How To Hang Curtains On Arched Window

How To Hang Curtains On Arched Window

Hanging curtains on arched windows can be daunting, especially if you want to maintain the window’s unique shape while achieving the room’s desired style and light control. Arched windows are beautiful architectural features that add character to any space but present a challenge when selecting the right treatments.

One great example of window treatments for arched windows is woven shades, which can be custom-made to fit the arched window coverings or portion of the window frame while also providing light control and privacy. Alternatively, valence curtains or sheers can be hung at the center top of the window to cover the exposed pipes or hardware and create a decorative centerpiece.

When it comes to hanging curtains on arched windows, it’s important to consider the shape and size of the window, as well as the height of the ceiling and the placement of the curtain rods. A curved rod or a flexible curtain rod can be used to place curtain rods that follow the curve of the arch, while a short rod or a standard straight curtain rod can be used to hang panels at the same height as the rectangular windows in the arched portion of the room.

Hang Curtains On Arched Window

Mounting hardware such as curtain rings or slide locks can also hold the curtains in place, and tie-backs can be added to create a dramatic effect. Different materials, such as drapes with more intricate patterns, blinds, or sheer fabrics, can create different looks and levels of light control.

In our guide, you can learn more about hanging curtain ideas over an arched portion of a window panel or leaving the carved crest uncovered. By the end, you’ll have enough ideas on how to stop the intrusive daylight while making a fashion statement in your home as your windows are covered. (Read Curtain Lengths Chart)

Should You Cover An Arched Window With Curtains

When covering arched windows with curtains, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, the shape of the window itself is unique and requires special attention when selecting curtains. Curtains for arched windows can be challenging to find and install, but they can add character and style to any room.

One option is to use pull curtains that can be drawn back during the day, allowing natural light to enter the room. Another idea for covering an arched window with curtains is using round or circular-shaped curtains that complement the curve of the window.

If you prefer a more traditional look, using long drapes hanging from above and pooling on the ground can also work well on arched windows. If you opt for this style of curtain, install a sturdy curtain rod above your arch window so that your drapes don’t sag in the middle.

Make It Easy To Cover Your Arched Windows With A Traverse Rod

Traverse rods are an excellent option for covering arched windows in your dining room. They come with a cord or remote control, making it easy to open and close the curtains. Also, traverse rods have a decorative centerpiece that adds elegance to your windows.

To install traverse rods on arched windows, start by measuring the width of the window arch and purchasing a rod that fits perfectly well. Then, attach brackets at the ends of the rod and screw them onto the wall above the window frame. Next, hang your curtains on the rod and adjust the curtain length as needed.

With these steps in mind, covering your arched windows with traverse rods can be easy. You’ll be able to add sophistication to your dining room decor while enjoying privacy and light control when necessary. (Learn How To Make A Beaded Curtain)

Curtain Rods For Arched Windows

What Are The Best Curtain Rods For Arched Windows?

Finding the right curtain rod can be challenging for arched windows. One option is a flexible curtain rod, which can easily bend to fit the shape of your window. These curtain rods come in various lengths and styles to suit your design preferences.

Another consideration is the mounting hardware. Some arched windows may require special brackets or anchors for proper installation. A straight rod can also be combined with a flexible one for support and stability.

Install Your Curtain Rod At Ceiling Height

With hanging curtains on curved windows, there are several factors that you need to consider. You must determine the height you want to install your curtain rod. For high ceilings or arched windows, it’s best to place curtain rods at ceiling height. This will help elongate your windows and give them a grander appearance.

Custom curtains are also essential when working with arched windows. They give you a perfect fit for your curved window frames while adding elegance and luxury. Additionally, carved crests can be incorporated into the design of your custom curtains for an even more refined look. If you prefer blinds over curtains, achieving a sleek and polished look with curtains for round windows is still possible.

Place Your Curtain Rod At The Start Of The Rectangle Windows

Placing your curtain rod at the start of the rectangular portion of the window can make all the difference. A great example of this technique in action is French doors.

Placing the curtain rod at the start of each French door frame creates a cohesive, elegant look that complements the doors and surrounding decor. When hanging curtains on arched windows or French doors, placing your curtain rods strategically is key to achieving a polished and visually appealing result.

Curtains For Wall-To-Wall Windows Or Doors

Rectangular windows require straight panels at least as long as the panel’s height in the window or door frame. This will ensure that you have enough fabric to create elegant folds when opening and closing your curtains.

Another thing to consider when hanging curtains on wall-to-wall windows or doors is natural light. In addition, you may need curtains that reach the floor when doors are covered. Focus on getting the right hardware for your chosen curtain style. (Learn Hang Curtains On Front Door)

Consider Using A Pre-Made Arched Shade

For arched windows curtain ideas for arched windows can be challenging. However, using pre-made arched shades can make things much easier. The best part is that they are made to fit the exact dimensions of your window and are designed to sit perfectly on top of the arched portion.

If you prefer curtains over shades, there are still ways to hang them on an arched window without any hassle. One option is to create walls with fabric that matches your curtains and install them around the curved arched portion of the window. This will give you a flat surface where you can easily hang your curtains using an arched rod.

Install Curtains Below The Arch

Sometimes, it may seem impossible to hang curtains on such windows due to their unique shape. However, with the right techniques and tools, you can easily add curtains below the arch of your arched window.

One way to do this is by using a curtain rod specifically for arched windows. This type of flexible curtain rod can be curved or straight and installed using brackets that attach directly to the wall. When choosing the right curtain style for your arched window, many options are available depending on your taste and decor style.

Curtains For Wall-To-Wall Windows

Window Treatments For Arched Windows

A few options work well when it comes to window treatments for arched windows. One option is using straight rods, which can be mounted above the arch and hung with standard curtain rings below. This option allows more room for versatility in choosing different curtains or drapes.

Another option is sheered, which can be used independently or layered underneath other window treatments. Sheers provide privacy while still letting natural light enter the room. A curved rod may be necessary for this treatment to ensure proper fit.

A third option is a short rod below the arch and hanging curtains or drapes. This creates a unique look and emphasizes the shape of the arched window.

Measure Your Window

When it comes to hanging curtains on windows with unique shapes, such as those found in homes with vaulted ceilings or arched windows, measuring your window correctly is paramount.

One important factor to consider when measuring an arched window is the height of the arch and the distance to the floor. Take measurements from the arch’s highest point to where you want your arched curtain rod installed.

When measuring valence curtains on a uniquely shaped window, consider any curves or angles present in the shape of your window.

Leave A High Arch Uncovered

Woven shades are an excellent way to leave a high arch uncovered while providing privacy and light control. These shades can be custom-made to fit the unique shape of your arched window, allowing you to highlight its distinctive design.

Woven shades come in various materials, including bamboo and grasses, which add natural texture and warmth to any space. This draws the eye up toward the arch and creates visual interest without adding any additional window coverings.

For those who prefer more traditional window treatments, consider installing drapery panels on either side of the arched window rather than covering it with shade or blinds.

Use A Curved Rod In The Arch

A curved rod is one of the best ways to hang curtains on an arched window. This type of rod follows the shape of the arch, creating a seamless look that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your living room windows.

Before installing a curved rod, measure the length and width of your arched window. Once you have selected a bottom straight curtain rod or rod of the appropriate size, attach brackets to either side of the arch with screws. Then, simply slide the curved rod and standard rings into place and hang your curtains. (Read What Color Cabinets With Gray Floors)

7 Steps To Hang Curtain On An Arched Window

  1. First, measure the width and height of your arched window.
  2. Then, select a curtain rod that fits those measurements.
  3. Next, install the brackets for the curtain rod on either side of the top of the window frame.
  4. Once you have installed the brackets, attach the curtain rod to them. You can use a flexible or curved rod to match the shape of your arched window.
  5. Next, measure and cut your drapes to fit your window. Make sure you leave enough fabric for hemming and attaching clips or hooks.
  6. Attach clips or hooks to your drapes and hang them on your curtain rod. Adjust them, so they are evenly spaced and hanging at an appropriate length.
  7. Consider adding shades or blinds underneath your curtains if you want more living room privacy or light control.

And finally, step back and admire the aesthetic appeal of your newly hung arched window curtains!

How To Hang Curtains On Arched Window

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