How To Plant Succulent Seeds?

Succulents are beautiful plants, which come in many colors, shapes, and sizes.

They are very low-maintenance and don’t require too much to care for them. Watering and feeding are minimal, so they are an ideal plant for beginners.

It is possible to purchase grown succulents from nearly any garden center or home supply store; there’s something special about growing these from seeds yourself.

Succulent plant garden

Once you see something tiny, grow into a fully-grown plant that flourishes can be highly rewarding.

However, it often begs the question, are succulents easy to grow, and how long does it take to grow succulents? (Read How To Care For Aloe Plant Indoors)

Here, you can learn all you need to know about how to grow succulents from seeds. You may also see how you can combine succulents and cacti to make a unique indoor garden.

What Do Succulent Seeds Look Like?

Suppose you decide to start growing succulents from seeds and purchase some succulent seeds. Make sure you do so from a reliable source. You may wonder at this stage; how long does it take for a succulent to grow when the seeds are so small.

Because they are tiny seeds, growing succulents from seeds can easily be mistaken for something other than a physical seed.

Once you come to plant them, the seeds are so small that you can quickly lose the place where you planted them.

Can You Plant Succulent Seeds in Just Rocks?

Succulents are well-known to be resilient and survive rough conditions other plants can’t. Thus, once you begin to grow succulents from seeds, you will find it easy and stress-free.

While succulents usually grow in deserts where soils are mineral-filled, they will need enough soil to grow and continue to flourish.

Add to this; they also need moisture, warmth, and the right type of soil to prosper at their best.

Succulent plant in a pot

Unfortunately, rocks alone won’t keep any type of succulent nourished for long. Even though succulents like well-drained soil, rocks alone are not suitable. However, gardeners have found a way of adding rocks to their potting mix. (Read What are the Best Types Of Soil For Gardening)

Potting pebbles, as they are known, are added so that these rocks and the gravel will allow for better drainage.

Because the roots should never be left in wet soil, these rocks in the bottom of the pot allow for better drainage.

Should You Soak Succulent Seeds?

Once you want to know how long does it take for a succulent to grow, you can’t take the first step until you do the following.

When you are about to plant the seeds, keep your seeds immersed in warm water for approximately 30 minutes.

When you do this, you will loosen the seed coat and activate the germination. Some species differ as they have a very strong seed shell. It will help if you let these soak in warm water for a few days. (Learn How To Plant Poppy Seeds)

When you have been soaking your seeds for the desired time, you can scatter them and fill the surface of the soil.

Make sure not to press the seeds into the soil unless you have a larger than usual seed.

How Long Does It Take a Succulent to Grow from Seed?

Here are some things you need to do when growing succulents from seed.

Prepare Your Soil

  1. One of the first things you need to do is make sure you sterilize your soil. The reason being you will need to make your own potting mix, and it will contain soil that has already been used.
  2. Making your own mix is very easy and as good as what you can purchase. Take your soil and place it in a baking tray or suitable container and bake it in the oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit before mixing it with your builder, s sand and Perlite or small gravel.
  3. You can also cook it in the microwave for 10 minutes rather than your oven.
  4. Fill a planting tray with soil
  5. Take your DIY succulent soil or substrate and begin to fill your planting tray.
  6. Fill each section, so your potting soil is around 1-inch below the edge.
  7. After you fill your tray with soil, you need to water it. Let excess water to pass through the drainage holes until it stops. Watering is essential because you know your plants will stay where you put them.
  8. Because new succulent seeds are so small, they can be blown by the slightest gust of wind.
  9. Hold your hand flat and put seeds in your palm.
  10. Use care when you plant the seeds and spread across the surface of the soil, and leaving enough space.
  11. A tray with compartments means you can plant one or two seeds in each. Make sure never to cover the seeds with soil because once they germinate, you can find they won’t be able to push upward.
  12. If growing cacti at the same time, grow each type in an individual tray. Succulents have a different length of time for germination.
  13. Although you don’t need to cover the seeds with soil, you need to cover your planting tray. Once you do this, it stops the soil from drying out, and you can retain moisture and humidity.
  14. Once you have your covered tray, you can now place your tray in direct sunlight. You can use a growing light if you don’t have sufficient sunlight. Your temperature out to be 70 degrees for efficient germination.
  15. Keep the soil moist as your succulent plants start to grow. It can take a while for them to get rooted, yet it is rewarding to see how they grow and knowing t is you that spent the time to do it.

With all this, you may still wonder how long do succulents take to grow? It may take longer for some than others. So long as you have a sand-based soil that will drain in the best way for your plants.

You can find there isn’t too much else you need to do after planting them in a larger pot and give them enough light.

You can quickly get planting a few different types, and then once they grow, you can place them together in one large pot to create a new light desert landscape in your home.

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