Lawn-Boy 10736 Review

This 21 inch lawnmower comes equipped with a Honda engine that makes for quiet operation. It is lightweight (75 pounds). It has rear wheels that are 11 inches high that will not let you down, even on uneven surfaces.

Its Tru-Start system ensures that your lawnmower starts within 1 or 2 pulls, if not, they will fix it for free.

This user friendly lawn mower also packs a 2-point Height-of-Cut System so that you can adjust grass lengths from one side of the mower without the hassle of any adjustment tools.

All this and many more amazing and easy to use features can be had for around $300, sometimes with a free shipping service from Amazon.

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Why choose the Lawn-Boy 10736 Gas Lawn Mower?


For starters, you can choose between three options for your lawn: mulching, bagging or side discharge. In the case of bagging, the best advantage is the bigger bag that can hold clippings for a long time, meaning less changeovers for you.

Furthermore, the bag can be easily attached, without any need for tools. All this makes for a lot of time saving. Also, its powerful, yet quiet engine is ideal for residential areas – because nobody likes their neighbors complaining about the noise you make when mowing your lawn.

It comes with a two year warranty: so whether it’s a startup issue or parts problem, everything will be fixed for free. It has been given a lot of praise for these reasons especially that it starts on the first pull every time. It has a fuel cut off valve, and the engine is durable, and well running.


It does not come with a self propel or electrical start system. Among some of the negative reviews, there were some who had issues with the mower as it arrived; some reported a missing knob, front wheels broken off, and the wheel axels were off the mower.

However, they are very easy to assemble back at home and the warranty covers any damage. Furthermore, there is an issue with the side bag as not all the clippings are easily removed from it. Some remain on the rear wheels.


This is a great mower for those who have smaller lawns or lawns on a hilly or inclined area as its lightness makes it very easy to push around with minimal hard work. It is quite good for residents who want a quieter system.

However, some lawn boy reviews suggest that it is not ideal for a bigger lawn. And it is best for those who shrink away from tools and gadgets, because it is very basic to assemble and use.

There are no choke or speed settings to adjust, and its simplicity of design (motor, blade, blade shroud, and handle bar) have been much praised, especially for the lady mowers, who dread having to push large and heavy mowers and line up technically complex designs.

Lawn boy mower reviews are mostly positive, which makes it seem a good investment for all the money.

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