How to Clean a Wood Deck with a Pressure Washer

If you want to clean your wooden deck, a pressure washer is a great way to go about it. You can get it done in super quick time and have your decking looking good as new in a flash. But, if you don’t know what you are doing, you can soon end up with a situation on your hands.

We’ve seen wooden decks blasted to pieces due to people mishandling pressure washers. We can guarantee you don’t want a gaping hole in your deck (you won’t be able to persuade anyone it’s a purpose-built fire pit). Power washer price can vary hugely, from hundreds to thousands of dollars. So, before you storm on down to the store and buy the best pressure washer out there for the top price, consider how often you will use it.

Electric power washers can be very expensive and a bad investment if you don’t make proper use of them. If you aren’t going to be using it all the time, it might be worth looking at hiring one, particularly if it’s a one-time job. If you aren’t going to use it to clean furniture or paving, for example, renting one might be the way to go.

pressure wash a deck is with care

How to clean a wood deck with a pressure washer

The best way to pressure wash a deck is with care. People get injured all the time from pressure washers. They are Clean a Wood Deck with a Pressure Washervery powerful, and getting on the spray’s wrong end can cause serious damage. So, be careful, as even the top rated pressure washer can’t account for human error!

Remove anything breakable from the deck area or anything that will move around, like garden chairs. Then give the area a good sweep, making sure you remove any leaves, dirt, and debris. The best home pressure washer will give the best results if you give it a helping hand by getting rid of the loose material.

If your deck is filthy and stained, you must use a cleaner. Fill up the soap dispenser in the pressure washer as per the instructions from the manufacturer. Using the pressure washer will dispense the detergent into the water stream, so there is no mixing involved.

Select your nozzle of choice, or adjust your nozzle so it is the right size and you are ready to start it up. Start sprayingpressure washer for wood using wide strokes, ensuring you cover the entire deck. If there are any hard to reach areas, you can get in there with a brush to work in the detergent.

Switch up to the widest nozzle possible and start pressure washing your decking. Maintain a distance of about 2 feet from the nozzle to the deck; you can get in closer for stubborn areas.

However, ensure you don’t get too close and damage your deck as repairs and replacements are time-consuming. Once your desk has dried off, this is the time to apply a wood stain to your decking to protect it. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood once your deck is sparkling clean!