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Michelin Wiper Blade Size Chart

Choosing the right Michelin Guardian wiper blade size is vital for optimal performance when replacing your windshield wipers. Michelin is known for manufacturing high-quality and innovative automotive products, and their high-tech design hybrid wiper blades are no exception. By combining the flexibility and aerodynamic qualities of flat-style wiper blades with the strength of the conventional wiper blade, they produce a windscreen wiper with unique wiping capabilities.
Michelin’s stealth hinge eliminates chatter for quiet operation, while graphite-treated rubber beads water and prevents streaking, even in heavy storms. With freeze resistance down to -40°F, Michelin wiper blades maintain flexibility and avoid cracking in extreme cold. Michelin blades are designed to perfectly fit the curve of your windshield for maximum contact and visibility.

Their EZ-Lok connector system allows for quick and easy replacement. Michelin provides an online fit guide to find the correct blade lengths and fit types based on your vehicle make, model, and year. From J Hooks to Bayonet mounts, Michelin manufactures blades in sizes and styles to fit most domestic and imported cars, trucks, and SUVs. Their packaging contains size charts and diagrams for easy cross-referencing.

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In our guide, you can learn more about Michelin wiper blades and see how they are competitively priced and available at major retailers online and in-store. By the end, you’ll better understand how Michelin wipers help you see clearly and drive safely in many road conditions. (Read List Of All Craftsman Sockets)

What Makes Michelin Wiper Blades Unique?

Michelin wiper blades stand out for their unique design that combines the qualities of conventional and flat blades. Most Michelin wipers use a “hybrid” style with:

  • The strength of a conventional wiper – Michelin blades have a uniform force distribution along the length of the blade for consistent, streak-free wiping.
  • The flexibility of a flat blade – Michelin wipers conforms to the contours of your windshield for maximum surface contact and visibility.
  • Aerodynamic covers – Sleek covers reduce drag, noise and improve blade performance in all weather conditions.
  • Advanced rubber compounds – Michelin blades feature high-tech rubber compounds that resist cracking in temperature extremes.
  • EZ-Lok connector system – Michelin’s patented connector allows quick and easy replacement.

With these innovative features, Michelin wiper blades provide exceptional wipe quality and long-lasting performance you can rely on.


Do I Need a Specific Michelin Wiper for My Vehicle?

Michelin manufactures various-sized wiper blades to fit most domestic and imported cars, light trucks, and SUVs. Most blades come in standard lengths like 16″, 18″, 20″, 21″, 22″, 24″, 26″ etc.

Within those lengths, Michelin offers specific “fit types” designed to fit the curve of your windshield perfectly.

Common fit types are:

  • J Hook – Hook adapters fit most American and Asian vehicles.
  • Bayonet – Bayonet mounts are standard on many European cars.
  • I & L Hook – Ideal for GM and import vehicles requiring I & L hook arms.
  • P Series – Designed for passenger cars with curved windshields.

Michelin blades are available in standard lengths. But like anything on your car, it’s a good idea to consult your owner’s handbook. You can even use the Michelin online fit size guide to determine the right fit type and precise size for your make and model. (Read Tapcon Drill Bit Size)

Where to Find Michelin Wiper Size Charts

To find the exact Michelin wipers your car needs, consult one of these Michelin wiper blade size charts:

Michelin Online Windshield Wiper Blade Fit Guide

Michelin provides an online fit guide where you can enter your vehicle’s year, make, and model. It will display the correct Michelin wiper blades for your front and rear windshields. This is the easiest way to find your car’s correct Michelin blade sizes and fit types. Just visit the Michelin website, and you can enter your vehicle info to get matched with the ideal blades.

Michelin Wiper Blade Packaging & Documentation

When you purchase Michelin wipers in-store, the packaging and enclosed instructions provide size charts and diagrams showing comparable blade lengths across brands. This allows you to cross-reference your old wipers and identify the proper Michelin replacements.

For example, if your old blades were 24″ Bosch, the Michelin packaging will indicate the compatible 24″ Michelin blades. The instructions also explain the proper installation steps.

Michelin Printed Wiper Blade Catalog

Some Michelin retailers have printed catalogs that list vehicle makes and models with the recommended Michelin wiper part numbers. If available, these catalogs make it easy to look up your car and find the Michelin wiper blade sizes explicitly made for your windshield.

Your Vehicle Owner’s Manual

As always, your owner’s manual contains information on replacing wipers and may provide OEM blade sizes. You can then reference Michelin size charts to find the Michelin blades that match your factory specs.

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Michelin Wiper Features for All Conditions

Beyond just blade length, Michelin windshield wipers contain innovative features that let you see clearly in rain, ice, snow, and every condition. Here are some key benefits:

  • Water-repellent rubber – Michelin’s graphite-treated rubber beads water for a clear view, even in heavy rain.
  • Ozone resistance – Michelin wipers maintain flexibility and prevent cracking after long-term sun exposure.
  • Freeze resistance – Michelin’s rubber compound stays flexible even in extreme cold.
  • Stealth hinge – The silent hinge eliminates chatter for quiet operation.
  • Wind spoilers – Aerodynamic covers provide downforce at highway speeds.
  • Dust guards – End caps block out debris to maintain blade cleanliness.

Michelin wipers deliver a lasting quality you can rely on through all seasons and weather. (Read Danco O-ring Size Chart)

Here is a table with the most common wiper blade sizes, corresponding Michelin wiper models, and vehicle types:

Wiper Blade Size Michelin Wiper Model Vehicle Types
12″ MICHELIN 12″ Endurance Small compact cars
16″ MICHELIN 16″ Stealth Hybrid Compact cars and mid-size sedans
18″ MICHELIN 18″ Endurance Mid-size sedans and small SUVs
20″ MICHELIN 20″ Latitude Full-size sedans and mid-size SUVs
21″ MICHELIN 21″ CrossClimate Large sedans and mid-size trucks
22″ MICHELIN 22″ CrossClimate+ Large SUVs and small trucks
24″ MICHELIN 24″ Endurance Large trucks, vans, and SUVs
26″ MICHELIN 26″ Stealth Ultra Oversized vehicles and trucks
28″ MICHELIN 28″ Hybrid Extended length for large vehicles

This table shows Michelin’s wiper blade offerings across the most common sizes from 12″-28″. Each size matches Michelin’s wiper model designed for that length and the vehicle types it fits. Always consult your owner’s manual or Michelin’s fit guide for your exact vehicle specification.


When you need new windshield wipers, trust Michelin for quality blades that perform in all weather.  Michelin’s innovative hybrid frame combines the strength of conventional wipers with the flexibility of flat blades for optimal wiping. Their rubber compounds resist cracking and provide freeze protection down to -40°F. 

Michelin’s aerodynamic covers reduce drag for smooth, chatter-free wiping at any speed. Use the online fit guide to find the exact Michelins your vehicle needs. Michelin blades fit the contours of your windshield for maximum contact and clarity.

With advanced features like water-repellent rubber, dust guards, and quiet operation, Michelin wiper blades let you drive safely in rain, snow, ice, and anything nature brings. 

FAQs: Do I Need A Wiper Blades Size Chart?

Here are answers to some common questions about Michelin replacement windshield wiper sizes and selection:

Where can I buy Michelin wiper blades?

Michelin blades are available at major auto parts stores, like AutoZone, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Pep Boys, and Advance Auto Parts. Large retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Costco also carry Michelin wipers.

How often should I replace Michelin blades?

Michelin recommends replacing blades every 6-12 months for optimal performance. Signs your Michelin wipers need replacement include streaking, chatter, squeaking, and debris buildup in the rubber. (Read Fluorescent Light Bulb Sizes Chart)

How can I find the right length Michelin wiper blades online?

Use the Michelin wiper blade fit guide at by entering your exact vehicle make, model, and year. This will match your car with Michelin blades in the correct sizes.

What is the cost of Michelin wiper blades?

Michelin blades cost $10-$25 per blade on average. The price varies based on length, fit type, and exact wiper model. Michelin blades are competitively priced with other premium wiper brands.

How do I install new Michelin windshield wiper blades?

A: Michelin wipers come with instructions showing how to remove old blades and install new Michelin blades properly. They utilize an easy EZ-Lok connector system for quick replacement.

Can I buy just one new Michelin wiper blade?

Michelin recommends constantly replacing blades in pairs for optimal visibility. Replacing just one blade can cause streaking from mismatched blades.

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