Push Mower Reviews for 2023

The Best Push Mower Reviews

A push mower is when the user walks behind the mower, pushing it from one place to the other. There are many types of push mowers.

Rotary Mowers

  1. Gas-powered
  2. Electric powered (corded or cordless)

Reel Mowers

  1. Manually operated: These have no engines at all and rely solely on the workforce to run them.
  2. These can also be motorized, powered either by gas or electricity.

This is different from the variety in which the user rides the mower and drives it from one place to another, known as the ride-on mower. Tractor mowers are also different than push lawnmowers as they are built like small tractors and tend to have more functions than normal push mowers.

Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1Electric Corded Lawn Mower, 25022
Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1Electric Corded Lawn Mower, 25022
Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1Electric Corded Lawn Mower, 25022
Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1Electric Corded Lawn Mower, 25022

They are, however, more expensive. Then there are the robotic mowers, but they are the next generation altogether.

One of the best manual lawn mower is the Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower for high accuracy of its height adjustment.

How do push mowers work?

Push mowers are also different from the self-propelled variety. Even if there is a motor, it only spins the cutter blades while the person has to push it along. But with self-propelled, the engine also pushes the mower forward, so the only energy required from the person behind the mower is to guide it in a specific direction.

Most manual push mower reviews cite great satisfaction in the quieter system of these mowers. For example, the Brill Razorcut 33 is one of the most excellent manual push lawn mowers for being lightweight and quiet.

Are Top Rated Push Mowers Available in 2021?

If you are looking for the top push mowers, look no further. I will make a list of a few which seem to be quite a in demand by users these days:-

  1. Wolf-Garten hand push cylinder mower: It is very light and cuts well. It has a slightly smaller width, so it is better for smaller lawns.
  2. WEBB WEH12R: It is tranquil and cuts well but is on the heavier side, so it might be challenging to use.
  3. Honda HRX2172VKA: It gives a very smooth cut because of its dual blades and remains clean during operation for a price of $700.
  4. Poulan Pro PR500N21SH: It starts very quickly but is not solidly built, as reviews reported that one of its wheel brackets might break. But it costs only $300.
  5. Toro 20332: Easy option of going from mulching to bagging, plus you can also control the mower’s speed by pushing a bit harder on the handle. It costs $389.
  6. Snapper SPVH21675: Priced at $449, you get a maximum speed of 4mph for a quick mowing session.
  7. Craftsman EZ 37044: It has easy height adjustment and provides a good cut for $350.
  8. Husqvarna 5521p: It works best when you use the bagging option but is slightly on the heavy side. It costs $450.
  9. Husqvarna AWD: It is good for rugged terrains and even hilly areas while maintaining a high cut quality. It costs $500.
  10. Troy-Bilt TB350XP: This one works fast, even on hills, a for only $370, it is good value.

These were some of the best-rated push lawn mowers based on weight, noise, cutting, or the options of bagging and mulching, etc. If you are looking for electric lawn mowers, take a look at my rundown here.

Best Push Mower for the Money

Now it is time to announce a winner. Naturally, when one buys a mower, they look for the most optimum features for the least amount of money. So one of the ideal cheap push mowers has got to be the Great States 815-18 18-Inch Deluxe Push Reel Lawn Mower, costing around $100.

It has one of the best user reviews, with various benefits such as having minimal noise, an easily manageable weight of only 27 pounds, providing heat-treated blades, and a wider cutting width (18 inches).

It is also not so light that it bounces around on the lawn. The height variation options range from 0.5 to 2.75 inches, with very comfortable cushion grips on the handle.

It cuts very well, and users have also cited longevity as why it’s the most excellent choice for your money. It can be easily maneuvered, even around tight edges. It is the best mower if you are in for some ‘push power’ exercise.

The Pros and Cons

As I’ve already mentioned, lack of noise and being lightweight are the greatest benefits of push mowers. Other than that, manual lawn mower reviews suggest that it alleviates the cost of buying gas or the maintenance of the engine, plus there is no exhaust blowing in your face.

Also, push lawn mowers reviews suggest that the top reason they chose this type is that it’s environmentally friendly. It is safer in that any pieces of rock lying around will not become projectiles endangering you or people around you.

However, the downside is that they are not ideal for big lawns. A lawn of about 0.5 to 0.75 acres seems ideal because otherwise, you’ll have a lot of work. Furthermore, very tough or overgrown types of grass may cause damage to these manual mowers.


Having said all of this, there is no best lawnmower. If your lawn is bigger, you will use gas or electricity-powered mowers. Different brands excel in various features: durability, width, cleanliness of cut, bagging options, height adjustments, etc. These are some things you should consider when buying your mower.

If you go for the cheap ones, they might have defective parts, and you may end up paying the mechanic to fix it anyway, so one shouldn’t compromise too much on the price.

But if you are environment savvy, manual mowers are the most excellent options and a must-have tool for the tool shed. You might have to cut slightly longer and more often, but it is a worthwhile experience taking care of the greenery around you while aiming for greener earth as well.

best push mower for the money