5 Outdoor Living Space Ideas on a Budget

The outdoor living season is almost here, and it’s time to think about your home’s outdoor living spaces and how you can get the most from them. Outdoor spaces are a popular trend and one way to expand your home.

To help get you started, we’ve put together a collection of intriguing ideas for outdoor rooms such as porches, decks, and patios surrounded by gorgeous landscaping and trendy outdoor furnishings. We have some wonderful ideas for you if you are just searching for innovative ideas, adding to current outside spaces, or needing a total revamp.

So, how do you go about building beautiful outdoor dining and kitchen areas, comfortable furnishings arranged around fire pits and warm fires, ambient lighting, and incredible flooring ideas? (Read Outdoor Light That Does Not Attract Bugs)

Outdoor Living Space Ideas

To design your outdoor living space, you need to take a good look at your garden. Because of its location, orientation, and view, you’ll be able to make the most of your outdoor space by adding a contemporary patio or San Francisco features, making it stand out.

Understand where the sun and light fall in the garden during the day. Then consider how you intend to use your outdoor space. Are you entertaining with a dining area in the shade, sunbathing, relaxing with outdoor fireplaces, or an outdoor home theater facing a shaded wall?

To create the ideal outdoor living space, the barriers between inside and outdoor must be blurred. If you enjoy a particular interior trend or style, it should extend into your garden, making it a true extension of the inside.

How To Design Outdoor Living Spaces On A Budget?

An outdoor room is a great place to unwind since it brings you closer to nature, with bushes, trees, fragrant flowers, water features, and outdoor accessories.

However, you should know that cheap backyard ideas for small yards comprise much more than just tossing a sofa and an outdoor table in the yard to call it your new outdoor room.

Consider the following points for outdoor design. Your patio ideas on a budget also take some thought:


Is your space near your house, where you can access the kitchen or the bathroom through new French doors?


Is the outdoor room large enough where it will occupy most of your yard? Will there be room for various activities for family members, such as a play area for children, a barbecue, or an outdoor kitchen, and will you have an herb garden growing close by?


While a rectangular design makes sense, consider the outdoor design topography of your yard. If you have one that’s long and narrow, you could add comfortable seating in a diagonal configuration, or a square room with built-in seating could help break up your outdoor rooms and the remainder of your garden.

Materials and Look:

If your house is modern, your new outdoor space should use the same or similar materials and architectural aspects. Stick to similar colors and materials as the indoors, offering a more relaxed vibe. If your house is ultra-modern, then a rose garden would appear too much of a contrast.


A well-designed outdoor room with carefully selected furnishings such as a welcoming fire pit and well-placed coffee table with seats can be as good as any outdoor space that was made with an endless budget.

Classic Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Outdoor Living Space Ideas

There are numerous ways to enhance your backyard, regardless of its size. Before choosing a theme, get some inspiration from our outdoor room ideas.

1. Classic Outdoor Living Room

What’s better than spending time outdoors with friends and family? Creating a inviting backyard living space, of course! Whether you add a porch swing, hammock, fire pit, or outdoor game, you’re sure to make cherished memories.

An outdoor living room takes comfortable sofas and chairs, outdoor battery-operated lights, and trendy houseplants to create a place to set all your drinks and enjoy family and friends.

2. Paradise by the Pool

If you live in an area that gets hot or have kids who love to swim, include a pool in your outdoor living space. You could add a pool and your water feature quickly becomes the focal point in your entertainment space. Swimming pool ideas can include infinity pools in a roof top garden, waterfall pools, or a built-in hot tub.

A relaxing water feature may transform any budget-friendly outdoor area. Create a focal point with an outdoor fountain or sculpture.

3. Front Yard Entertainment

Your living space outdoors doesn’t have to be behind your house. You can design it however you want – even in a small backyard!

Extending living space to the front lawn so that you can socialize while gardening. Expand your porch and add seating to create that go-to outdoor social area. Add in some battery-operated string lights, and it doesn’t matter if you are in San Francisco, or Orange County, you’ll have the best outdoor living space on offer.

4. Outdoor TV Station

Looking to turn your deck or patio into a makeshift sports bar? An outdoor TV can help make things feel different. You can host outdoor games like horseshoes, corn hole, or frisbee, during commercials or halftime.

5. Become A Master At The Grill

A backyard living area is ideal for a cookout. Want to be the neighborhood bratwurst and burger joint? You can cook and store meals without leaving your guests with an outdoor kitchen in your backyard.

Add in some ice-cold drinks, and there’s little need to keep heading into the kitchen and leave your outdoor living space when you are socializing.

How to Arrange Your Outdoor Space

Regardless of your budget or outdoor space, adding an outdoor living room will add value to your house while providing a practical and appealing hosting location for the whole family. Your outdoor space can be small, cozy, or vast and inviting.

Here are the top design strategies to maximize your outdoor living space!

Classic Outdoor Living Space Ideas

1. Build Your Patio

Create a permanent outdoor living space with a patio. A backyard patio can be linked or separate from your home, and it might feature patterned stone floors, a fireplace, or privacy pergolas.

2. Use Deck Space

Large grassy lawns aren’t required for backyard retreats. Instead, bring color and comfort to your deck’s covered outdoor living area.

Set up a patio table and outdoor furniture, or toss some throw blankets, bean bags, or pillows for optimum relaxation.

3. Make Decorative Privacy Walls

Doors, drapes, and plants may all create the idea of a walled outdoor living room. Enjoy your outdoor space while maintaining your privacy.

Texture your room with brick, or wood-patterned walls, or use linen or thin cotton curtains for an oasis vibe around your outdoors hot tub.

4. Add Multiple Seating Areas

Creating multiple seating spaces divides your outdoor space regarding patio furniture setup ideas. Open your backyard to create distinct entertainment areas. If you can’t add a fireplace, add some outdoor rugs for a cozy feeling.

5. Add Levels to Give Illusions of Space

There are ways to make a small backyard appear larger. For example, a raised garden or planter bed, a sunken patio, or a container garden adds depth to a small outdoor space.

If you’re looking to add a little bit of excitement to your backyard, why not try creating a separate outdoor room? You can build tiny walls to divide the space, add some artificial turf or decking, and even add a trellis or pergola to create a focal point. This is sure to add some interest to your backyard and provide a fun space for you and your family to enjoy.

6. Use Hidden Storage

Use concealed storage ideas in your backyard to keep your outdoor living space tidy. For example, a shed is ideal for lawn care and outdoor furnishings, while drawers in furniture can hide all your entertainment needs. (Learn How Often To Water Ferns Outdoors)

7. Build a Gazebo

With or without a backyard gazebo, this quirky construction is the perfect way to bring a whimsical touch to your outdoor living area ideas.

Outdoor Decorating

After deciding on a theme and a layout for your backyard oasis, it’s time to delve into the details. Beautify your backyard with our trendy outdoor decor ideas!

1. Embrace Neutral Colors

Using neutral colors in your outdoor living area might make it feel more spacious! Choose a white, beige, or wooden deck, pergola, or patio furniture for a timeless beach look.

Combine your main hue with other neutral tones from the same palette for a more sophisticated look.

Wicker patio furniture

2. Wicker Can Be Modern

Outdoor living spaces have always included wicker furniture. It’s light, waterproof, and comfy. In most climates, it is an excellent choice. Traditional wicker patio furniture is available in many patterns and styles to match your outdoor living environment.

Wicker outdoor seating doesn’t need to have an old-fashioned style and can be just the thing to feel cozy on your decking while watching the stars or the twinkle of your fairy lights.

3. Use Robust Iron Furniture

Durable outdoor furniture is timeless! Iron furniture lasts longer and is less likely to blow away in windy areas.

Opt for an item of attractive and neutral-colored iron furniture set to create a coherent backyard decor. You can store patio furniture to keep it in good shape, although you can easily repaint and change the colors to match current trends.

4. Use Recyclable Decor

Using eco-friendly design and green upgrades in your outdoor backyard area will benefit the earth.

Sustainable wood furniture or using natural materials such as terracotta pots can help you create an eco-friendly style for your outdoors living space under your recycled timber pergola. Add in some string lights, and you can relax in style as if you were indoors.

5. Add Color with Plants

Adding outdoor plants to your backyard may offer color and contrast, mainly if you use brightly colored or patterned pots. In addition, plants with big leaves near doorways or flowering plants near windows overlooking gardens can help integrate indoor and outdoor spaces.

Adding color and texture to your outdoor living space is easy with a vertical wall garden and creates a seamless connection with nature.

6. Keep Out of The Sun With Umbrellas

Protect your skin and drink when outdoors with a sun umbrella. Umbrellas not only give shade on hot days but also look excellent on patio tables or beside pools! If you live in an area with extreme weather, consider buying a removable umbrella.

7. Include a Fire Pit

Install a stone or brick outdoor fireplace for the ideal outside living space. A fire feature is a popular outdoor living area option because it creates a sense of community. If you don’t have the room or budget for a fireplace, build your fire pit to make your space feel cozy.

Related Questions

How do I create a comfortable dining area?

An outdoor dining area is best located in dappled shade. Use folding furniture or bench seats you can tuck away when not in use for furniture.

For the table and chairs, pick a size that allows enough room for each person to sit comfortably, and you can walk around behind the seating area of your deck.

How can I create privacy without upsetting neighbors?

You can either leave your deck completely open to the sky or shade it with a pergola or gazebo.

An overhanging pergola covered with a roof or using a grapevine or climbing plant provides extra privacy for guests in an overlooking garden.

5 Outdoor Living Space Ideas on a Budget

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