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Kubota M7060 Problems

Kubota Corporation delivers new services before they come as standard. With innovation, you get some issues, so you’ll find one of the best tractors in terms of power is the Kubota M7060. This luxury utility tractor with 70 horsepower performs many tasks, such as raking, disc mowing, and baling tiny square or round bales.

There’s no better tractor for its size and affordability than the Kubota M7060 if you have over 10 acres. However, you’ll struggle to find anything that doesn’t have issues at some stage, and the M7060 is no different. So, it is good to know the issues you can face and what you can do to fix them in a pinch.

Much of this can come down to effective Kubota front-end loader troubleshooting; among other minor Kubota tractor problems, solutions are mostly not too challenging to fix. In our guide, you can learn the most common problems you’ll likely face when using a Kubota M7060. By the end, you’ll have a much better understanding of what can go wrong and what things can be avoided if you carry out simple preventative maintenance like a Kubota M7060 hydraulic fluid check. (Read Dewalt 20v Blower Problems Guide)

Kubota M7060 Common Problems

What Are Common Kubota Tractor Problems?

The one issue that causes the most havoc in the Kubota m7060 is the front-end loader leaks.

Even if you don’t use the front-end loader for heavy work, you can find that the front-end loader may occasionally leak hydraulic fluids.

To get over this, it will need a new bucket cylinder installed as the control valve will have an internal leaking if it doesn’t fix the problem.

Buzzing Or Whining Sounds

To elaborate, after removing the backhoe from the subframe, you might hear a buzzing or whining sound coming from the side of the shift and loader control sticks.

Either the tractor has an internal problem, or the hydraulic system is pushing too forcefully and making it hard for the backhoe to separate.

Check the hydraulic system’s fluid level for air bubbles to fix this issue. To avoid producing problems, it would be preferable to visit a professional if you couldn’t find any issues with the fluid system and the fluid levels are at the correct levels.

Tractor Engine Not Cranking

Some Kubota m7060 owners find that the tractor’s internal combustion engine won’t start. If you experience this issue, it may be caused by a dead battery, faulty wires, or cold weather

Ensure that the cable is in good working order and that the battery has a suitable charger. You need an Ohm meter to check whether the safety switch receives enough electricity.

You can easily solve this issue quickly. After checking the battery, battery cable, and safety switch, consider replacing them if any flaws are discovered. Cleaning these components regularly prevents any chance of corrosion forming on terminals or contacts on your tractor. (Learn How To Level A Yard With A Tractor)

Problems With Engine Overheating

The most common problem for Kubota m7060 owners is the engine overheating. If the engine in your tractor is getting too hot, it’s responsible because of low airflow through the radiator.
Debris and dust particles in the radiator prevent the air from flowing freely. Since less air is moving through the engine, it heats more quickly.

The solution to the overheating problem of your tractor is as simple as cleaning the dust and debris from the radiator’s fins. Cleaning the fins using an air compressor is a quick fix and stops this problem from occurring.

Kubota M7060 Steering Wheel Problems

Steering Wheel Rotates With No Resistance

While driving, it can be a significant problem if your steering wheel won’t turn wheels in the direction you intended. This typically occurs because of faulty hydraulic cylinders and low oil index.

This steering problem with the Kubota M7060 is typically resolved by refilling the oil index and replacing the hydraulic cylinder.

Engine Runs But Then Stops

This is among the common reported problems; the tractor starts but stops suddenly. Also, yard work may be interrupted because your air filter or fuel filter gets clogged or blocked. If you find your air filter or fuel filter clogged, clean or replace it if they are too dirty or damaged.

Reverse Transmission Shift Hard

Check the transmission shift if your Kubota M7060’s clutch seems complicated when selecting reverse. When you lose clutch control, this happens. So first, you should troubleshoot and find if the clutch is faulty, and you need to repair or replace it, or if some linkage needs adjusting.

Not Enough Power To The Engine

If your engine lacks power, check the nozzle and compression. Low nozzle compression or atomization requires tractor repair. Replace clogged or faulty fuel or injection pump immediately. Repairing or replacing the injector raises fuel injection pressure. If the engine is overtaxed, reduce the load, or change gear. Adjust valve clearance, so the valve clearance is intolerance and fixes your low compression problem.

Fix the low idle speed. Clean any clogs and hoses before beginning. Leaking or damaged valves cause compression loss.

Overheating Issues

Working your Kubota M7060 too hard could cause tractor overheating. However, the cooling system is a weak link. So, check your cooling system and the surrounding area’s temperature first.

Heavy loads might cause your tractor to overheat, so you’ll need to ease off while you check for clogs or worn parts in the cooling system. Check the engine oil level regularly and adjust and replace fan belts as needed. In addition, get a replacement thermostat if the current one isn’t working.

Engine Troubleshooting

Engine hard to start: Fuel filter clogged, or you have air in the fuel system: bleed and clean injection nozzles. Engine stalls: This leads to the wrong setting of the fuel injection pump timing. Adjust as required to stop engine stalls or replace the pump if faulty. If you see you have a low coolant temperature, warm up to the required temperature.

Engine overheated: You could have clogged radiator fins or a low coolant level. Fill your radiator and check for faults, such as a worn fan belt. Check the engine oil level and top up if required. Abnormal engine knocking: You can hear that the engine isn’t warmed to the required temperature. Warm and check the engine oil level. Add oil if the level is too low. You can also find the fuel injection pump timing is not set correctly. You will need to use the correct injection pump timing adjustments.

Engine stops when idle: It can be something as simple as the ideal speed set incorrectly. Next, turn the adjustment screw to increase. Alternatively, it could mean you have an incorrect valve clearance, which takes more work to adjust. Finally, check the fuel pump and filter; it will stall if no fuel passes. (Read Lawn Tractor With Snow Blower Attachment Guide)

Tractor Transmission Troubleshooting

Transmission is noisy: Worn gears lead to defective gears, so these will require replacements. If you find worn gear shift forks, it is a more straightforward fix to replace these shift forks.

Hard Gear shift: You can find the gear linkage is loose or worn. Lubricate or replace your shift linkage.

Insufficient transmission oil pressure: Low oil level means you need to change and add new transmission oil. It also helps to change the transmission fluid filter and inspect and clean the relief valve.

Kubota M7060 Hydraulic System Troubleshooting

Hydraulic System Troubleshooting On Kubota Tractors

  • The hydraulic system is too hot: Wrong hydraulic oil type has been used. Change and fill it up with the correct hydraulic oil.
  • There is air in the hydraulic system. Adjust the hydraulics correctly by bleeding the system. If there is a damaged main relief valve, the relief valve needs changing.
  • Insufficient hydraulic fluid pressure: Insufficient hydraulic oil means you need to add more oil. If you find the oil filter is clogged. You’ll need to clean or change the filter.
  • Leaking hydraulic pipes: Check the hydraulic system and fix leaks where you can. If it isn’t in the pipes, you could need to repair or replace your hydraulic fluid pump or the hydraulic cylinder.
  • 3-point hitch can’t drop: This comes from a defective hydraulic cylinder, so you’ll need to repair the hydraulic cylinder. Also, if you see the lift arm shaft has been damaged, it could mean you need a new shaft. After fixing, adjust the three-point hitch as required.
  • Jerky operation of three-point hitch: Hydraulic oil is contaminated or has air bubbles. Change the hydraulic oil and check the pump is working correctly.

Troubleshooting Kubota Steering

  • Excessive steering wheel play: Worn steering column coupling or the shaft. You’ll need to swap out any faulty components.
  • Worn steering pump: The steering pump needs to be repaired or replaced. Suppose the steering linkage’s components are loose or worn out. Examine, then adjust, as necessary.
  • Faulty hydrostatic steering unit. Check and replace as needed.
  • The excessive effort to steer: Hydraulic steering system air lock means you’ll need to change the dirty steering filter and bleed the steering system. After changing the steering filter element, add oil to the steering system.
  • Faulty or worn hydrostatic steering unit: Replace or repair the steering unit as required. A Steering pump malfunction requires replacing or repairing the steering pump.
  • Worn or seized pump flow control valve: Replace or service your tractor control valve.
  • Worn steering column. Refit or replace the steering column.
  • Front tires are worn unevenly: Install new tires after checking if the steering cylinder is leaking. In addition, you may need to replace the damaged piston seals or worn rods.
  • Tractor pulls to the right or left: The hydrostatic steering unit is worn or malfunctioning. If required, change, or repair the steering unit if there is a worn steering cylinder. Also, repair or replace the steering cylinder.
  • Loose steering linkage parts. Repair or replace the loose steering linkage. Front-wheel bearings could be damaged or worn. Adjust correctly or replace the new bearings.

Note: Something such as worn bearings can cause tires to wear uneven, yet the symptoms show other issues. (Read Tractor Won’t Start No Click – What To Do)

Electrical System Troubleshooting on Kubota M7060

  • Battery can’t be charged: Electrical wire connections may be corroded or loose. Tighten or maintain wire connections; if there are faulty battery terminal connectors, clean or replace these. The battery could be defective, so replace it after testing. If you have a loose or worn belt, adjust the belt tension correctly or change the belt for a new one.
  • The starter cranks slowly: Low battery output means the battery is drained, so recharge it. You may need to adjust the belt tension, so the charge goes into the battery as your tractor runs.
  • Battery won’t hold charge: Battery terminals could corrode, or wires become disconnected. So check your cable connections and replace or service terminals on the battery.
  • The starter is not cranking: The battery is low or faulty. You will need to charge or change the battery. A faulty starter motor could also lead to symptoms of a low battery. Starters are rarely fixed, so they will need replacing.

As much as electrical systems cause issues, check the fuel to the engine before thinking it is a battery issue. Fuel filters need a current to push fuel to the engine, yet a lack of fuel will stop the engine from starting if they are blocked.

Kubota M7060 Problems