McLane 20-5.5 Review

This McLane Lawn Mower comes powered with a 5.5GT Briggs and Stratton engine, and is self propelled, and comes in the category of reel mowers. Reel mowers are ideal for mulching, and the fine cuts give a very clean look to the grass.

It weighs 130 pounds, and is in the pricey range of lawn mowers, costing around $700, however, has free shipping from Amazon.

It also comes with a grass catcher. The height adjustments on factory settings are 1.25 inches or less, but you can adjust it for greater heights.

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Why choose the McLane 20-5.5 Gas Powered Lawnmower


  • The cuts are excellent, and they don’t generate dust or rip open the grass like rotary lawn mowers. The adjustments are easy to use. It is very ideal for people who are quite picky about their lawn.
  • It deals with thick areas very smoothly and is very durable and long lasting, so it is a good investment for all the money put into it.
  • The fine clippings generate no dust, and the high speed means you get it done quicker than expected. If your height adjustment is anywhere from 1.25 to 0.5 inches, it is very easy to adjust using a lever.
  • It is a robust machine, made to last a long time. Even roots and gravel won’t stop it from performing, unlike some of the more fragile mowers. This is one of the top lawn mowers from McLane.


  • Due to the high speed, it becomes a little difficult to control the mower at times. Turning it is also a bit difficult to manage.
  • If you want a height greater than 1.25 inches, you will need to reconfigure the wheel assembly, which can be a hassle.
  • If you want to cut as high as 2 inches, then you will need to have an additional link to the drive chain, for which you will need to hire a professional. Readjusting it back will also be a problem.
  • You will not be able to cut too close to the edge of the driveway or the curb. The customer service also seems to be a bit questionable.
  • There is no guard around the chain so the grass does get into it. There has also been some trouble with the operation as it keeps throwing the belt.
  • It is heavy and thus may be harder to handle, and there have also been reports that it stops suddenly.
  • Because it has two wheels instead of a roller down the front, there is a greater risk of scalping.


This is very ideal for rough terrains, and difficult for tall types of grass which get harder to manage. It is ideal if you want perfectionism like that of a commercial grade lawn, or a very low cut, because of the cutting precision.

Also if you are not too choosy about the heights then you should go for it, because the adjustments do get tricky. It is very good for big lawns, with different types of grasses and for uneven terrains.

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