How To Remove Kwikset Deadbolt

Kwikset is one of the most well-known lockset manufacturers in the United States. They make locksets for nearly any application, and there are many types of residential deadbolts in their product lineup.

If your key breaks off or the lock stops working, most often, you’ll need a professional locksmith. However, with some knowledge, you can task yourself with the home improvement job of changing one of many Kwikset models.

In our guide, you will learn how to remove a deadbolt lock with a handful of simple tools. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of how to remove deadbolt, so you can replace the lock cylinder and keep your home secure.

Guide To Remove Kwikset Deadbolt

How Do You Remove A Kwikset Deadbolt Latch?

Most homeowners can remove a Kwikset deadbolt lockset with just a few tools, The job will be simple to make if you follow the step-by-step directions below. (Learn How To Remove Adhesive From Wood)

Get Your Tools

A flathead screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a small bowl or box to contain the parts of your lockset, and a.05 Allen wrench are the only equipment you’ll need to remove a Kwikset deadbolt lockset in most cases.

Check the Lockset and Door

You may examine both sides of the door by opening it with the Kwikset deadbolt lockset. The mounting screws are frequently visible on the inside of Kwikset locksets with a thumb latch on the inner side.

The mounting screws on the interior of Kwikset deadbolt locksets with a keyhole on both sides may be exposed or covered by a trim plate.

Remove Thumb Latch

Remove the thumb latch handle from your Kwikset deadbolt lockset’s inside. There are many ways to remove the latch handle for Kwikset deadbolt lockset models.

you must remove a plastic pin on the latch handle’s shaft on some models with a small pair of needle-nose pliers.

To remove the latch handle on some Kwikset deadbolt locksets, a small metal pin must be depressed.

On the latch handle, you could locate a small set screw. The set screw requires a .05 Allen wrench to tighten this set screw in most circumstances.

To keep the thumb latch and the pin safe, place them in your small container.

Remove the Rose Plate of Kwikset Deadbolt

Remove the Rose Plate

Examine the rose plate on your Kwikset deadbolt lockset to see if it hides the locks mounting screws. A small cut-out should be made on the edge of the rose plate. Friction holds the rose plate in place.

Pry the rose plate gently away from the door with the flathead screwdriver. Place the flathead screwdriver’s tip in the notch on the rose plate’s edge and twist slightly. Make sure the rose plate and the door aren’t damaged. (Learn How To Remove Rust From Chrome)

Place the rose plate in your container with the thumb clasp and retention pin.

Remove Mounting Screws

Now you should be able to see the mounting screws. Next, remove the two mounting screws from your Kwikset deadbolt lockset with a Phillips screwdriver.

In your container, place the two Phillips screws.

Remove Lockset from the Door

The mounting hardware is free from the two pieces of your Kwikset deadbolt lockset.

Pull the inner and outer components of the Kwikset lockset with care. Place the lockset’s lock cylinder and latch it into your storage container.

Remove Latch Mechanism

Look at the threshold of your door. Two Phillips screws secure the latch plate to the edge of the door in the latch mechanism. The latch plate is typically morticed flush into the door’s edge.

Remove the two screws in the latch plate with your Phillips screwdriver. Next, remove the door’s latch mechanism and place it in your storage container.

How Do You Remove a Kwikset Smartkey Deadbolt From The Door?

The old deadbolt is easily removed, and the new one is equally simple.

  1. Open the door using the Kwikset deadbolt.
  2. Remove the two retention screws from the inside of the deadbolt. Thumb-off the door. Remove the outer cylinder and tailpiece from the latch.
  3. Four screws hold on the latch assembly. Remove the latch assembly from the hole.
  4. Insert the new latch into the latch-hole, arrow up. Tighten the latch screws into the existing holes and turn the latch bolt in the square hole with a flat screwdriver.
  5. Turn the new outer cylinder’s tailpiece toward the door. Slide the tailpiece through the latch assembly’s hole and secure it.
  6. Turn the thumb-turn to the door’s edge. Next, slide the thumb-back hole over the tailpiece, and align the thumb-turn screw holes with the latch assembly holes.
  7. With a Phillips screwdriver, install the mounting screws.

How Do You Remove a Kwikset Lock?

Two-sided or double-keyed deadbolts are for glass doors. An intruder could not quickly enter your home by smashing the glass and unlocking the deadbolt.

Removing this sort of deadbolt is simple if you know how to install it. If your deadbolt is secured with tamper-proof screws, consider calling a locksmith to remove it.

  1. Open the door to remove the deadbolt.
  2. Using a screwdriver, loosen and remove the two mounting screws that hold the internal lock to the mounting plate.
  3. The screws are within the door lock, so as you remove the lock and lose bits, place them in a container.
  4. Remove the two mounting screws from the mounting plate on the interior side of the door. After removing the screws, the mounting plate and half of the deadbolt will be loose.
  5. Remove the external lock from the striker or deadbolt assembly.
  6. Remove the two screws holding the striker assembly to the door. To remove the striker assembly, pull it out from the door.
  7. Remove the two screws holding the striker plate to the doorjamb.

Steps to Remove a Kwikset Deadbolt Removal

How Do You Remove A Deadbolt That Has No Visible Screws?

Here’s a quick guide: Find the pinhole in the thumb-turner latch shaft. Open the plate with a flat head screwdriver and the awl. Open the door after unscrewing the mounting screws. Remove the latch’s screws. (Learn How To Remove Scratches From Plastic)

Removing a kwikset deadbolt can be difficult, especially the first time. But you can avoid confusion by following steps.

What You Need

  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Awl with a sharp edge or point
  • An Allen Wrench depending on the lock model

How to Remove a Kwikset Deadbolt Removal without Screws

  1. Position in a way that you are facing the deadbolt from the inside part of your house
  2. Remove the thumb-turner latch
  3. Pry the plate using a flat screwdriver
  4. Unscrew the mounting screws
  5. Open the door and remove the screws of the latch mechanism

Step 1: Face the deadbolt from the inside.

To unlock the deadbolt lock, you must face it inside your home. Make sure the thumb-turner latch and keyhole are visible.

Hold this position until the plate covering the mounting screws is removed.

Step 2: Disconnect the thumb-turner.

First, remove the thumb-turner latch to remove the plate covering the screws. Look for the small pin-hole on the latch’s shaft.

Insert an awl or a paper clip here and press to release the latch’s lever. After that, set the item away.

Step 3: Pry the plate with a flat screwdriver.

After removing the latch lever, look around the plate’s rim for a small notch. Next, open the base plate with a flat screwdriver. You can see the screws securing the base plate.

Step 4: Remove the mounting screws.

You may now carefully detach the two mounting screws with your Philips screwdriver.

Set aside the mounting screws after unscrewing. This time, grip the lock with both hands from inside and outside your home, then pull them apart to remove them.

Step 5: Open the door and remove the latch screws.

Keep the door open to get the latch machine out. Locate the two screws that hold the latch mechanism.

Locate and remove screws with a Philips screwdriver. After that, slide the latch mechanism out of the hole.

How To Remove Kwikset Deadbolt

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