How To Turn Off Doorbell Breaker

Several electrical components will power a ring doorbell. Everything from the button to the chime box and transformer must be connected and functional for the doorbell to ring. Any ring doorbell will be effectively disabled if any elements are removed.

Fire alarm systems circuits are mostly DC in many residential or commercial scenarios. However, in the cases of ring doorbell wiring and power, these are AC from the household electricity as a transformer is easier to produce. Wired residential doorbells are covered under this technique. If your system is wireless, merely removing the battery will turn it off. This is a chore that almost anyone with a screwdriver can accomplish this task.

In our guide, you can learn more about safely removing the ring doorbell button, fixing doorbells, adding a new one, or replacing a broken transformer. By the end, you’ll understand how to disconnect doorbell transformer, and how to safely cap off doorbell wires on these low voltage devices. (Learn How To Disconnect Smoke Alarm)

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How Do Doorbells Work?

Before looking for your ring doorbell circuit breaker, understand how it works. A ring doorbell is a basic mechanism used in most homes. But it’s vital to master the fundamentals of tracing the breaker.

This system uses electromagnetism. An electromagnet inside the doorbell creates a magnetic field that activates the chime, providing the renowned doorbell sound.

A doorbell system has three main parts:

  • Transformer: The AC transformer needs 16 and 24 volts depending on the doorbell. Its primary function is to reduce the voltage from a 120-Volt source.
  • Chime: The chime is where the wiring for the doorbell system connects.
  • Doorbell: A doorbell at the gate or front door activates the chime.

A doorbell has four black and red wires connecting to the chime. The transformer has two wires, one red for the chime and one black for the regular wires.

Two wires run from the doorbell to the chime. Red goes to the front doorbell, black to the transformer’s standard wire.

Find the Doorbell Transformer Breaker

It’s time to locate the circuit breaker that feeds the doorbell’s power source now that you’ve understood the parts and doorbell mechanisms.

The transformer on a doorbell is not directly linked to a dedicated circuit breaker.

Instead, power to the doorbell comes from an existing light switch, outlet, or electrical box sharing a circuit with other electrical devices.

So, typically, you cannot easily find a breaker for the doorbell inside the main electrical panel.

Here are the steps to solve your searching struggles:

professional help

Ask for professional help.

  • The first step is to hire a pro. This method is the most effective, most efficient, and the least time-consuming.
  • You won’t have to worry if a professional handles all the job because they help you find the breaker.
  • You can do it yourself if comfortable working in junction boxes or electrical panels.


Trial and Error DIY

When touching your circuit breakers (electrical PPEs), remember to wear safety gear. Because you’re in a live electrical zone, use caution.

Turn off a CB at your breaker panel and then test your doorbell. Repeat with each breaker until you find the one that controls your doorbell. You can do this easily using a buzzer.

However, this technology is not ideal for homes or buildings with high electrical activity, such as home offices or garage workshops. (Read Will A Fog Machine Set Off A Smoke Alarm)

This method is simple enough for a novice DIYer to master.

Trace ring video doorbell wires

The third and final approach is the best because it requires tracing the wire from the doorbell to the main breaker panel. Conversely, it is the most difficult.

It needs hands-on effort, so delegate it if you’re not comfortable with it.

Do I Have To Turn Off Breaker For Doorbell?

1. Turn off the breaker supplying power to the doorbell.

Other receptacles or switches for lighting or other appliances are powered from the same breaker. For example, if there is a dedicated breaker switch for the doorbell only, turning it off will disable the doorbell until the breaker is turned back on.

2. Remove the doorbell button.

To begin, turn off the breaker that supplies electricity to the unit. Next, ensure no electricity is flowing to the doorbell with a non-contact circuit tester.

Remove the mounting screws holding the button in place, then unscrew or cut the wires from the back with a wire cutter.

Wrap the wire ends with electrical tape and shoves them into the wire holes. The holes can then be filled with wood filler and painted over, obliterating any evidence of a doorbell button. (This is all you need to do for how to cap off doorbell wires safely)

3. Remove doorbell chime cover.

Unscrew the wires supplying your unit with power. Wrap the doorbell switch wires with electrical tape and replace the cover.

4. Find your doorbell transformer set.

It’s challenging to locate the doorbell transformer in a new home, although doorbell transformers are often in the basement. Unscrew the wires supplying power to the doorbell unit and leads away from the transformer. (Read Disconnecting ADT Alarm System)

The doorbell transformer wires enter the house via floor joists. You can cut these at any part of the path. Then, use your electrical tape to cap off the ends.

For the transformer, it could be connected to a 120-volt outlet, so unplug the transformer to disable your doorbell system.

Cut the power lines and ground wire, then cover ends with wire nuts if your transformer was hard-wired into your home’s electrical circuit.

How To Replace Doorbell Button

A doorbell button replacement is a simple do-it-yourself project. To do this project, you don’t have to turn off the circuit. The button is powered by a low voltage of 24 volts or less.

Remove the cables and detach the old button to replace them.

Disconnect one wire to see whether the problem is with the button. You don’t need to turn off the power because, unlike most other devices in your house, the wired doorbells use a step-down transformer that reduces the voltage to a safe 16 or even 12 volts (V) with very few amps.

However, the transformer for a wired unit means you should remember electrical shock rules apply, so stay safe.

If your doorbell hums, then this is a clear sign your button is sticking and you need to replace some of your doorbell components.

How to Find a Doorbell Transformer

  • Check behind your existing doorbell.
  • If you have a coat closet near your front entrance or doorbell, you may want to check it out.
  • Remove the cover from your service panel’s primary breaker and turn it off.
  • If your service panel is in the garage, look around the area above the panel.
  • Check inside your furnace closet.

You may ask, are doorbell wires dangerous? Even with the low voltage doorbell system, it is best to take precautions.

Can You Get A Shock From Doorbell Wires?

The majority of the doorbell circuit is made up from devices that are “low-voltage” electricity flows, yet, even if you touch your doorbell’s wires, you won’t get a shock. As long as you are touching the doorbells connected to the outer part of the circuit.

A doorbell transformer steps the 120 volts of most electrical circuits into the 10 to 16 volts required to operate the doorbell.

Because of this, you can safely remove the doorbell button to add a new one or remove the doorbell chime to add new sounds without disabling the breaker.

It isn’t advised to touch doorbell wires unless doorbell batteries are the power source, even if the low voltage power supply won’t harm you. For example, you could have faulty wiring, and your wired doorbells are receiving more power than they should.

Why does my doorbell have six wires?

Six wires are used in doorbell systems with two doorbell switches. The transformer provides low-voltage electricity to the home’s centralized alarm systems, including the doorbell and, sometimes, fire-safety devices.

Low-voltage power travels through small cables to each doorbell switch with a doorbell.

In addition, you can find some systems that have two doorbell transformers? One transformer is 16 volts, and if you are testing voltages, it will read 12 to 20 volts, and the other will be wired in parallel. (Learn How To Turn Off The Power To The Smoke Alarm At The Circuit Breaker)

To ensure you don’t get a shock from the thin wires, take a reading from the output terminals leading to the chime unit as you don’t want to touch the wires from the breaker that supplies 20volts rather than the 12 volts the weaker transformer supplies.

Because of the wires, many homeowners are resorting to wireless doorbells where the battery supplies power.

Here you can see how to replace doorbell batteries.

  1. Unscrew the doorbell’s decorative cover with a screwdriver.
  2. Open the doorbell’s battery compartment.
  3. Remove the old batteries and replace them with new ones.
  4. Close the battery mount.
  5. Using your screwdriver, replace the doorbell.

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