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Smoke Coming Out Of Oven While Preheating

Seeing smoke come out of your oven while it is preheating can certainly be alarming. However, smoke emanating from your oven while it heats up is often caused by some minor issues that are easy fixes. When your oven is used for the first time, your oven preheats, and residues and grease left over on the oven walls and bottom can start to burn off and cause the oven to produce smoke. 

This leftover oven residue buildup is especially common if you’ve recently moved into a new home and use the oven for the first time.  Another reason that your oven starts smoking while preheating include a dirty oven that you need to clean, a faulty heating element that is worn out, or using a new oven for the first time burns off manufacturing oils and residue. 

While oven smoke can seem concerning, the causes of the smoke are not usually dangerous.  Simple steps like fully cleaning the inside of the oven, letting a new oven run through a few empty heating cycles, replacing worn elements, and dissipating odors by opening windows can help stop your oven from smoking while preheating. 

In our guide, you can learn more about why you see smoke coming from the bottom of the oven. By the end, you’ll better understand the reasons your oven may be smoking. You’ll also see that it’s perfectly normal in some instances, and what to do to stop it. (Read Can I Put A Window AC On The Floor)

Reasons why Smoke Coming Out Of Oven While Preheating

Why Smoking Oven While Preheating?

When your oven is used the first time, it’s not unusual to see smoke and odors emanating from it. Here are 6 common reasons your oven is smoking as it heats up to temperature:

  • Residue burning off – This residue may be left over from oil, grease, food debris, or cleaning agents used in the oven. It’s very common with a new oven.
  • A faulty heating element – If the heating element is worn or damaged, it may smoke, buzz, or scorch.
  • Improper oven ventilation – Ovens need proper airflow. If the vents are blocked, it can cause smoke.
  • Spills or grease inside the oven – Leftover debris and spills on the oven bottom or walls will burn and cause smoke.
  • Self-cleaning cycle or oven cleaner residue – The chemical residue left from these can burn off when heating the oven.
  • Overloading – Putting too much food or foil inside the oven restricts airflow and may cause smoking.

While strong odors or smoke from your oven can certainly be startling, ovens smoking are not cause for alarm most often. Smoking could be related to any of the above, yet in some instances, a smokey oven could be a dying oven that gets very hot. Most often, it just signals some cleaning or maintenance is needed on the top of the oven or there has been a drip of food. We’ll now look at the most common culprits behind a smoking oven in more detail.

The Heating Element: How A Faulty One Can Cause Smoking

One of the most common reasons for scorching and scorching smoke coming from an oven while preheating is a faulty heating element. Electric ovens have both a top and bottom heating element. Over time, these elements can become damaged or corrupted with continual heating and cooling.

A heating element in an oven can wear with repeat heating and cooling. When you turn the oven on, these can scorch and smoke or cause a buzzing noise.  A damaged heating element could be why your oven might be smoking. Here, your oven might be smoking related to grease or food dripping inside.

As it tries to heat, it ends up just burning or scorching residue and excess food bits stuck to the bottom element, causing smoke. Replacing a faulty heating element is often an easy DIY fix. Turn off the oven at the breaker before attempting any repairs, and verify you get an exact replacement part for your oven make and model. (Read Microwave Dimensions In Inches)

Leftover Residue and Grease

One of the most common causes of a smoking oven may be a residue left on the bottom of your oven from previous cooking sessions. Food particles, grease, and other debris accumulate over time; the top of the oven gets very hot and can easily cause food to burn. Regularly cleaning the oven’s interior can help prevent this issue and maintain a safe and clean cooking environment without the chances of an oven fire.

To prevent this smoking, it’s key to clean the inside of your oven fully and regularly. In addition, any use of the oven can cause this. So, ensure your oven racks and food are at least three inches from the element to avoid a smoky oven.

Preheat of New Oven has smoke

The New Oven Factor

If you’ve recently purchased a new oven, some initial smoking, and odors as you use it the first few times are very normal. New ovens are coated in oils and residues from the manufacturing process. As you preheat and use that new oven, residues will burn off, and you’ll see the oven is smoking until the appliance has burned off these residues. 

To minimize the amount of smoking from a new oven, run a few heating cycles before cooking food. Try running it empty on broil for 20 minutes, then wiping it well with soap and water before first use. Opening windows to ventilate the kitchen well can also help dissipate odors. (Learn How To Clean Burnt Drip Pans)

High Gas Pressure and Poor Ventilation

High gas pressure can sometimes cause the oven to smoke for those using gas ovens. To check if this is the issue, consult a professional technician to adjust the gas pressure accordingly. Additionally, improper ventilation or a clogged kitchen vent can contribute to smoke accumulation inside the oven. Ensuring proper ventilation in your kitchen can help mitigate this problem.

Self-Cleaning and Oven Cleaner Residue

Self-cleaning ovens use high temperatures to burn off food residues and spills. During this process, you might see smoke emanating from the oven. After self-cleaning, it’s essential to allow the oven to cool down completely before using it again to prevent any lingering smoke or odors.

Additionally, if you recently cleaned your oven using a chemical cleaner, some residues from the cleaner may be causing the smoke. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when using oven-cleaning products.

Oven Overloading and Incorrect Use

Overloading the oven with too many dishes or using inappropriate cookware can lead to smoke production. Properly spacing the items in the oven and avoiding placing baking sheets or aluminum foil directly on the heating elements can prevent smoke from forming. Also, remember to preheat the oven with the appropriate setting, like “Bake” rather than “Broil,” to avoid smoke issues.

Regular Cleaning To Stop Smoking Oven

A clean oven is a happy oven. Regularly cleaning the inside of the oven, including the racks and the bottom heating element, is essential to stop the oven from smoking. Let the oven cool, and use a mixture of vinegar and water as an effective and natural way to clean your oven without resorting to harsh chemicals.

Identifying the Cause and Solutions

Identifying the specific cause of your smoking oven is vital in resolving the issue. If you’ve ruled out any technical problems with the heating element and gas pressure, focus on cleaning the oven thoroughly. Let it cool, and inspect the oven’s walls for signs of damage. Also, double-check your cooking practices to ensure you use the oven correctly and can stop smoking.

Ways To Stop Oven From Smoking

FAQs: How To Stop Oven From Smoking?

Why is my new oven smoking during preheating?

If your oven is new, it’s normal to experience smoke during the initial preheating. New ovens often emit odors and smoke for the first few times due to heating internal components like insulation materials and coatings. Running the oven empty at a high temperature for around 30 minutes can cause it to smoke yet help dissipate the new oven odor and smoke when it heats.

How do I clean my oven to prevent smoke? 

Be sure to clean the inside top regularly to prevent smoke from forming. Use a vinegar and water solution to keep the oven, racks, and bottom heating element clean. Avoid using harsh chemicals that may leave residue and cause smoke during preheating. (Read Best Way To Store Fresh Rosemary)

Why does my oven emit smoke after self-cleaning? 

Self-cleaning ovens use high temperatures to burn off food residues and spills, which can lead to smoke production. After self-cleaning, allowing the oven to cool down completely before using it again to prevent any lingering smoke or odors is essential.

How do I avoid overloading my oven?

Overloading the oven with too many dishes or using inappropriate cookware can cause smoke production. Properly space the items in the oven and avoid placing baking sheets or aluminum foil directly on the heating elements to prevent smoke from forming.

Why is my gas oven smoking?

High gas pressure or poor ventilation can cause a gas oven to smoke. Consult a professional technician to check and adjust the gas pressure accordingly. Also, ensure proper ventilation in your kitchen to prevent smoke accumulation inside the oven.

Conclusion: Why Is Smoke Coming Out Of Oven? 

Understanding the common causes of a smoking oven while preheating and implementing these simple solutions ensures your cooking experiences are always smoke-free and delightful.

Remember, a clean and well-maintained oven is the key to smooth baking and cooking adventures in your kitchen. It might be an easy fix, or you must clean more often. However, if this or none of the above prevents your oven smoking, it could be time to begin shopping for a new oven.

Smoke Coming Out Of Oven While Preheating