How to mow your lawns the right way!

To make a “green carpet” in front of your house that will be your pride and joy, it is necessary to regularly take care of it. That involves watering it the right way, fertilizing it, and mowing it. Mowing of grass, except for aesthetic reasons, is also important because of vegetative reasons that affects the density of the grass, stimulates the growth and root development.

Make sure you mow your lawn when its dry, and the grass height will depend on its purpose. For ornamental lawns, the planned height is between 1.5 and 2.5 centimeters, and those that are often stepped on, should be cut to a height of 2.5 to 4 centimeters.

Ornamental Lawns

It is necessary to check the sharpness of the mower blades, as dull blades tear the leaves, leading to damaged turf, and then the grass leaves dehydrate and become more susceptible to diseases. After the first mowing, the entire area should be mowed in a diametrically opposite direction (If the first mowing was done by the width the second time it should be done by the length). And remember, always walk behind the mowers, for your own safety.

Proper mowing stimulates the growth of new shoots that make the cover uniformly spread and provide thicker and stronger roots, which prevents weed growth. The frequency of mowing depends on the height of the cut: the lower, the more frequent mowing. It also depends on the type of pitch or a mixture of seed that is sown.

When a mixture of traditional mowing is done every 10 to 15 days, and during greater vigor (late Spring and early Summer) and more often, once a week. New seed mixtures are composed of slow-growing grass, which reduces the need for mowing.

Let them grow for a third more than the height to which you mow it. This way the grass will be greener and healthier. If you let the grass grow too much, you’ll have to cut the grass deep in the crown, which weakens the grass and allows weed seeds to germinate.

When mowing the new lawn you should allow the grass to grow to 7.5 inches and then mowed to a height of two, best by hand, with a sharp scythe or sickle. The, next time, mow the lawn. Cut grass can be left on the lawn, because these residues serve as an excellent natural organic fertilizer.

Save water

When you mow the lawn properly, it will not only look nicer and neater, but it will as well as save water. The height of grass affects the root system. If the grass is harvested at the correct height, the root system will grow in-depth and allow her to be healthy.

Cutting down the grass too low leads the root system to a state of shock, and makes them vulnerable to infection and disease. Deeply planted grasses use water more efficiently than the one that is planted low and therefore can withstand longer without water between two mowings.

The technique of cutting

Indeed, there is an excellent technique of cutting – it is better to slightly cut more frequently than all at once. Chawalk behind mowersnge mowing direction each time you mow and once again, always walk behind mowers, for your own safety. Otherwise, you will smash the grass leaf always in one direction, and this will lead to faster drying of the grass. If you usually mow grass to the right, change direction and mow the left.

Occasionally, you should mow diagonally, changing sides. If you want to make a tape, such as those in stadiums, for example, you need a mower on the rear side of a roller. Stones can line up the grass in one direction, with the prominent bright, shiny, underside of the grass. With this technique, you can create strips, squares, or circles on your lawn.


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