How To String A Weed Eater With Two Holes

Weed whackers are an excellent addition to any yard work tool inventory. If you’re like most people, you may never have had to string your weed eater before. Unfortunately, even with the most user-friendly weed whackers on the market, stringing one can be difficult.

Aside from the difficulty of how to put string in a weed eater for the first time, one of the most frequently asked questions is what line to choose.

Ensure the line you choose for your weed eater has the proper diameter size. If you use a string that is a bit bigger than the holes, the line will not fit, and even if it does, it won’t feed through as you need it.

String in a weed eater for the first time

Do not rely on eyesight to choose the correct string for your weed eater; instead, read the operator’s manual.

In our guide, you can learn more about how to add string to weed eater, and by the end, you’ll be able to do this quickly; and should anyone ask how to string a craftsman weed eater with two holes, you can do it for them, or give them solid advice. (Find the Top Rated String Trimmers)

String a Weed Eater with Two Holes – Step by Step Guide

It would be best to do this in a large space with no children or animals present. It would be much better if you could do this in your garden alone.

Weed eaters come in various sizes and shapes, and the number of sides on a spool is one of such distinctions.

A single-sided or dual-sided spool is included with your weed eater. Most manufacturers have their specifications for how the trimmer line should be loaded on the spool. You’ll discover it can differ from being wound in which direction and whether the lines should be wrapped in only one direction.

Thus, be sure to keep your user manual close by.

One-string or single-sided spool weed wackers are more popular, but dual-sided spools are the best for thicker weeds.

Unfortunately, two holes are a little more complicated to re-spool than one.

As long as you have the right tools and follow these steps, you can easily string the dual-sided weed eater spool. (Read Straight Vs Curved Trimmer)

1. Turn off your weed eater

  1. Unplug from the mains if you have an electric corded weed eater.
  2. If it’s gas powered, press the off button, and you can also disconnect the spark plug for safety.
  3. If you have been using the weed whacker, don’t open the spool head right away, the trimmer head could be too hot to touch, so let it cool.

Remove Spool Back to String a Weed Eater

2. Remove Spool Back

  1. Once the trimmer head is cool, remove the spool back. You’ll find most covers held in position by multiple tabs. Squeeze the release tabs together to release.
  2. Screws hold in other covers, so you’ll need the right size screwdriver to remove the screws on your string trimmer cover.
  3. Remove the spool from the trimmer.

3. Discard Old Weed Eater String

  1. Grass clippings and dirt need removing from the lawn trimmer cutting head and spool before pulling off any old line and discarding it.

4. Check String Weed Eaters Operator Manual

  1. Check the manual of your weed eater to see how much trimmer line your spool needs. A good rule is to wind a 12–15-foot length of string trimmer line.
  2. The goal is to avoid overfilling the spool with the right length of the new line to the point it bulges. If you do, you won’t get the cover back on the spool.

5. Fold Line and Cut

  1. Take this fresh line and feed it straight into the spool’s center slot, folded point down. Then, with your index finger in between the lines, hold it in place.
  2. Keep your thumb and other fingers holding the lines taut while you draw these lines.
  3. Turn the spool, so the lines wind clockwise around the spool and check each spool’s guide has one line.

6. Locate Two Holes

  1. Locate the two holes from which the two strings emerge on the exterior of the spool. Leave around 12 inches of line unwound after winding the line around the spool.
  2. Place these lines through the exit holes in the spool where each hole has the right string in it.

7. Slide Spool Into the Cover.

  1. Make that the lines can still move freely when you replace the spool.
  2. Replace the weed whacker trimmer head’s cover. The line should be clipped to a length no longer than the weed eater’s shield’s limiter blade.

8. Start Your Engine

Start the engine or motor and check you have sufficient line to get rid of all your other unwanted plants.

How To String Craftsman Weed Eater with Two Holes

Follow these instructions to properly restring your double-line weed eater and get back to your gardening work in no time. The technique may differ slightly based on the manufacturer; therefore, consult your owner’s handbook. (Find the Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer)

For example, a single line trimmer will use one line while double weed eaters use two lines at the same time to cut through grass and weeds.

Get ready for the job

Before you replace the strings, make sure you have everything you need.

There are a few things to remember about the line:

Before purchase, double-check the length and width of your weed eater from the handbook. The best solution is to use the same string size as before.

This step is crucial since many models have extremely specific line dimensions and working with the wrong size might lead to a lot of frustration. Second, look for an appropriate wrench or spanner. (Read Bad Boy Mower Troubleshooting)

Prepare Your Weed Eater

Then, if necessary, prepare the weed eater itself—always there’s the chance of a bad accident if you don’t take the proper safety procedures.

Take the following steps with this in mind:

  1. First, turn off the engine on the weed eater.
  2. Then, allow time for the gearbox to cool down as well.
  3. Also, consider removing the spark plug boot from the unit (for a gas model).

Remove the Retaining Cup

Many newer weed eaters have a cap on the bottom to keep the string in place.

  1. You’ll need to get it out to the crucial initial holes (where you will insert the new string).
  2. The most intriguing aspect of weed eater architecture is that manufacturers do not construct this section in the same way.
  3. Some versions require only unscrewing the cap, while others require pressing a tab (or many tabs) to loosen the cap.
  4. Others have a wide range of systems, so consult your manual for instructions on removing the cap instead of risking damage by depending on guesswork.

Stringing procedure for weed eaters with two holes

Insert the Line

This is the crucial stage of the stringing procedure for weed eaters with two holes, so proceed with caution.

  1. First, trace the two beginning holes (you should be seeing them by now).
  2. After that, take the first length of the trimmer line and insert the tip into starter hole .1.
  3. Make sure you are winding line in the direction the arrows suggest.
  4. Push the line into its spool retainer when it’s about 5-inches long to keep it in place.
  5. Continue by grabbing the second line and push it into the other starter holes.
  6. Wind as instructed previously, then snap it into the retainer as described with about 5-inches of line.
  7. The line will now end up at opposite ends of the spool.

Get Lines Out of Retainers

The last step is to detach the lines from their retainers.

  1. Because of the simplicity of the design of these accessories, you should be able to string a weed eater at this point in under a minute.
  2. The first thing you should do is feed the lines through the hole or eyelets (also known as line exit holes) outside your weed eater head.
  3. After that, replace the spool in the weed whacker’s head and pull your string lines straight and to the correct length through the slot.
  4. This helps create smooth feeding through the hole.
  5. Replace the retaining cap you removed earlier by screwing it back onto the weed eater head or slapping it back into place, as needed.
  6. Depending on your model, you may need to wriggle the retaining cap to ensure a secure fit on the trimmer head.

The final words are that you will be set to go, and your weed eater will deal with any undesirable plants, weeds, or grass you want to get rid of.

How To String A Weed Eater With Two Holes

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