Lug Nut Socket Size Chart

It’s important to note that lug bolts are distinct from most other types of nuts and bolts on your car. For your car to move and keep you safe, they are responsible for attaching each wheel to an axle.

To replace a lug nut that has been broken or lost, it is critical to know how different lug nut sizes and kinds vary from vehicle to vehicle. If you ever lose one or break one, you quickly discover there is no universal lug nut size, and the answer to are all lug nuts the same size is no.

In our guide, no matter the size of your car, you can find what size socket for lug nuts you need. By the end, unless you work in the Grand Prix, you can find the lug nut socket sizes for all car manufacturers. (Read Best Tool To Remove Lug Nuts)

Lug Nut Socket Size

What Size Is a Lug Nut Socket?

To remove or tighten lug nuts or lug bolts, you’ll need the suitable size of lug wrench, torque wrench, impact socket, or ordinary socket.

The manufacturer usually determines the socket size you’ll require; however, this can change. The following are the most common sizes you’ll come across:

In the case of bolts, you need to measure thread with a tape measure, although reading from a tape measure can be challenging.

Another solution is to try your nut on various bolts in the hardware store until you find the same.

You can determine socket wrench, and socket sizes the same way.

However, if you need to check as there is no store nearby, you can use a nut size chart to simplify things and save time. (Read Our Wrench Sizes Guide)

Here you can find our wheel nut size chart. You will find the sizes are in mm (metric), and it is the lug nut breaker bar, or torque wrench sizes that can be measured in standard or imperial.

ACURAVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)1986-On12mm x 1.5Nut
MDX2002-200612mm x 1.5Nut
MDX2007-On14mm x 1.5Nut
RL2005-On14mm x 1.5Nut
TL2004-200812mm x 1.5Nut
TL2009-On14mm x 1.5Nut
ALFA ROMEOVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL1972-On12mm x 1.5Nut
AM General
Hummer 22005-200814mm x 1.5Nut
Hummer 32006-21012mm x 1.5Nut
ALL (except below)1988-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
40001980-198712mm x 1.5Bolt
BMWVehicle Production YearLug Nut Dimensions
ALL1962-197612mm x 1.5Nut
ALL (except below)1977-On12mm x 1.5Bolt
7 Series2002-200814mm x 1.5Bolt
7 Series2009-On14mm x 1.25Bolt
X32003-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
X52000-200614mm x 1.5Bolt
X52006-On14mm x 1.25Bolt
X62008-On14mm x 1.25Bolt
BUICKVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (front wheel drive)1979-198912mm x 1.5Nut
Allure2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Apollo1973-19817/16" x 20Nut
Century1973-19817/16" x 20Nut
Century1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Electra1958-19841/2" x 20Nut
Electra1985-199112mm x 1.5Nut
Enclave2008-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Grand Sport1961-19827/16" x 20Nut
Lacrosse2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Le Sabre1961-19761/2" x 20Nut
Le Sabre1977-19857/16" x 20Nut
Le Sabre (station wagon, V8)1977-19901/2" x 20Nut
Le Sabre1986-200512mm x 1.5Nut
Lucerne2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Limited1980-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Opel1968-197912mm x 1.5Nut
Park Avenue1984-200512mm x 1.5Nut
Rainier2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Reatta1988-199212mm x 1.5Nut
Regal1977-19817/16" x 20Nut
Regal1982-200412mm x 1.5Nut
Rendezvous2002-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Riviera1963-19781/2" x 20Nut
Riviera1979-199912mm x 1.5Nut
Roadmaster1991-199612mm x 1.5Nut
Skyhawk1975-19817/16" x 20Nut
Skyhawk1982-199112mm x 1.5Nut
Skylark1962-19797/16" x 20Nut
Skylark, Somerset1980-199812mm x 1.5Nut
Special/Special Wagon1967-19777/16" x 20Nut
Terraza2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CADILLACVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (front wheel drive)1979-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Allante1979-199312mm x 1.5Nut
Brougham1987-19901/2" x 20Nut
Brougham1991-199512mm x 1.5Nut
Catera1997-200212mm x 1.5Bolt
Cimarron1981-198812mm x 1.5Nut
CTS, CTS-V2003-200712mm x 1.5Nut
CTS, CTS-V2008-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Deville (RWD)1962-19851/2" x 20Nut
Deville (FWD)1986-200512mm x 1.5Nut
DTS2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
El Dorado1953-19781/2" x 20Nut
El Dorado1979-200212mm x 1.5Nut
Escalade1999-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Fleetwood (RWD)1960-19861/2" x 20Nut
Fleetwood (FWD)1987-199612mm x 1.5Nut
Seville1975-19767/16" x 20Nut
Seville1977-19791/2" x 20Nut
Seville1980-On12mm x 1.5Nut
SRX, XLR, XLR-V2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
STS, STS-V2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Vehicle Production Year
Lug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
Aveo2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Bel Air, Biscayne1954-19707/16" x 20Nut
Bel Air, Biscayne1971-19761/2" x 20Nut
Beretta1988-199612mm x 1.5Nut
Camaro1967-19817/16" x 20Nut
Camaro1982-200212mm x 1.5Nut
Camaro2010-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Caprice1968-19761/2" x 20Nut
Caprice1977-19907/16" x 20Nut
Caprice (station wagon, V8)1977-19901/2" x 20Nut
Caprice and Wagon1991-199612mm x 1.5Nut
Cavalier, Celebrity, Corsica1982-200512mm x 1.5Nut
Chevelle1964-19767/16" x 20Nut
Chevette1976-198712mm x 1.5Nut
Citation1980-198512mm x 1.5Nut
Cobalt2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Corvette1953-19837/16" x 20Nut
Corvette1984-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Epica, Optra2004-200712mm x 1.5Nut
EquinoxEquinox 2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Geo Metro1990-199412mm x 1.25Nut
Geo Metro1995-200112mm x 1.25Nut
Geo Metro Convertible1990-199312mm x 1.25Nut
Geo Prizm, Storm1990-200212mm x 1.5Nut
Geo Tracker1989-200412mm x 1.25Nut
HHR2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Impala1958-19707/16" x 20Nut
Impala1971-19761/2" x 20Nut
Impala1977-19847/16" x 20Nut
Impala (station wagon, V8)1977-19841/2" x 20Nut
Impala1993-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Laguna, Monza, Vega1965-19817/16" x 20Nut
Lumina, Lumina APV1989-200112mm x 1.5Nut
Malibu1964-19817/16" x 20Nut
Malibu1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Metro1995-200112mm x 1.25Nut
Monte Carlo1970-19817/16" x 20Nut
Monte Carlo1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Nova, Chevy II1962-19797/16" x 20Nut
Nova1986-198912mm x 1.5Nut
Spectrum1985-198912mm x 1.5Nut
SSR2004-200612mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GMC (Trucks & SUVs)Vehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
Acadia2007-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Avalanche2002-On1/2" x 20Nut
Astro Van1985-200214mm x 1.5Nut
Astro Van2003-20057/16" x 20Nut
Blazer 4WD (6-lug)1971-19911/2" x 20Nut
Blazer 2WD (5-lug)1971-199114mm x 1.5Nut
Blazer1992-199412mm x 1.5Nut
S-10 Blazer1983-200512mm x 1.5Nut
S-101983-20047/16" x 20Nut
Caballero, El Camino1964-198112mm x 1.5Nut
Caballero, El Camino1982-198712mm x 1.5Nut
Canyon2004-On1/2" x 20Nut
C-101971-19881/2" x 20Nut
C-15001971-19871/2" x 20Nut
Chevy 3/4 Ton Van1960-198112mm x 1.5Nut
Colorado2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Envoy1999-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Express Van, Denali1996-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Equinox2005-On7/16" x 20Nut
Jimmy (5-lug)1969-19701/2" x 20Nut
Jimmy (5-lug)1971-19917/16" x 20Nut
Jimmy (6-lug)1971-199112mm x 1.5Nut
Luv1972-19841/2" x 20Nut
Pickup (5-lug)1971-19877/16" x 20Nut
Pickup (6-lug)1937-19871/2" x 20Nut
Pickup (8-lug)1965-198714mm x 1.5Nut
Pickups (ALL)1988-On12mm x 1.5Nut
S-15, Sonoma, Jimmy1983-On1/2" x 20Nut
Safari1985-200214mm x 1.5Nut
Safari2003-200514mm x 1.5Nut
Savana1992-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Silverado1996-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Sierra1999-On7/16" x 20Nut
Sprint1964-198112mm x 1.5Nut
SSR2004-20067/16" x 20Nut
Suburban (5-lug)1969-19701/2" x 20Nut
Suburban (5-lug)1971-19917/16" x 20Nut
Suburban (6-lug)1969-19919/16" x 18Nut
Suburban (8-lug)1969-199114mm x 1.5Nut
Suburban, Yukon1992-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Tahoe1995-On12mm x 1.25Nut
Tracker1989-200414mm x 1.5Nut
Traverse2009-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Trailblazer, Trailblazer XL2002-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Uplander2005-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Van/Express1996-On1/2" x 20Nut
Van (5-lug; except Express & Savana)1971-19967/16" x 20Nut
Van (6-lug; except Express & Savana)1971-19961/2" x 20Nut
Van (8-lug; except Express & Savana)1965-199612mm x 1.5Nut
Ventura Minivan1997-200514mm x 1.5Nut
Yukon, Yukon Denali2000-On14mm x 1.5Nut
CHRYSLERVehicle Production YearLug Nut Dimensions
300, 300C2005-On14mm x 1.5Nut
300M1999-200412mm x 1.5Nut
300M2005-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Aspen2007-On9/16" x 18Nut
Cirrus1995-200112mm x 1.5Nut
Concorde, LHS1993-200412mm x 1.5Nut
Cordoba, Mirada, Newport1971-On1/2" x 20Nut
Crossfire2004-On12mm x 1.5Bolt
E-Class1981-198812mm x 1.5Nut
Imperial1990-199512mm x 1.5Nut
Le Baron1982-199512mm x 1.5Nut
New Yorker (FWD)1983-199812mm x 1.5Nut
New Yorker Fifth Ave.1971-19921/2" x 20Nut
Pacifica2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
PT Cruiser2000-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Sebring1995-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Town & Country1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Windsor1960-19611/2" x 20Nut
DAEWOOVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bol
Lanos1999-200212mm x 1.5Bolt
Leganza, Nubira2000-200212mm x 1.5Nut
Charade1989-199212mm x 1.5Nut
Rocky1990-199212mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)Vehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
400, 600, 600ES, Aries1981-198412mm x 1.5Nut
Aspen, Demon1973-19801/2" x 20Nut
Avenger1995-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Caliber2007-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Caravan, Grand Caravan1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Challenger1971-19771/2" x 20Nut
Challenger1978-198312mm x 1.5Nut
Challenger2009-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Charger1966-19701/2" x 20Nut
Charger1971-19761/2" x 20Nut
Charger1978-198812mm x 1.5Nut
Charger2006-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Colt, Lancer1970-199312mm x 1.5Nut
Conquest1982-198812mm x 1.5Nut
Coronet1965-19771/2" x 20Nut
D501975-199412mm x 1.5Nut
Dart1960-19641/2" x 20Nut
Dart (w/o disc brakes)1971-19767/16" x 20Nut
Dart (w/ disc brakes)1971-19761/2" x 20Nut
Daytona, Monaco, Shelby1981-199412mm x 1.5Nut
Diplomat1977-19881/2" x 20Nut
Dynasty1988-199512mm x 1.5Nut
Intrepid1993-200412mm x 1.5Nut
Journey2009-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Magnum2005-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Mirada, St. Regis, Swinger1971-19831/2" x 20Nut
Neon, SRT-41994-200512mm x 1.5Nut
Nitro2007-On1/2" x 20Nut
Omni, O24, De Tomaso1978-199112mm x 1.5Nut
Shadow, Spirit1987-199512mm x 1.5Nut
Stealth1991-199612mm x 1.5Nut
Stratus1995-200612mm x 1.5Nut
Viper1992-On1/2" x 20Nut
DODGE (Trucks & SUVs)Vehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
B-100, W-100, W-1501970-On1/2" x 20Nut
Dakota1987-20041/2" x 20Nut
Dakota2005-On9/16" x 18Nut
Durango1998-20031/2" x 20Nut
Durango2004-On9/16" x 18Nut
Pickup1971-19931/2" x 20Nut
Pickup2002-On9/16" x 18Nut
Pickup 15001994-20011/2" x 20Nut
Pickup 15002002-On9/16" x 18Nut
Pickup 2500 & 35001994-On9/16" x 18Nut
Raider1987-198912mm x 1.5Nut
Ram Charger1971-19921/2" x 20Nut
Ram 50, Dodge 4WD Pickup1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
SRT-102004-On9/16" x 18Nut
Sprinter Wagon2004-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Van1971-20031/2" x 20Nut
Van 2500 & 35001994-20039/16" x 18Nut
EAGLEVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL1988-On12mm x 1.5Nut
FORD (Cars)Vehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
Aspire1995-199712mm x 1.5Bolt
Contour1995-200112mm x 1.5Nut
Courier1977-198312mm x 1.5Nut
Crown Victoria, LTD1960-On1/2" x 20Nut
CustomALL1/2" x 20Nut
Edge2007-On1/2" x 20Nut
Escort, EXP1981-19831/2" x 20Nut
Escort, EXP, Festiva, ZX21984-On12mm X 1.5Nut
Fairlane, Fairmont, Falcon, FuturaALL1/2" x 20Nut
Fiesta1977-On12mm X 1.5Nut
Five Hundred2005-On1/2" x 20Nut
Focus2000-On12mm X 1.5Nut
Fusion2006-On12mm X 1.5Nut
Galaxie, GranadaALL1/2" x 20Nut
MaverickALL1/2" x 20Nut
Mustang1965-On1/2" x 20Nut
PintoALL1/2" x 20Nut
Probe1988-200812mm x 1.5Nut
Tempo1984-199412mm x 1.5Nut
Taurus1986-200712mm x 1.5Nut
Taurus2008-On1/2" x 20Nut
Thunderbird1955-19881/2" x 20Nut
Thunderbird1989-On12mm X 1.5Nut
TorinoALL1/2" x 20Nut
FORD (Trucks & SUVs)Vehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
Aerostar1986-19971/2" x 20Nut
Bronco, Club Wagon, F-100ALL1/2" x 20Nut
Courier1977-198312mm x 1.5Nut
Escape2001-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Excursion2000-200214mm x 2Nut
Excursion2003-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Expedition1997-199912mm x 1.75Nut
Expedition2000-On14mm x 2Nut
Explorer1991-On1/2" x 20Nut
Flex2009-On1/2" x 20Nut
Freestar2004-On1/2" x 20Nut
Freestyle2005-On1/2" x 20Nut
F-1501960-19961/2" x 20Nut
F-1501997-199912mm x 1.75Nut
F-1502000-On14mm x 2Nut
F-2501981-19961/2" x 20Nut
F-2501997-199912mm x 1.75Nut
F-2502000-200214mm x 2Nut
F-2502003-On14mm x 1.5Nut
F-3501981-19969/16" x 18Nut
F-350, F-450, F-5501997-200214mm x 2Nut
F-350, F-450, F-5502003-On14mm x 1.5Nut
RancheroALL1/2" x 20Nut
Ranger1983-On1/2" x 20Nut
Van (E50, E100, E200)ALL1/2" x 20Nut
Van (E250, E350)ALL9/16" x 18Nut
Windstar1994-200312mm x 1.5Nut
HONDAVehicle Production YearLug Nut Dimensions
ALL1976-198012mm x 1.5Nut
ALL (except below)1980-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Odyssey, Ridgeline2005-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Pilot2009-On14mm x 1.5Nut
HYUNDAIVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL12mm x 1.5Nut
INFINITYVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL12mm x 1.25Nut
ISUZUVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL12mm x 1.5Nut
JAGUARVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)1976-On1/2" x 20Nut
S Type, X Type, XJ1999-On12mm x 1.5Nut
XF Type2008-On12mm x 1.5Nut
JEEPVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (5-lug)1/2" x 20Nut
ALL (6-lug)7/16" x 20Nut
ALL (8-lug)1/2" x 20Nut
Commander2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Compass, Patriot2007-On12mm x 1.5Nut
KIAVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)14mm x 1.5Nut
Rio2001-200212mm x 1.5Nut
LAND ROVERVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)14mm x 1.5Nut
Freelander2002-200512mm x 1.5Nut
LEXUSVehicle Production Year
Lug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)1990-On12mm x 1.5Nut
GX4702004-On14mm x 1.5Nut
LS460, LS460L2007-On14mm x 1.5Nut
LS600HL2008-On14mm x 1.5Nut
LX4701999-200314mm x 1.5Nut
LX5702008-On14mm x 1.5Nut
LINCOLNVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
Aviator, Town CarALL1/2" x 20Nut
Blackwood2002-200314mm x 2Nut
Continental1939-19871/2" x 20Nut
Continental1988-200212mm x 1.5Nut
LS2000-200612mm x 1.5Nut
Mark1967-19921/2" x 20Nut
Mark LT2006-On14mm x 2Nut
Mark VIII1993-199812mm x 1.5Nut
MKS2009-On1/2" x 20Nut
MKX2007-On1/2" x 20Nut
MKZ2007-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Navigator1997-199912mm x 1.75Nut
Navigator2000-On14mm x 2Nut
Zephyr2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
MAZDAVehicle Production Year
Lug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)ALL12mm x 1.5Nut
B2300, B2500, B3000, B40001993-On1/2" x 20Nut
Navajo1993-On1/2" x 20Nut
MERCEDESVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)ALL12mm x 1.5Bolt
500 SEL1992-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
C Class2008-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
CL Class2003-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
CLS Class2006-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
G Class2002-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
GL Class2007-On12mm x 1.5Bolt
GLK Class2010-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
E Class2002-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
M Class1998-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
R Class2006-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
S Class, SL Class2001-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
MERCURYVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
Bobcat1975-19811/2" x 20Nut
Capri1979-19901/2" x 20Nut
Capri1991-199412mm x 1.5Nut
Cornet1963-19801/2" x 20Nut
Cougar1967-19881/2" x 20Nut
Cougar1989-200212mm x 1.5Nut
Cyclone1963-19871/2" x 20Nut
Grand Marquis1979-On1/2" x 20Nut
LN7, Lynx1981-19831/2" x 20Nut
LN7, Lynx1983-198712mm x 1.5Nut
Marauder2003-20041/2" x 20Nut
Mariner2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Marquis1967-19901/2" x 20Nut
Milan2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Montego1968-On1/2" x 20Nut
Monterey2004-20061/2" x 20Nut
Mountaineer1977-On1/2" x 20Nut
MystiqueALL12mm x 1.5Nut
Sable1986-200512mm x 1.5Nut
Sable2008-On1/2" x 20Nut
TopazALL12mm x 1.5Nut
TracerALL12mm x 1.5Nut
Villager1993-200312mm x 1.25Nut
MERKURVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL12mm x 1.25Nut
Cooper, Cooper S2002-200612mm x 1.5Bolt
ALL2007-On14mm x 1.25Bolt
ALL1/2" x 20Nut
MITSUBISHIVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)12mm x 1.5Nut
Raider2006-On9/16" x 18Nut
ALL (except below)1972-On12mm x 1.25Nut
1600, 20001965-19717/16" x 20Nut
OLDSMOBILEVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)12mm x 1.5Nut
981960-19841/2" x 20Nut
BravadaBravada 2002-200414mm x 1.5Nut
Custom Cruiser1981-19901/2" x 20Nut
Custom Cruiser1991-199512mm x 1.5Nut
Cutlass, F851964-19817/16" x 20Nut
Cutlass1982-19991/2" x 20Nut
Delta 881977-19857/16" x 20Nut
Delta 88 (station wagon, V8)1977-19851/2" x 20Nut
Delta 881986-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Tornado1966-19781/2" x 20Nut
Tornado1979-199612mm x 1.5Nut
PEUGEOTVehicle Production YearLug Nut Dimensions
ALL12mm x 1.25Nut
PLYMOUTHVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)12mm x 1.5Nut
Barracuda (w/ disc brakes)1971-19761/2" x 20Nut
Barracuda (w/ disc brakes)1971-19767/16" x 20Nut
Belvedere1971-19761/2" x 20Nut
Duster1973-19801/2" x 20Nut
Duster, Dart1963-19747/16" x 20Nut
Fury, GTX, Road Runner, Satellite1971-19891/2" x 20Nut
Trailduster, Van1976-19881/2" x 20Nut
Valiant1971-19767/16" x 20Nut
Voyager1984-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Vogager 4x41974-19831/2" x 20Nut
PONTIACVehicle Production YearLug Nut Dimensions
ALL (except below)12mm x 1.5Nut
Bonneville, Catalina1960-19761/2" x 20Nut
Bonneville, Catalina1977-19817/16" x 20Nut
Bonneville (station wagon, V8)1977-19811/2" x 20Nut
Bonneville1982-200512mm x 1.5Nut
Firebird1967-19817/16" x 20Nut
Firebird1982-200212mm x 1.5Nut
G82008-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Grand Am, Grand Prix1969-19817/16" x 20Nut
Grand Am1985-200512mm x 1.5Nut
Grand Prix1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Lemans, Tempest1964-19817/16" x 20Nut
PORSCHEVehicle Production YearLug Nut Dimensions
ALL (except below)1965-199714mm x 1.5Nut
911, 914, 9241997-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Cayman, Cayman S1997-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Cayenne2003-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
RENAULTVehicle Production YearLug Nut Dimensions
Alliance, Encore, MedallionALL12mm x 1.5Nut
SAABVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsLug Nut Dimensions
9-2X2005-On12mm x 1.25Nut
9-7X2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
900, 900 Turbo1979-19871/2" x 20Nut
900, 900 Turbo1988-199314mm x 1.5Nut
900, 9-3, 9-51994-On12mm x 1.5Nut
90001986-On14mm x 1.5Nut
SATURNVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)1991-On12mm x 1.5Nut
LS1999-200412mm x 1.5Bolt
Outlook2007-On14mm x 1.5Nut
SCIONVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
SMARTVehicle Production YearLug Nut Dimensions
Fortwo2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
STERLINGVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL12mm x 1.5Nut
SUBARUVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL12mm x 1.25Nut
SUZUKIVehicle Production YearLug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)ALL12mm x 1.25Nut
Forenza, Verona2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Reno2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Swift1995-200112mm x 1.25Nut
Swift2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
TOYOTA Vehicle Production Year
Lug Nut DimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)12mm x 1.5Nut
Land Cruiser1998-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Sequoia2008-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Tundra2007-On14mm x 1.5Nut
VOLKSWAGEN Vehicle Production YearLug Nut Dimensions
ALL (except below)ALL12mm x 1.5Bolt
Beetle1968-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Eos2007-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Eurovan MV1993-199614mm x 1.5Bolt
Golf, GTI1999-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Jetta1981-199812mm x 1.5Bolt
Jetta VR61993-200514mm x 1.5Bolt
Jetta1999-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Passat1990-199712mm x 1.5Bolt
Passat VR61992-199714mm x 1.5Bolt
Passat1998-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Phaeton2004-200514mm x 1.5Bolt
Rabbit2007-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Routan2009-On12mm x 1.5Bolt
Sedan (4-lug)1968-197912mm x 1.5Nut
Tiguan2009-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Touareg2003-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Transporter Van1968-197914mm x 1.5Bolt
VOLVOVehicle Production YearLug Nut Dimensions
DL-2401976-19861/2" x 20Nut
DL-2401987-On12mm x 1.5Nut
740, 760, 780, 940ALL12mm x 1.5Nut
850, 880, 960ALL12mm x 1.75Nut
SC70ALL14mm x 1.5Bolt
C302007-On12mm x 1.5Nut
C701993-200412mm x 1.75Bolt
C70200514mm x 1.5Bolt
C702006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
S40, V40, V502000-On12mm x 1.5Nut
S601993-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
S70ALL12mm x 1.75Nut
S802000-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
S90, V901984-200312mm x 1.5Nut
V701993-199912mm x 1.75Bolt
V702000-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
V70 Cross CountryALL12mm x 1.75Nut
XC60, XC70, XC902000-On14mm x 1.5Bolt

Common Sizes Lug Nut Socket

What Socket Removes Lug Nuts?

The most common sizes that fit most lug nuts are included. In addition, 13/16, 7/8, 3/4, 15/16 inch, and 17 and 19 mm drive sockets are included in the set.

Second, how big are Toyota lug nuts compared to American cars? M12 x 1.5 thread size 3/4″ hex “. 1.45 in.
17mm, 19mm, and 21mm are the most common hex sizes or wheel nut/wheel bolt head sizes.

To get the nut on the lug started, you’ll need to use a shallow nut in the socket with a short extension and start the nut with your fingers.

To address the question, if you’re putting together a kit to keep in the car, use a 21 mm short socket that matches your wheel nuts.

In some instances, if there is a spare or tire rack on your vehicle, you can use a set of wheel nuts here to hold this on, so you always have a spare should you lose a nut.

All you need is to keep a socket and breaker bar in your vehicle to replace wheel nuts or a lost lug nut. (Read Briggs And Stratton Oil Capacity Chart)

Are Lug Nuts All The Same Size?

No, is the short answer. A typical blunder made by car owners is to presume that all lug nuts are the same.

Like any other type of fastener, lug nuts or lug bolts vary in size by the car manufacturer. As a result, even some models of vehicles will have larger thread sizes than other types of vehicles.

For example, a Grand Caravan may take a different size than a town car.

However, you can find the means of fastening your wheel to your vehicle is the same regardless of socket size.

Fittings differ for an impact driver, yet even if you don’t use an impact wrench, you’ll find a breaker bar, lug nut socket wrench up to a torque wrench that can fit the various sizes when you come to remove lug nuts.

The most significant difference aside from the socket head is the thread size and pitch.

The number of threads per inch (in SAE) or the spacing between the threads in millimeters is referred to as thread pitch (metric). For example, a lug nut with 12mm x 1.25 threads will have tighter threads than one with 12mm x 1.75 threads.

Lug nuts and bolts are small, yet they do some important jobs. For example, they hold your wheels on to make sure tires are secured, so your wheels have proper alignment.

Besides the common lug nut sizes, knowing the lug nuts, you can come across is handy.

You can’t grab one from the Toyota Motor Corporation and think it will fit your Chevy or even a BMW, even if the sizing matches.

You may not find all these on your vehicles, yet it is still good to understand the ones you’ll use and ones you won’t.

Conical Seat

Conical lug nuts are the most frequent type of lug nut. The seat tapers inward at a 60-degree angle (typically).

These lug nuts have a cone form to fit a cone-shaped hole. They are often simple to work with and center.

You can find these in the vehicle section of your hardware store, yet you can still spend ages checking the package to see what car manufacturers they cover.

Ball Seat

A ball lug nut’s seat is rounded or spherical rather than cone-shaped. Ball seat lug nuts are featured on some Honda, Audi, and Volkswagen automobiles, albeit they aren’t as popular as conical lugs.

If they are installed, it may be difficult to tell which is because the heads look almost identical to conical lug nuts.

Flat Seat

The seat is flat and resembles a washer, as the name suggests. Flat-seated lug nuts are perhaps the most annoying and challenging to work with of all the many types of lug nuts.

The problem is that because they have a short barrel that goes into the lughole, centering them can be difficult.

The stem can catch if it isn’t exactly centered, making it appear as though the lug nut is tightened when it isn’t.

Because flat surfaces have a larger surface area than other surfaces, they are more likely to get caught and are more challenging to release.

Extended Thread

An extended thread (ET) lug nut is similar to a regular conical lug nut, except it has a longer thread. When utilizing conventional lug nuts, the wheel studs’ length and the wheels’ mounting surface do not allow enough thread engagement.

The more considerable thread length allows for improved engagement and a more secure attachment of the wheels.

Mag Seat

Another enlarged thread lug with a washer seat. It’s utilized in similar situations where a longer thread is required, but instead of a conical, tapered bottom, a flat seat is employed (sometimes with a washer, sometimes without).

Because they were once composed of magnesium, they’re known as mag seat lug nuts.

Tuner Style

Many aftermarket wheels, especially for Hondas, Acuras, and other Asian tuner cars, have smaller lug nut’s size. Standard acorn lugs won’t fit; therefore, tuner lug nuts are required.

A unique tuning lug wrench or key that fits precisely over the lug is required to tighten or loosen these conical seat wheel nuts. The tuning key is topped with a standard socket like a lug nut.

An extra key is included with purchasing a set of tuner lug nuts; however, it can also be purchased independently if lost.

Stump and thread corrosion is caused by tuner lug nuts being open in the center to accept the tuning key. As a result, tuner lug nuts are no longer widely used, and the spline drive design is far superior. (Read Socket Size Chart Metric And Standard)

Spline Drive

This small-diameter lug features a conical seat and utilizes a unique key, like tuner lug nuts. However, instead of a central aperture, spline drive lug nuts have narrow slots on the top and sides to accommodate the low profile key. As a result, they don’t have the same rusting issue.

Because spline drive lug nuts have a common pattern, don’t presume you can use them to dissuade thieves. Anyone can readily get replacement keys from a local car parts store or online.

Lug Bolt

These are lug nuts with a stud/bolt attached. They are threaded directly into the disc brakes braking rotor hat.

Whatever the cause, you can’t hang the wheel on the studs to insert lug nuts. Instead, align the rotor plate holes with the hub holes, then lift the wheel assembly and secure it while installing the initial lug nuts.

Lug Nut Socket Size Chart

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