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John Deere Battery Size Chart

When it comes time to replace the battery in your John Deere vehicle or tractor, having the right size battery is crucial for optimal performance. But with so many battery options available, how do you determine what size battery you need? Referencing John Deere battery size charts is the easiest way to identify the ideal battery for your specific model.

In our guide, we’ll learn how to use a John Deere battery chart to select the perfect replacement battery. By the end, you’ll better understand the key battery specifications like CCA, dimensions, voltage, and more so you can shop for batteries like a pro. Let’s get started!

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How To Choose the Best Replacement Mower Battery?

Selecting a replacement battery for your John Deere tractor, mower, or other equipment requires a few key pieces of information:

Make and model of your John Deere vehicle

This lets you pinpoint the correct battery for your specific model in the size chart. (Read Michelin Wiper Blade Size Chart)

Battery group size

Batteries are commonly categorized by group size, which refers to the battery’s physical dimensions. Group sizes like 24M or 34/78 are standard across brands.


Most John Deere batteries are 12V, but always check your owner’s manual. Voltage must match.

CCA rating

The Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) indicate how much power the battery can provide to start your engine in cold weather. A higher CCA rating is better.

Reserve capacity

This specifies how long the battery can run electronics/accessories when the vehicle is off. Higher is better. Once you have this crucial information, you can use the John Deere battery size chart to zero in on the optimal replacement battery for your equipment.

Why Do You Need a John Deere Tractor Battery Size Chart?

With many battery options and specifications, a battery size chart is invaluable when selecting a replacement. Here are some key reasons you need a size chart:

  • Takes the guesswork out: Rather than trying to eyeball battery dimensions or guess at the right CCAs, the chart tells you exactly the right battery you need.
  • Ensures fit: The size chart provides the precise group size and different sizes of battery for your John Deere model.
  • Confirms technical specs: You can match up the voltage, different types of battery output, CCAs, reserve capacity, and other specs to choose the best battery for your vehicle.

Where to Find a John Deere Battery Size Chart 

John Deere doesn’t provide an official battery size chart, but there are a few places you can find the info you need:

Owner’s manual: Check the manual for your specific John Deere model for battery requirements. This is the most accurate source.

Battery retailer sites: Many auto parts stores like NAPA and Carquest provide John Deere equipment battery finder tools and charts.

OEM part sites: Find battery group size info through the John Deere parts lookup tool.

Double-check specs with our battery size chart before purchasing a replacement battery. (Read Husqvarna Spark Plug Size)


John Deere Battery Size Chart

John Deere Model Battery Group Size Voltage Minimum CCA
D100 Series Lawn Tractors U1R 12V 230CCA
D110 Lawn Tractor 24M 12V 300CCA
D120 Lawn Tractor 24M 12V 300CCA
D130 Lawn Tractor 24M 12V 300CCA
D140 Lawn Tractor U1R 12V 230CCA
D160 Lawn Tractor 24M 12V 300CCA
E100 Series Lawn Tractors U1R 12V 230CCA
E110 Lawn Tractor 24M 12V 300CCA
E120 Lawn Tractor 24M 12V 300CCA
E130 Lawn Tractor 24M 12V 300CCA
E140 Lawn Tractor U1R 12V 230CCA
E160 Lawn Tractor 24M 12V 300CCA
X300 Series Tractors 24M 12V 400CCA
X500 Series Tractors 24M 12V 500CCA
X700 Series Tractors 31 12V 600CCA
1 – 8 Series Tractors 31 12V 600CCA

Using Group Size to Select a Battery

Identifying the correct group size is crucial for choosing a replacement battery. This refers to the battery’s physical dimensions, commonly expressed in a code like 24M or 34/78S. 

Group size is standardized across brands, so you can shop multiple options knowing they will fit the specific battery tray in your John Deere vehicle. Referencing the group size ensures your new battery has the appropriate:

  • Length
  • Width 
  • Height
  • Terminal configuration

Battery Specs to Cross-Reference

In addition to the correct group size, you’ll also want to match other key battery specifications:


Almost all John Deere equipment uses a 12-volt battery. Just verify the voltage required for your particular model.

CCA Rating

  • The Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) indicate how much power the battery can supply to start your engine in cold temperatures.
  • Look for a battery that equals or exceeds your John Deere’s recommended CCA rating for reliable starting power.
  • Batteries with higher CCAs provide extra starting power.

Reserve Capacity 

The reserve capacity tells you how long the battery can run accessories with the engine off.

Look for a battery that meets or exceeds your John Deere’s required reserve capacity.

More reserve capacity means longer runtime for electronics and accessories before a recharge is needed. (Read Trimmer Line Sizes Chart)

Battery Posts

  • John Deere batteries typically have standard SAE top automotive posts.
  • Some models use batteries with bolt-on terminal connectors.
  • Match the positive terminal style of your original battery.
  • Cross-referencing these specifications ensures your new battery has the starting power, runtime, and connections to fit and function in your John Deere equipment properly.

proper battery fit

Why Proper Battery Fit Matters

Getting a battery that fits your John Deere vehicle correctly is critical. Here’s why:

  • Ensures secure mounting
  • Prevents damage
  • Allows proper cable routing
  • Avoids corrosion issues
  • Saves rework

Identifying your John Deere model’s proper OEM battery group size guarantees a perfect fit.

Aftermarket Batteries vs. John Deere OEM Batteries

When selecting a replacement battery, you can choose between aftermarket/third-party batteries and OEM John Deere branded batteries:

Aftermarket Batteries

  • Often less expensive
  • Meet OEM specifications for fit and performance
  • Brands like Deka, Duracell, DieHard, and Kirkland
  • Typically a standard lead-acid battery 

John Deere Batteries 

  • Made for John Deere equipment
  • Verified to meet all John Deere guidelines
  • The highest CCA ratings and reserve capacity
  • Cost more than aftermarket alternatives
  • Premium AGM lead-acid design 

Tips for Maximizing Battery Life 

To get the most life from your new John Deere battery:

  • Recharge after each use to avoid deep discharge
  • Store equipment in a cool area to reduce self-discharge over a period of time 
  • Clean battery terminals regularly to avoid corrosion issues during extended storage
  • Avoid draining the battery below 50% charge if possible
  • Check battery voltage monthly and recharge as needed
  • Consider a deep cycle battery tender to maintain optimal charge

Following basic battery care and maintenance best practices will ensure you get the longest life from your new battery.

John Deere Battery Warranties

Replacement John Deere batteries come with warranties up to:

  • 2 years – Standard aftermarket batteries
  • 3-4 years – Premium aftermarket batteries
  • 4 years – John Deere OEM batteries

Register your new battery for the manufacturer’s extended warranty coverage. This protects in case your battery fails prematurely. (Read Sheet Metal Screw Size Chart)


When it’s time to replace the battery in your John Deere equipment, proper battery selection and recycling old batteries are critical. Referencing battery size charts and cross-referencing the battery BCI group size ensures you get the right new battery for your tractor or mower.

While John Deere batteries are designed for heavy-duty performance, quality car batteries meeting the required specifications will also work well. And by battery recycling your old lead-acid battery at a local facility, you help keep this toxic material out of landfills and the environment. Taking a few simple steps will keep your John Deere powered up.


What is the largest John Deere tractor battery size?

Group 31 batteries of around 650 CCA are among the largest in full-size John Deere tractors.

Where is the battery located on a John Deere tractor?

On most tractors, the battery is mounted beneath the seat or under a side panel for easy access. Always refer to your owner’s manual.

Why do I always have a dead battery?

Frequent battery drain shows an electrical issue like a short, failing alternator or parasitic draw. Have your tractor’s electrical systems been tested for faults?

What is the best lawn tractor battery brand?

Top brands include Delco, Deka, and Odyssey. Compare CCA ratings when choosing brands.

Where can I buy John Deere mower batteries locally?

Local auto parts stores like NAPA, AutoZone, and Carquest stock replacement batteries for John Deere mowers and tractors.

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