Neighbors Park In Front Of My House – What To Do?

Does your neighbor regularly block your house with parking? While there are many things you wish you could do, such as call the local tow company, you are limited to actions you can take because of local laws. On your driveway is one thing, as this is your property, yet on public streets, you can’t legally keep neighbors from parking at the end of your yard if they live next door, a few doors away, or live adjacent to you.

However, if a vehicle is parked for more than 72 hours, and the vehicle belongs to someone else who doesn’t live in the vicinity, then you can inform the authorities, who can issue a ticket and get it towed.

However, as there is more to know, you can use this guide like friendly expert advice with some practical tips of how to keep neighbors from parking in front of your house. By the end, you’ll better understand what you can and can’t do and why you can’t take matters into your own hands and have a vehicle towed away from in front of your own house. (Read Suspicious Car Parked In Front Of My House)

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Can I Street Park In Front Of Someone’s House?

You can find the same answer if you park in front of someone else’s house as if they parked in front of yours. It might be very inconvenient when street parking to find people parking outside your property when you get home from work or when you wake up in the morning.

However, although you find their cars exceedingly annoying, take care to avoid acting regrettably. Don’t be tempted to start a fight at your neighbors’ house. Likewise, never be tempted to throw a trash can at their car in anger. You’ll be the one who gets into trouble if you do.

Remember, on public streets, your neighbors may park there. It’s in front of your house, but is it on your land? If they parked on a legal street rather than on your own driveway, you might not stand a chance if it went to court.

So, what to do if your neighbor parking keeps happening. Ask them why they continue to act in that way. Also, please be open to hearing the justifications of your neighbors; if you can offer or propose a place for them to park their cars, do so.

If things don’t go according to plan, inform the police about your neighbor’s rude behavior. You can complain about how your family’s daily life is made miserable by their parking in front of your house.

How Do You Ask Someone Not To Park In Front Of Your House?

Here are some techniques to deal with annoying neighbors when they car park in front of my house.

Talk To Your Neighbor

If you need to know what to do when you have the question, what to do when neighbor parks in front of my house?

First, talk to your neighbor. But first, calm yourself down and put on a smiling face before you leave your house on such a quest.

There is no need to be angry as you won’t be fighting a battle. However, you won’t accomplish your purpose and will enrage your neighbor.

Calmly converse with your neighbor. Describe how their parking in front of your house makes you and your family’s life awkward.

Ensure you have logical arguments, as aggravating your neighbor and starting a heated argument can be easy.

One tip is to offer them a parking space if you have the area to do so. Should they have an area to use, it could be one way to stop people parking in front of your house.

Be Creative

Assume that you have politely asked to keep neighbors from parking in front of your house. However, they keep doing the same thing.

So, it could be time to get creative.

Using artistic abilities is required. Mark a spot outside your house where you believe your neighbors shouldn’t be parking their cars with water-based spray paint.

However, it is best to do this if the parked cars obstruct your view or driveway.

Consider designating the street area that leads to your driveway with your spray paint. Also, ensure the markers are wide enough to prevent problems or damage to other people’s cars as you reverse.

It would be ideal if the city’s parking department did this yet designate an area and explain your motivations before you start.

If you have strong enough justifications, the authorities may even come to your aid and paint the area to make it professional looking. (Read Neighbors Privacy Screen Ideas)

erect a fence

Erect a fence

Please consider building a barrier if you want people to cease parking too close to your house.

Be aware that you cannot erect a fence in a public space. Only if you own private property are you allowed to do so. In addition, the fence height should also comply with the municipal fencing regulations.

Leave A Not On Their Windshield

Please be so kind as to remind your neighbor if you and they previously agreed that they wouldn’t park in front of your house. Then, intentionally not on purpose, they parked there. Give them the benefit of the doubt, please.

How can you remind such a neighbor in the best way? Place a friendly note on their windshield after writing it.

Continue leaving friendly messages if your neighbors keep leaving their cars inadvertently in front of your home. But if you find out they’re doing it on purpose, try other methods, especially if the vehicles are an eyesore as they are in poor condition.

security cameras

Install Security Cameras

Another simple way to help discourage people from parking cars in front of your house.

Place security cameras in a common parking spot that blocks your driveway.

Surveillance cameras have two uses. First, it ensures no one parks their car in front of your house and blocks the driveway; they can also help avoid theft.

Another option is placing a sign reading “24/7 surveillance here.” However, a legal claim could be hard to enforce, even with cameras, unless there was property damage.

Can I Put a “No Parking” Sign Outside House?

You want to conserve front-house space. A no-parking sign would be a better way.

Most people pick a DIY no-parking sign, but others prefer a more professional-looking sign. Unfortunately, you can’t place a no-parking sign outside your house, whether professional-looking or DIY.

You can only place a sign on private property, not the street. The street is public, and putting up a no parking sign is illegal and might get you in trouble.

The neighbors parking in front of your house knows your sign isn’t legal and could carry on to get on your nerves.

Who can lawfully place a no-parking sign outside your house? The county sheriff or the township highway commissioner are the only ones allowed to do this. 

If you want a no-parking sign, contact the local government authorities. If you have a reasonable justification, the authorities may grant your request. (Read What Can I Do If My Neighbor’s Dog Keeps Coming In My Yard)

Apply Residents-Only Parking

In rare cases, your neighbor’s pals can be parking in front of your house instead of just your neighbor.

It will be bothersome if this occurs more frequently, especially if your neighbor enjoys hosting guests.

You can apply for resident-only parking in this situation. You might also team up with neighbors who share your grievances and take the issue up at city hall.

As for resident-only parking, check with your local council as different states may have different regulations about a car parked where and if you can stop parking from visitors.

If the space is outside your front door, you may have some argument, yet if you want to see the view, then chances are, you would lose any argument.

Tips To Keep Neighbors From Parking in Front Of Your House

Here are a few tips for avoiding conflict and keeping neighbors from parking in front of your house:

Maintain A Friendly Manner.

Try beginning with the straightforward tactic of parking there. Then, if the problem persists, ask your neighbor directly to park somewhere else in writing or verbally.

Place cones to prevent people from parking there if they specifically park in front of your driveway.

Find Out Reasons Why.

They probably have a reason for doing so, just as you have if you don’t want your neighbor to park in front of your house.

Try the reason your neighbor keeps simply parking in front of your house.

Do they need to be there? The first step in preventing unneeded confrontation that might be resolved with a bit of forwarding understanding and clarity is understanding why your neighbor is parking there.

Use Cameras

If brazen neighbors know they are being “watched,” it could be one way to keep neighbors from parking in front of your home. However, if they are reckless enough, cameras may not keep neighbors from parking in front of your home, as they know they have free security to watch over their vehicle.

If all else fails, and the neighbor insists on parking in front of your house, and the parking hinders entrance to your property, call the city or, as a last resort, submit a nuisance complaint or police report.

Remember that reporting should be saved when parking is restricted in a particular region or possibly even illegal—for example, contacting the parking if a bothersome neighbor parks in front of your house without a good reason to object is unnecessary.

If the car seems to be abandoned, call the police. That is a legitimate complaint, and it may be worthwhile to raise it.

Never take to solve a problem on your own. That might be risky, and it’s not worth it.

It is recommended to contact the police if you require help because of a difficult neighbor or one who is obstructing your garage, driveway, mailbox, or another portion of your home that requires an entry. (Learn How To Stop Neighbors Dog From Peeing In My Yard)

Can I Keep Inconsiderate Neighbors Parking in Front of My House?

Parking in front of your home is not against the law, but it is rude. Other crucial parking regulations to remember are:

  • For 72 hours, a neighbor’s car can be parked on a public street; after that, it can be towed.
  • Report to the police if your neighbor parked a car in front of your house a few days ago and hasn’t moved it yet. A neighbor might have stolen that car.

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