How To Make A Fake Window

Windows let natural light and fresh air into your home while also allowing you to enjoy the view of your neighborhood. Besides this, you won’t feel claustrophobic like you would in a basement apartment with no windows.

Therefore, if a window is absent and you have no natural sunlight, you don’t have to go without the feeling you get from a window. With some imagination, you can quickly make a false window to give the impression the room isn’t completely shut off from the world.

It is straightforward to make a fake window using artificial lights. While artificial sunlight will only simulate sunlight, it will add brightness to your home. Because each room is different, making a fake light for the upstairs could be different than to make fake windows for the basement.

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In or guide, you can learn many ways to make a fake window light that you would not be able to spot from the real thing. By the end, you’ll be able to brighten up your space using faux window light, and the only thing missing will be a breeze. (Learn How To Remove Paint From Bathtub)

How Do You Make Fake Windows?

If you enjoyed reading a book while sat in a window, here’s the first of many ways you can carry out a DIY house project to brighten up a room.

1. LED Plant Grow Lights

A faux window with extra lighting can brighten a dark and windowless room like a basement. 

LED plant grow lights, or full-spectrum lights are ideal since they are bright, shallow, flat, and easy to use. However, other lighting sources emit more heat than LED plant grow lights.

Also, LED grow lights are great for adding some indoor plants to your room. Get air-purifying plants that produce oxygen and consume CO2, making up for the lack of air in the room.

Steps to Install LED Faux Window

A great idea to simulate sunlight is to take a thick wooden frame, an acrylic cover and a couple of plant grow lights.

  1. Place your light tubes on the inside of the frame’s left and right sides.
  2. Mounted tubes on the frame using screws or strong double adhesive tape.
  3. Cut your acrylic cover to fit the frame. Again, measuring accurately as you can’t make a smaller sheet larger, but you can make a larger sheet smaller.
  4. Drill the corners and secure using screws. You can also use glue, but this means you can’t remove the sheet for any reason.
  5. Now, you need to mount your frame and lights onto the wall.
  6. The lights will be too bright at this stage, so install a curtain rod and add drapes or a flowy mesh curtain to diffuse the light on your makeshift window.

2. Window View Stick-On Decals

Change your ordinary living room wall into a rustic brick wall and decorate your kid’s nursery with a tree wall decal.

This fad also includes imitation window vinyl stickers with a view such as a tropical paradise, spectacular sunset, or a window to offer a year-round summer garden, lakeside cabin, or English cottage.

This stick-on window is used to brighten a room rather than create the illusion of a window. However, you can get these and place them inside a window frame for more  (Learn How To Hang Christmas Lights Around Windows)

Steps to Apply False Window Decal

The steps here are to apply a full wall decal, although you can easily use the same instructions to cover a smaller area, which is less time-consuming.

  1. Make sure your wall surface is flat and smooth.
  2. Measure your wall and ensure your decal is level and high enough.
  3. Mark the wall with a pencil or dark painter’s tape for your penciled lines.
  4. Lay your faux window decal on a table face down
  5. Peel a few inches of the backing paper. Decals have three layers: the backing paper, the decal, and the transfer paper.
  6. Use the transfer paper to adhere to your wall as you apply it.
  7. Align the decal’s top edge with your level guide.
  8. Press the decal and transfer the paper firmly in place on the wall.
  9. Roll down the rest of the backing paper, smoothing it with your hands
  10. Use a thick card or ruler to smooth out any air bubbles.

How Do You Make A Window Illusion?

Additional light can improve your basement. It gives the illusion of more space.

Often the light is added to corners to brighten them, yet it doesn’t make you feel as good as a window.

If you have a dark basement or any other room, you can always build a window. Installing a faux window is a great way to brighten and open the room and these other methods.

Simulate Windows With Mirrors

In your room, you can hang a variety of mirrors. It’s inexpensive but effective. To make the space more interesting, use a variety of lights.

Mirrors are reflective and will instantly brighten your room. The more mirrors there are, the better. One fake window quickly becomes two or more.

Windows let natural light and fresh air into your home while also allowing you to enjoy the view of your neighborhood.

However, aside from these benefits, windows improve the visual appeal of your room and won’t let you feel claustrophobic or confined.

Make a Simple False Window

You may create a basic wooden frame with basic materials, insert an acrylic sheet, and hang it on the wall. It’s like the initial false window concept, but without the lights.

You can hang this frame, decorate it with curtain sheets, and even slide in a photo or image of natural scenery to get the idea you have a window.

Build a Wooden Window

You can create a more complex and detailed realistic window if you have the funds. This faux window seems like an actual window, but it doesn’t have a wall opening.

As an example, you can build a genuine window with a glass pane and realistic window sills.

To create a convincing fake window, you will require carpentry skills. This project will require measuring, cutting, assembling, and more skills. (Read Window Curtain Size Chart)

If you get a finished set of window frames or cabinet doors, add an acrylic or glass windowpane, paint it to match your interior aesthetics or favorite colors, and hang it on the wall with nails, screws, glue, or adhesive.

Then hang a curtain or use the window sill as a shelf to display decorative items or photos.

How Do I Create A Virtual window?

Electroluminescent sheets are a great way to light a room. With this strategy, you won’t need to work hard to get great results.

  1. Start by leaning the EL sheet against the wall to define your fake window location.
  2. Mark the loops and hooks an inch down the edges.
  3. Attach the hooks and loops using two self-adhesive hooks and loop tape.
  4. Attach the hook strip to the upper and lower wall lines and glue the loop tapes equally.
  5. Reattach the other hook and loop discs to the wall.
  6. Fix the sheet to the wall and add a curtain rod above your faux window close to the ceiling.
  7. After installation, hang your curtain rod around 1 foot from the molding.
  8. Close the semi-transparent drapes to ley in a little light, or conceal the false window. Open these to give the illusion of more light.

How to Make a Fake Window With Dry Erase Board

  1. Begin with a dry erase board. Get one if you can’t find one.
  2. Always remember to size it to the proper window. Set the setting with a poster.
  3. Then you can hang the purchased poster on the wall.
  4. Section the poster with flat, thin wood. It will then give as a glass pane.
  5. After that, hang the board on the wall. Also, secure the board tightly, so it doesn’t swing away or slide off.
  6. After determining the window, determine the curtain size. You can stack the curtains or hang them over the board.
  7. Glue, staple, or tack the poster to the wall-facing portion of the window.
  8. Fix it to the window frame to avoid forcing the scene against the glass.
  9. Make window illusions using drapery.

windowless room

How Do You Make A Window In A Windowless Room?

Basements are regaining appeal as dwelling spaces.

Many students prefer basement apartments since city apartments are too expensive. However, while basements have benefits, they also have drawbacks, such as they rarely have access to sunlight or the world outside.

If you rent out your basement, make it a comfortable place to live. Nobody minds a little extra light. Use fake windows to achieve this without building effort. So inexpensive and straightforward to create.

Making a faux window for the basement can be done in numerous ways. However, this simple concept for a fake window can fool you into thinking you have a real window.


How to make a fake windows for basement

Use a lightbox. So you can light up your basement or dark room and make a false window. Also, lightboxes can be employed in practically any dark area.

First, choose a scenic image. It is best to choose a landscape for the finest result. This type of representation is found in poster stores. Most local department stores provide these services.

After purchasing the chosen image, crop it. Then put a tiny coating of adhesive on the photo. Then align and smooth the image with the window frame. You can use a soft cloth or your palm for this. (Read Double Hung Window Sizes Chart)

Illuminate the backside of the image using a low-wattage light. Four strips of wood can also be screwed to make room for the lights. Put them to the window frame’s backside.

Make a tiny hole in one strip. So you can feed an extension cord in. The nightlight goes there. Mount the assembly to the basement wall with a level. That’s it. Your false basement window brightens an otherwise dismal room.

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