How To Hang Curtains On A Metal Door

Steel entry doors can be found in certain home areas and offer security. However, it is unfortunate that some come with windows, which loses your privacy. Many door manufacturers now solve this problem by including slat blinds between the panes of glass in double-pane windows.

However, this recent addition isn’t useful if you have an older door. To solve this and avoid buying a new door, you can use other methods to cover the glass. Some individuals choose window treatments such as stained-glass stickers or frosted glass vinyl in various patterns, yet this doesn’t do a complete job of blocking the light into your room.

In our guide, you can learn more ways of hanging curtains on your steel doors. One may require you to drill holes, and the other doesn’t. By the end, you’ll see which way best suits you for hanging curtains on a door curtain rod for any room with a steel door. (Read Standard Curtain Lengths Chart)

Hanging curtains on a door curtain rod

Can I Put Curtains On A Steel Door?

Steel doors are not like wood, and your options are limited if you want to fasten anything to your door. You may not have one in your dining room, yet even exterior doors need something to block the windows.

Sheet metal screws are one of the only ways to fasten anything to your metal doors. However, you’ll have unsightly holes once you use screws in your door.

If you choose this option, many of the steps below can be used, although you use screws rather than the other fastening method.

Steps to hang curtains on a metal door

Step #1 Measure metal door dimensions

Measure the length and width of the metal door to ensure that the curtains will be long enough and wide enough to cover the door. With these measurements, you’ll be able to determine the precise length of the curtains you’ll hang.

Step #2: Fasten Hooks to Curtains

Fix the drapery hooks to the curtain, depending on the type of available curtain. You’ll pass the curtain rods across the drapery hook.

Step #3: Prepare Magnetic Curtain Rods

Because it is a metal door, magnetic curtain rods are used. There is no need to fix an anchor for the curtain rods. Magnetic rods are used. Remain where you corrected it once it’s fixed.

Step #4: Fix Curtains Using Magnetic Rods

You adjust the curtains on the rods and bring them closer to the metal door. Prepare the ladder for the height you want to hang the curtains.

Step #5: Hang the Curtains

The curtains attached to the curtain rods are hung on the door you have drawn out.

You pass the curtain rod across the hooks depending on the type of curtains. It acts as an anchor, but magnetic curtain rods do not. (Learn How To Make A Beaded Curtain)

How Do You Hang Something On A Metal Door?

Take the width and height of your steel door window. Depending on whether you have the space, you may wish to include up to two inches on either side of the window for full coverage.

Because magnetic curtain rods can be modified in length, if your steel door window is 20 inches wide, choose a magnetic curtain rod with a minimum length of 24 inches.

Place the hanging brackets of the magnetic curtain rod on each side of the window above the window.

On top of it, place your curtain rod, so brackets support the rod.

Observe the bubble with a level on the top edge of the rod. Your curtain will sag slightly left or right if it isn’t straight.

Remove one curtain bracket from the door and raise or lower it until the rod is straight. Depending on the size of the window, you may need someone to hold the level.

Hang curtains on an exterior door

How do you hang curtains on an exterior door?

Getting curtains hung on a metal door is simple to figure out. Moreover, because it’s a washable drapery fabric, it’s simple to maintain.

How to hang curtains on a metal door is simple and complex, depending on your time and knowledge. Most people prefer drapery hooks since they are more convenient to use.

The only things you’ll need are hooks and curtains. First, attach the hooks to the curtains, pass the rods through them, and hang them.

Magnetic curtain rods are made of magnets and require skilled installation. Magnetic curtain rods are more appealing but less popular because most people do not know how to use them.

How Do You Hang A Curtain Door Without Drilling?

Choose whether you want to hang curtain curtains secured to the top with a
rod or at the top and bottom with sash rods.

Sash-style treatments restrict the curtains from flapping when the door is opened or closed.

Measure the window’s width and height. Because the magnetic brackets are attached outside the window molding, include the distance between the molding’s outside edges in your calculations. (Learn How To Replace Framed Shower Door Seal Strip)

Invest in magnetic rods that can be adjusted to the required width.

Curtains that cover the measured area should be purchased or made. Allow one and a half to two times the window width for typical gathered fullness or quadruple the width for extra-full coverage with sheer fabric when using curtains that gather onto the rod.

Place a magnetic bracket at the top corners of each side of the window. They’re simple to move, so monitor where you put them first.

Place the ends of the rods in the brackets after inserting the rod section through the top casing of the curtain.

Reposition the magnetic brackets until the rod is level, using a level across the top of the rod.

Insert the lower sash magnetic rod into the lower curtain casing, assemble the magnetic ends on the rod and position it on the door if you’re also installing a lower sash rod. If desired, use the level to check the lower rod.

One of the simplest ways to hang a curtain without drilling is with magnets holding the curtain rod brackets.

While a magnetic curtain rod for door has limited use, they are an excellent option for mounting light curtains on a metal door. (Read Standard Shower Valve Height Guide)

How to Use Tension Rods to Hang Curtains

Choose the adjustable tension rod closest to the size of your door or window frame (measured on the inside of the frame).

Screw or unscrew the tension rod until it fits snugly inside the door or window frame to test it.

Unfortunately, tension rods cannot maintain large drapes or blackout curtains; over time, they may become loose and slip.

Remove the rod, thread your curtain onto it, and replace it in the window frame or inside the door jamb without needing to drill into the materials.

How To Hang Curtains On A Metal Door

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