How To Keep Neighbors Dog Out Of My Yard

Dogs are a man’s best friend, yet this doesn’t mean your neighbor’s dog has to be your best friend and keep coming from the neighbor’s yard into your yard.

You can often find the neighbor’s dogs are a nuisance compared to your own. They can mess everywhere, and if you have a female dog, it can be even worse as the neighbor’s dog has taken a shine to your dog.

Trying to keep dogs off your lawn could lead to some neighbors touting animal cruelty. Thus, however you do it, you need to discourage dogs without being obvious. The aim is to make your garden safe and free from dog droppings where small children or your pets play, and the mess can’t transmit diseases.

While it sounds easier in theory, it may not be the person right next door who has to keep a neighbor’s dog away from your garden. Instead, neighborhood dogs tend to be the issue, and knowing which neighbor’s lawn they should stay on can be tricky.

Get Rid of Dogs

In our guide, you can learn what to do when neighbors’ dog poops in your yard. If the neighborhood watch can’t find out who the neighbor’s dogs are, your other neighbors can’t help.

By the end, you, as one of the many pet owners, can find all the tips and tricks on how to stop neighbor dog from pooping in my yard without calling the local authorities.

One thing you shouldn’t do is use rat traps around your home, as these can break bones. However, you can use better home remedies and other methods to stop the many dogs taking advantage of your garden and sniffing around your garbage cans. (Read Is Scotts Turf Builder Safe For Dogs)

What Can I Do If My Neighbor’s Dog Keeps Coming In My Yard?

If you know the neighbor’s dog, you can demonstrate how the dog’s antics are negatively impacting your home and how much the dog waste they’re leaving are causing issues. You can politely remind them or the local ordinances about dog poop and leash laws in your area.

It is best not to threaten legal or take legal advice as this can upset the dog’s owner and cause unwanted friction.

If the situation escalates and the roaming dogs keep coming, and these dog owners keeping dogs from your yard isn’t working, You can call the local animal control agency. Be sure to keep records of any excessive barking the roaming dog may cause.

To help with this, a security camera recording goes a long way to present to the local government.

If the local authorities can’t help your neighbor, keep their dog out of other people’s yards. You may need to take the animal control into your own hands and make your yard and flowerbeds undesirable places most dogs don’t want to visit.

Should the case be that of local dog walkers and someone else’s dog leaving dog urine or dog mess on your lawn, it isn’t the dog’s fault. Having a dog mark on the lawn can entice other animals and, most of all, other dogs.

If the neighbors’ dog poops in my yard, offer doggy bags to the dog walkers so they may stop dogs going on your garden.

To prevent your neighbor’s dog from peeing and pooping in your yard, place noticeable warning signs in front of your garden. Clean up After Your Dogs and No Trespassing are examples of descriptions that you might use to express your displeasure with your neighbor’s dogs performing their business in your yard. (Read Tetherball For Dogs)

Soak cotton balls in Alcohol to keep dogs away

What Scent Will Keep Dogs Away?

Rubbing alcohol is another strong-smelling substance that will repel dogs. Soak cotton balls in the rubbing alcohol and place them to keep dogs away. You can also use things with citrus smells to deter dogs, like orange or lemon.

Here are a few more dog repellants you can try

If the local authorities cannot persuade your neighbor to keep his dog out of your yard, you should erect a fence. Unfortunately, this pricey alternative is not suitable for everyone.

Even low-cost do-it-yourself fencing panels may deter some canines. If there are no youngsters in your vicinity who might come into contact with electric wire fencing, consider it.

Plant prickly plants or shrubs around the perimeter of your property to increase value.

While you’ll need to preserve fresh plantings until they’ve established themselves, the end effect will be a nearly impregnable fortress.

To protect plants’ newly seeded beds from digging dogs, cover them with 1-inch chicken wire. Your seedlings quickly grow through the wire; such is the effectiveness to stop dogs digging; it is wise to cover all exposed garden soil and flower beds with wire.

Mulch on top of this can hide the chicken wire as dogs learn they can’t dig there.

Remove anything that has a strong scent from your yard. For example, female dogs should be spayed so their urine won’t attract male dogs. Likewise, make sure you pick up and dispose of your dog’s droppings as soon as possible; it can stop attracting dogs. (Learn How To Get Rid Of Prairie Dogs)

Use things that don’t contain animal products, such as fish emulsion, bone meal, and blood meal, to feed your grass and gardens. Dogs have an acute sense of smell, which will draw them in.

One tip is to douse the cleaned-up area of poop with baking soda. You can hide the smell of dog poop, and other dogs won’t be trying to sniff it. Cleaning the area is vital as it can leave bacteria harmful to your pets and children.

If you are spraying vinegar or ammonia, don’t spray across your entire lawn or around plants you wish to keep. Both can harm your plants when you use them in copious amounts.

Feed your pets inside to prevent drawing the attention of other dogs to their dog food. If you need to feed your pets outside, bring their food and water bowls inside once they have finished eating and drinking.

As with drinking water, clear up any standing water that can accumulate. It is one less reason for your neighbor’s dog to stop crossing the line in search of a drink.

Motion-activated sprinklers can be enough to keep dogs away. Dogs dislike being sprayed suddenly, as do many other animals. A motion-activated sprinkler can be set up along the edge of your yard and be an excellent dog repellent.

Motion activated sprinklers keep dogs away

Don’t Use These Tactics

There are more than enough dog repellent tips there to keep your yard free from unwanted dog poop or flower beds dug up.

However, others in use shouldn’t be as they can harm dogs.

None of the following methods are suitable as they can harm the dogs you’re trying to keep away, or the last one can frustrate your neighbor and leave you in more troubles thanks to your efforts.

Don’t use hot peppers if you want to keep dogs away from you. Dogs can be harmed by black pepper, cayenne pepper, and other hot peppers. In addition, burns can form on the pads of a dog’s feet and legs if they walk on these deterrents. (Learn How To Keep Dog From Digging Under Chain Link Fence)

Don’t use coffee grounds, garlic powder, mothballs, or any detergents to keep dogs away. Animals will be harmed if consumed or come into direct touch with them.

Do not dispose of dog feces in the yard, house, or cars of your neighbors. In many cities, this might lead to charges being brought against you. It also causes your relationship with your neighbors to deteriorate swiftly.

How To Keep Neighbors Dog Out Of My Yard

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