How to Have the Greenest Lawn on the Block

If you’ve been losing sleep over how to make your lawn green, never fear – there are some simple things you can do. lawn make greenerYou don’t need to be out there slaving away with a pair of scissors individually trimming each blade of grass.

And you don’t need to be secretly spraying your lawn with green spray paint in the dead of night to fool the neighbors.

It’s all about doing the right thing at the right time and keeping on top of what needs doing. It’s all well and good fertilizing and mowing your lawn (and these things need doing). But, if you aren’t doing it at the optimal time, you will end up doing more work than you need to.

Keep Fertilizing

If you plan and sort out a fertilizing schedule, you will be well on your way to a lush green lawn. Start fertilizing your lawn as soon as possible in the spring, and keep on top of it throughout the summer months and into the autumn. Mark on the calendar when you should be fertilizing your lawn (this should be around very six weeks).

Keep Watering

lawn wateringDon’t forget to keep your grass well-watered. We all remember we need to water plants, but often the grass gets overlooked.

Keeping it watered will help keep it nice and green and luscious looking. Be careful not to over-water the grass though, make sure you allow the grass time to dry before watering it again. Waterlogging the lawn that can be just as damaging as not watering it enough, so water little and often.

Control Moss and Weeds

If your lawn is free from moss and weeds, it is going to be in better condition. Moss and weeds take valuable nutrients away from your grass as they grow and they stop your grass from looking lush.

Make sure you use a good weed-killer to combat pesky weeds (a couple of times a year will be enough). The best time to get rid weeds is in the spring once they have germinated.

Moss likes a shady lawn, so if you can increase the amount of light getting to your lawn, this is a good option. If you can cut back some trees and shrubs to let more sunlight onto your grass, you should notice a difference of moss.

Keep it aerated

lawn aeratorNot allowing enough air to get to your lawn can mean the soil is compacted and cannot let water in or out. This can result in poor growth rate and an unhealthy looking lawn.

To fight against this problem, you can aerate the lawn by using a lawn spiker or you can use a fork if it is a small area. This allows air in, and you can then water the lawn and get better results. Also, moss loves moisture and moisture are always present where soil lacks aeration.

If you are going to struggle to keep on top of this yourself, a service provider such as Spring Green lawn care will be able to help you out. So, no more nightmares over how to have a lush green lawn!

How to Have the Greenest Lawn on the Block

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