Keeping Your Lawn Looking Sharp This Fall

lawn-greenFall is my favorite season of the year for working in my garden. Summer has passed, there are usually some repairs to be made, and as the leaves start to fall from the trees and the temperature drops a little, I can spend hours tending to my lawn.

There is also some important maintenance to carry out if you want to keep your lawn looking sharp and strengthen it up before winter arrives.

Here are the key areas to focus on to keep your lawn in tip-top condition during fall:

Keep Your Lawn Free from Leaves

lawn-free-leavesLeaves are almost certainly going to be a problem during fall. After all, fall is named ‘fall’ because all the leaves start to fall from the trees. It’s important to keep your lawn free from leaves, so rake them daily, or if this seems like a chore, you can always use a leaf blower.

If you leave leaves to pile up on your lawn, they will start to decompose pretty quickly. Attracting bugs, insects and doing damage to your lovely green lawn.

Aerate Your Lawn

In my experience, many people just don’t aerate their lawn or don’t do it when it’s really needed. Aerating your lawn allows more air, water, and nutrients to travel to the roots. It’s simple to do; all you need to do is press a pitchfork into the soil to create airflow.

In fall, the soil is usually moist and easy to penetrate. It’s important to do this before winter to maximize the nutrients reaching the roots of your lawn and create good airflow before frost covers the surface.

Adjusting Your Mowing Height

lawn-lowerA common mistake in fall is to keep your lawn long to enter winter with a thick, flourishing lawn. This actually weakens your lawn and will lead to a patchy lawn. What you should be doing is trimming your lawn lower and lower until you’re down to around 1.5” in length.



lawn-overseedingFall is also a good time to overseed your lawn. Essentially, this means spreading more seed all over your lawn to thicken up the lawn, giving it a fuller, healthier look and feel. This is also a good opportunity to locate areas of your lawn not growing and find out why.

Just throw some seed down in the early evening in the early weeks of fall. Fall is a moist season in most areas, the seed will germinate quickly, and you will be mowing the new seed along with the existing lawn before winter.

Picking the Right Fertilizer

It’s vitally important you use the right fertilizer during the months of fall. Most quality brands label their fall products and make it easy for you. You need a fertilizer higher in nitrogen than what you used in summer. Nitrogen is a compound responsible for strengthening lawns at the roots and stimulating growth.

In Summary

The above points cover just about everything you need to know to keep your lawn looking sharp during fall. Keeping on top of the leaves and other debris that may blow across your lawn is incredibly important, and along with the basic maintenance as discussed, you should have no problem maintaining a lawn to be proud of.

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