How To Hang Plant From Ceiling

If you are new to growing houseplants, you run out of space or want a unique way to display your new exotic cutting. You may find that hanging indoor plants from the ceiling covers all your issues.

However, there is a bit more to it when hanging plants from the ceiling as a hanging planter can get heavy, particularly after watering.

While you can have hangers made from macrame to add to your gardening ideas, you do need a
secure area for your best indoor gardening idea.

Hang Plant From Ceiling

Here, in this guide, you can learn how to make sure you link your hanging planters and are safe and secure and won’t ruin your safety policy by dropping them on your table. (Read How to Get Rid of Gnats in Houseplants)

By the end, you will see how this quick new DIY project can spruce up your home decor with a few macrame hanging plants holders. Add a reply at the end if you wish.

How Can I Hang a Plant from The Ceiling Without Drilling?

Suppose you like to put up a new macrame hanger as part of your indoor design ideas. Or you want to hang your new indoor air plants and don’t wish to drill in your home ceiling joist.

You have three DIY options; although you will need to make sure when you hang your plant, your plant hanger isn’t too heavy for methods you like.

Adhesive Hooks for DIY Living Room Ceiling Hook

You can find adhesive ‘Command’ hooks with adjustable hooks and are ideal for DIY link ceiling hanging.

You can find these hooks in office supply, big-box stores, or your local hardware stores to an online link.

  1. To use, find a secure spot for hanging plant in the ideal light around your home and peel off the adhesive backing.
  2. Stick directly against your ceiling.
  3. Next, slide the hook or twine on your macrame hanger over the loop of the hook.

Tip: A typical ‘Command’ hook can hold 5–10 pounds of plants. However, it is better to use a heavier duty to ensure when using for plants in your home. These are not the best, and a reply from Command may not be favorable.

Suction Cup Design for Indoor Planter

Suction cup plants pots are an ideal way to hang from your ceiling if you have a skylight in your home as they only stick to smooth surfaces. (Read What is the Best Time to Water Plants)

Remember, suction cups are not a DIY option to hang plants in your room if they are more than 5 pounds, as they can peel the suction cup off of the glass.

Magnetic Hooks and Strong Wall Magnets

Depending on your ceiling, you can use high-strength magnetic hooks, magnetic plates with an attached hook.

  1. If you have metal in your ceiling areas, such as air ducts, or air vents, you can stick the plate to these on your ceiling and cut out the DIY and terms of service for your apartment. You also retain your privacy policy by not making noise.
  2. Hang the macrame hanging plant loop over the hook and hang your plants from the ceiling.

Tips on Hangging a Plant from the Ceiling

What Do You Use to Hang from the Ceiling?

When looking at how to hang a plant from the ceiling, you have two strong enough options for most indoor plants and a plant hanger.

Much of this may depend on your home’s age, and you will need to know if your house has roof joists, or if not, you can use the toggle bolt option and a suitable swag hook. Swag hooks link and connect to the end of your thread on your toggle bolts.

Here’s the quick guide to using these two options to hang your house plants with ceiling hooks and a macrame hanger in your house.

Ceiling Hook and Living Room Joist

  1. Decide where you want your hook.
  2. Use a stud finder to locate a joist. Double-check where the joist starts and ends
  3. Drill a small pilot hole through the drywall into the joist. Makes sure the drill bit is slightly smaller than the size of the hook.
  4. Hand screws your hook until it sits flush against the ceiling. If it becomes hard, you can reply with a screwdriver for more leverage.
  5. Carefully hang your planter and check the hook can hold the weight

Toggle Bolt and Indoor Garden Planter

These can depend on your ceiling types, such as the difference between the living room and a bedroom. A bedroom won’t bear as much weight as downstairs.

  1. Mark the location with a pencil
  2. Drill a pilot hole using a 1/8″ drill bit.
  3. Using a 3/8″ drill bit, drill a more giant hole into the ceiling
  4. Hold the wings on the toggle bolt closed, and thread the bolt through the hole in the ceiling
  5. Once threaded through, the wings spring open and secure the bolt inside
  6. Screw on your swag hook until flush against the drywall

Take your indoor gardening hanging planter and hang plants in your macrame hanger onto your bedroom plant hanger.

How Do You Hang Something Heavy From the Ceiling?

Here you can find a more detailed explanation of hanging ceiling plants as part of your new home decor.

Buy Your Plant

  • Bright light: String of Pearls, Ric Rac Cactus, or Lipstick Plant.
  • Indirect Light: String of Hearts, or Creeping Fig.
  • Low Light: Tradescantia Zebrina or Jade Pothos

Choose Your Container

The choice of container ideas for your hanging garden decor determines the strength of the hanger you need. For example, a macrame hanger can be lighter than a terracotta.

One oversight is the drainage. Make sure your hanger caters to this, so taking it down to the water isn’t an option. (Learn How Long Do Pansies Last)

Mark the best area you like your planter to hang. Remember the light requirements away from the wall of your plant. If hanging more than one plant in your indoor garden decor, be sure you have enough DIY area to space your pots.

Drill your pilot hole and make sure the drill bit is a little smaller than the screw on the hook. This will make sure you have the best fit for this design.

Once it is secure, you can carefully hang and love your macrame hanging plant!

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How To Hang Plant From Ceiling

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