How to Organize a Shed

While the spaces are very different, you can use both a garage or shed for your woodworking or home improvement tasks.

While a garage can give you more available floor space right off the bat, garage organization generally allows for the parking of vehicles.

While you can come up with some great garage storage tips, they don’t offer the privacy and ease of access to the garden as your garden shed can do.

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To organize your shed takes some planning. Because they are much smaller than your garage, to help make it your DIY home hub, we have come up with some of the best organization tips and tricks; storage shed organization ideas that even Martha Stewart would be proud.

Top 10 Shed Organization Tips

1. Hanging Garden Tools

One of the things we often find in garden sheds is long-handled tools for use in the garden. In most cases, these stand on the floor and lean against the wall.

One of the top organizational ideas is to use either of the many underrated storage areas. Backs of doors or on the outside of your shed.

The outside makes it a handy area for all your long-handled equipment, and adding a rack means you can keep them organized without wasting space.

2. Pegboards

You see these everywhere, yet around the home, we never make full use of them. For short-handled tools, you can make full use of a pegboard to keep things neat and tidy.

If you have many small garden tools, you can place these on the back of your door where they are easy to access.

3. Magnetic Storage Bars

You will find these as one of the best tool storage ideas. Magnets are more suited to hand tools instead of those for your garden, and they can sit right where you are working on your woodworking projects.

Shed organization is easy with this tool storage as you just stick your tools back on the wall when you are finished with them.

4. Open Shelving

Once you look at how to organize a shed, you will have many different kinds of things to store. Open shelving and plastic crates make the perfect area to stash all manner of items. Shed storage doesn’t offer the most amount of space, so using every inch is vital.

You can quickly build shelving from floor to ceiling to hold your plastic totes.

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5. Jar Organizers

One of the most straightforward organization ideas is when you have wooden shelves, or you have a potting bench that has an upper shelf.

Using plastic jars as hanging jar organizers are simple to make and perfect for all manner of nails screws or other small things you need to keep handy.

6. Lumber Rack

If you are into home improvement, you may find your tool shed is full of timber and pieces of wood. In the same manner, as your open shelving shed organization ideas, you can quickly build a lumber rack.

Doing this doesn’t just free up your working space, but it also keeps damp from your wood and allows air to circulate through your timber.

7. Potting Benches

No shed is ideal without a place to work. It doesn’t matter if you are carrying out some woodworking or you are using your tool shed for something to do with the garden.

If you are after storage shed organizer ideas to surprise a partner, you can give a gift and add a potting bench.

Many are more durable than workbenches, yet they offer spaces to hang a garden tool or two while potting plants. Many provide other storage organization by default, whereas a workbench is just a table.

You will also find these potting benches are made to withstand the rigors of potting and dealing with water. Some even come with built in sinks, which can be a great addition.

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8. Using Your Working Area

Once you are almost through organizing your storage shed, you may find you have much more space.

Once you begin woodworking, you may quickly find the bench at the side of your shed isn’t suitable for some projects.

Rather than filling your free space with another workbench, you can use the best portable workbench to accomplish the same thing.

Not only will they offer clamping features, but also, once you need to work around the home, you can carry these with you.

You also find the best ones are light, hold plenty of weight, and take up no storage space because you can hang them on the wall.

9. Power Cords

If you use a wide range of power tools, then you may find you have extensions and power cords of different types. Tangled wires are the last things you want to be scattered around. They look untidy and can pose a health risk.

One of the best storage ideas is to use ceiling hooks on a cross member where you can hang all your cables.

In addition to preventing them from being damaged on the floor, hanging them out of the way stops you from tripping over them when you least expect it.

10. Ventilation

While this isn’t one of the top shed storage ideas, you will find with all your newfound space, you want to spend more time in your shed working.

If you are cutting timber, it can get dusty, so you need to be sure you have plenty of ventilation, important with all woodworking.

Depending on your type of shed, you can make ventilation holes and cover these with sturdy chicken wire.

It can help blow away the dust, and once it warms up in warmer weather, you will find it a more relaxed atmosphere where to work.

How to Organize a Shed

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