How To Remove Wax From Fabric

Candles can be a great addition to any home for decoration, or to set off the ideal dinner party. However, there comes a time when you can find spilled wax on clothes, furniture or your table cloth.

If you are unsure on the best of removing candle wax, you can make things worse. Luckily, it can be easier than you imagine, once you follow a few easy steps.

In this guide, you can see the different wax removal tips to clean a wax-based stain from around your home to leave your fabric stain free. (Learn How to Get Stickiness Off Wood)

Wax with different colors

How do you get melted candle wax out of fabric?

The short method on how to get wax out of clothes is as follows:

Wait for the wax to dry entirely.

Remove as much excess wax off with a dull knife or butter knife.

If you see an oily residue after doing this, then take a brown paper bag, and then place it on top of the stain. Take your clothing iron, and turn it to low heat. Gently rub it over the paper so it can absorb the oil from the fabric.

How do you get wax off of cloth?

If you have a table cloth or something similar such as removing wax from clothing, you can use these steps:

  1. Let the wax dry
  2. Lift off excess wax with a blunt knife
  3. Place your stained fabric between two sheets of blotting paper (brown paper works well)
  4. Place a clean paper towel over the top piece of paper
  5. Iron the wax stain through the towel
  6. Check, and re-position the paper to a clean area.
  7. Repeat the process until the stain goes
  8. Wash your clothes or fabric according to care label instructions. Possible use of a stain remover may be required
  9. Let your clothes, garment or fabric dry after removing wax

How do you get wax out of fabric sofa?

When candle wax hits a fabric sofa or carpet, you can use these step-by-step instructions to get rid of the stain. (Learn How to Remove Hot Glue From Fabric)

Don’t rub or wipe hot wax. Let it dry or even better, place some ice cubes in a plastic bag, and place it on the wax stain.

  1. Leave it there until the wax has completely hardened.
  2. Use a dull knife or the edge of a credit card
  3. Scrape away the hardened wax.
  4. Use a vacuum attachment to get rid of the loose wax. Scrape gently until there is no loose wax left.
  5. To remove residual wax, put several layers of white paper towels over the stain.
  6. Take a warm iron (too hot could melt carpet or furniture fabric) and press onto the area.
  7. Wax in the fibers softens, and the oily stain is absorbed into the paper towels.
  8. Keep moving to clean spots on the paper towels until all the wax has been soaked up.
  9. If the wax is colored, you can use some rubbing alcohol on clean white paper towels to blot the stain.

Remove Wax After Dinner Party

There can be countless ways you end up getting wax on clothing or other areas of your home. Dinner tables and the tablecloth are the victim of many accidents.

Even if you spot drips of wax on your tablecloth, there is little need to panic; you can salvage the cloth so long as you follow the following steps.

You can get rid of wax stains and any remaining wax residue from your tablecloth, and possibly your table.

Here’s how to remove candle wax from fabrics covering your table. You can also use these steps for how to get wax out of clothes.

Remove as much wax as you can

You may be tempted to try and remove melted wax immediately, don’t do this or you can drive it into the fibers.

Wait until the wax is thoroughly dry and hard

Gently scrape it off your cloth using a butter knife or blunt edge

Blot the fabric

Should you just have an oily residue remaining on your fabric, grab brown paper bags and place them over and also underneath the stain.

Zoom in view of white fabric

Take your iron and set the heat to low.

Rub gently across the top of the paper. The paper will soak up oils.

Repeat as is required until the oil stain has been removed.

Wash fabric as usual

Finally, you can hand or machine-wash your fabrics as you would usually. You might need to add a stain remover if the stained area was from colored wax.

Wax on Table

If you have wax on your table, you can’t get candle wax off with a knife in case you scratch the varnish. It is far easier to get your hair dryer and melt the wax.

You can then take a paper towel and wipe away the wax stain.

After you do this, if there is an oily residue, you can use a mix of vinegar and water to wipe over the surface and remove traces of the wax stains.

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How To Remove Wax From Fabric

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