeper than is recommended. You can even place the seeds on top of the soil and give them a light dusting of soil.

Water newly planted seeds; you need to saturate the soil, but do it gently as you will erode the soil. Place your strawberry seed container in a prime location, which receives at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. (Learn How to Grow Green Onions from Cuttings)

Water your seeds every two to three days when the soil becomes dry. Watering is important as your seeds germinate and start to sprout healthy new leaves. Keep soil moist and warm, and it will produce ideal conditions for seed germination and the roots to grow.

How to Care for Established Strawberry Plants Indoors

Once plants are established, you can reduce watering. Mature strawberry plants like water, yet they don’t like sitting in waterlogged conditions. It is best to let the soil dry for a day or two before watering.

Fertilize plants regularly using organic fertilizer.

When your plant flowers, you need to pollinate them using your chosen brush. Mix pollen from the outer ring of the flower’s center to the middle of the same flower.

Doing so mixes the pollen from the male segment of your flower with the inner female segment’s pollen. Another way is to rub two flowers together and transfer pollen between male and female parts.

You will need to trim off or replant any runners escaping your container, although you can find a plant variety that won’t produce many runners (Alpine).

You will find the time to harvest is when berries are a bright red color.

How Many Hours of Light do Strawberries Need Indoors?

Strawberries growing indoors grow best with 6 hours of direct sunlight or 12 hours of artificial light daily.

Six hours of natural sunlight may be possible for indoor growing if you have good sun exposure. In northern winters, though, this can be almost impossible to obtain.

It is here you’ll need a supplement to natural light. If there isn’t a sunny window for your strawberry plants, you can use LED or Fluorescent lighting to deliver the required amount.

If you have a few strawberry plants, a fluorescent tube or compact LED light can grow healthy strawberries indoors.

To offer the right amount of light, you can set the light to be on for 12 hours for daytime, and it will be off for 12 hours or at night. You can find lights with timers built-in or purchase an electronic timer.

How Long Does It Take to Grow Strawberries Indoors?

When you try to have strawberries grown indoors from seeds, you’ll find these will yield ripe strawberries in 5-6 months following germination. It is much quicker to purchase plants. (Learn How to Grow Cherry Trees from Pits)

You can find seedlings that may have blossoms or small strawberries growing when you purchase them. Blossoms usually take 4-6 weeks before they have ripe strawberries, yet already-growing berries could almost be ready. If you have the right plant at the right time, you can have almost instant strawberries growing indoors.

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