Is Anthurium Toxic to Cats

Plants can be used as decorations and help in the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen. In general, plants co-exist with humans and animals.

The shared benefits between plants and animals help in maintaining balance in the ecosystem. However, not all plants are beneficial, especially when eaten.


The largest genus of the Araceae family, Anthurium, is also known as the flamingo flower, flamingo lily, laceleaf, painter’s pallet, tail flower, or oilcloth flower a nice-looking ornamental plant.

However, this plant causes a severe burning sensation on the throat and mouth once eaten. The classic signs of toxicity include hoarseness of the voice and difficulty swallowing.


As one of the largest genus of its family, the Anthurium holds the most toxic effect on any living thing that eats it. (Read Are Peace Lilies Poisonous To Cats)

As such, Anthurium is listed as one of the poisonous plants in the world.


When ingested, the Anthurium causes irritation and swelling of the throat and mouth. The Anthurium plant contains calcium oxalate crystals. This insoluble calcium causes irritation brought by this plant.

Anthurium is poisonous to almost all kinds of animals. An animal that accidentally ingests Anthurium will suffer its toxic effect. If you have pets at home, make sure that you don’t have any Anthuriums in your garden. Dogs, cats, and other animals are prone to ingesting this plant.

If you see an Anthurium in your house, you better dispose of it as soon as you can.

Are Anthuriums Poisonous to Cats?

Anthuriums are definitely poisonous to cats.

The compact size of a cat makes it a potential victim of poisoning. Even small amounts of poison can make a cat very ill. Cats are very attentive in terms of cleanliness. Their habit of always licking their fur to make them clean is one of the reasons why cats get easily poisoned.

If pollen from an Anthurium that contains its dangerous substance sticks into a cat, it means immediate harm. If your cat accidentally ingests an Anthurium, its mouth and tongue become painful.

The presence of pain in the oral area will cause symptoms like vomiting and drooling. If your cat exhibits these related symptoms of Anthurium toxicity, search the directory and page for a vet. (Read Is Scotts Turf Builder Safe For Pets)

If your house is propagated with Anthurium, cats at home are at risk of getting poisoned. Anthurium poisonous to dogs also applies. An animal that ingested Anthurium will exhibit the same symptoms.

danger sign

Danger Signs

Once a cat or dog eats the flamingo flower, the insoluble calcium found in this plant will cause a reaction. Cats and Dogs will experience tongue swelling that makes it irritating. The pain irritation of the oral cavity results in drooling.

Pets that ingested this poisonous plant must search for a cure to avoid death. If you can see that your cat or dog is vomiting, this can signify an ingested flower lily toxicity.

Drooling and vomiting are some of the early signs of getting poisoned. Identifying the cause of these symptoms is a priority. Knowing the cause will help identify the problem and search for a cure.

Poison Prevention

Propagating plants is a hobby like raising a pet. But if you choose to propagate plants and raise a pet simultaneously, make sure the two could co-exist. Knowing the compatible plants for your pet is important for its safety. You don’t want to suffer from the pain of losing either of the two.

It’s important to search for plants that bring potential harm to your pet If you still plan on propagating the flamingo plant, you are free to do so. Just make sure that your cats or dogs stay away from it.

The toxic nature of this plant is dangerous for your pets. Make sure that the Anthurium plant is placed away from animal reach.

For instance, if you have cats in your house, see that they won’t be able to reach the Anthurium. The Anthurium’s flower contains calcium oxalate crystals that are toxic when it reaches the mouth. (Find the Best Weed Killer Safe For Pets)

This toxic component of an Anthurium is hazardous once it gets inside your pet. If your pet is vomiting, call for the vet immediately to avoid complications. The antidote for this toxic plant is yet to be discovered. People are still in search of a cure.

To save your pet from the toxic component of an Anthurium, observing preventive measures is the best thing to do.

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