How To Paint Over Peeling Paint

You can hardly ever go through owning a home without making some home improvement, and in most cases, this includes painting. In many instances, you find the paint is old and begins to peel away from the surface underneath.

If you try and paint right over the top of this, it will lead to significant issues, and you won’t only not have a nice finish, the paint won’t stick as you expect and you will be painting well before you should need to. (Read Enamel vs Acrylic Paint)

Here you can learn all there is about dealing with cracked paint, repairing chipped paint and how to paint where the paint is peeling off wall surfaces.

Paint Where the Paint is Peeling off

How Do You Fix Peeling Paint Before Painting?

No matter what the degree of your chipping paint, or cracking paint that peels as you touch it, you do need to prepare it ready for painting.

Even if the surfaces are flat, once you apply paint to old paint, you may see it peel off. You have many different types of paint, and putting the wrong one on top of another is a recipe for disaster.

Here are the guidelines you need to repair and prepare your surfaces ready to apply your fresh coats of paint.

Items You Need

  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Plastic drop cloth or tarp
  • Painters tape
  • Wire brush or paint scraper
  • Putty knife
  • Patching compound
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Tack cloth or sponge
  • Roller and brush
  • Primer

Prep the Workspace

Always wear protective clothing. Also, place a piece of plastic or a tarp close to the work area and tape it off around baseboards. Finally, put drop cloths where you could splash paint.

Remove Problem Paint

You can’t paint on peeling surfaces that have oils in them. You need to remove all this from the affected areas. Use your wire brush or paint scraper and remove the loose flakes. Make sure not to press too hard on the surface as you may do more damage.

Repair the Surface

You may see cracks or holes after removing the paint. Use your putty knife and patching compound to fill any gaps. Smooth off any excess and let it dry properly.

Create a Smooth Surface

No matter if you had to patch up any areas or not, you’ll want to sand the area to make sure a surface is devoid of any grooves or lines. Using a fine-grit sandpaper and sanding block, smooth down the area. Check it is smooth with your hand.

Pre-Paint Clean

The area needs to be very clean before you begin painting. New paint needs to adhere, and if the area isn’t clean, you’ll end up with the same peeling issues.

Using a tack cloth or slightly damp sponge, and wipe all the areas you will paint. Next, do the same again with a lint-free cloth and let the area dry thoroughly.

Priming Your Area

Moisture can be the main reason for peeling paint; thus, you need to be sure your newly painted area won’t have any moisture under your paint. Primer helps seal the surface against moisture and thus helping your paint to stick as it should.

Once you have carried out all your prep, you can begin painting one of two coats of your new paint. (Read Mesh vs Paper Drywall Tape)

How Do You Paint Over Peeling Latex Paint?

It is always good to wash any dirt or oils from the wall and woodwork. You should follow this with a general sanding with around a 100-grit sandpaper.

Check for holes or cracks that need patching.

Once your patches are dry, and you have sanded them you should spot prime them.

You can use a general wall primer and finish with paint or, you can use self-priming paints. These costs more yet you may only require one coat rather than two.

The paint’s sheen is down to taste yet glossy shows imperfections while matt paints are more forgiving and hide imperfections as they don’t reflect light.

Can You Seal Peeling Paint?

When painting over peeling paint, you need to remove as much as you can. The reason paint is peeling means it is not adhering to the surface.

It can be a chemical bond failure or mechanical bond failure.

Once you peel all the loose paint by the methods outlined, you should seal the surface after you have used your putty knife to fix any holes in your chipped paint repair on your wall.

You can use a problem surface sealer which means you can seal the surface and make sure your new coats won’t peel. (Read Can You Install A Metal Roof Over Shingles)

How Do You Paint Over Peeling Exterior Paint?

Once you see how to fix peeled paint, it is all down to preparation with your scraper, sandpaper, and primer.

Such an effort is more challenging if your area to be painted is outside. You will need to apply a much better primer to be sure the surface is fully protected.

It isn’t too difficult to know how to repair peeling paint as you understand what causes it before you apply your next coat to your wall.

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How To Paint Over Peeling Paint

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