Spartan Mower Problems

Spartan Mowers makes some nice-looking mowers that are made in the United States. When comparing Bad Boy vs. Spartan Mowers, however, they frequently appear in second place regarding consumer complaints about common issues.

Unfortunately, some mowers have malfunctioned, albeit these Spartan mower problems aren’t the case with every model. Such is the buzz, you might wonder, are Spartan Mowers any good. Spartan mowers have even been dubbed “poor” by some irate Spartan owners.

In our guide, we have a look at the common problems. While we won’t compare a Spartan vs. Bad Boy mower or John Deere, it is good for you to know of common problems that can fall on any lawnmower brand.

By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of the problem you can face and what you should do if the problem occurs. (Read When Does Bermuda Grass Go Dormant)

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Are Spartan Mowers Worth The Money?

Anyone who wants to mow a large yard without spending hours doing it by hand will appreciate a Spartan lawn mower. It is comfortable to ride because of Zero-Turn Technology and Elastomer TecsPak cushioning.

The mower has a revolutionary brake system, allowing it to stop in the tightest spaces. Add in the wide mowing deck of 42 – 72 inches on a Spartan lawnmower; it can deliver a more uniform cut and take less time to complete your task.

Unlike many riding mowers, you may have to pull on the steering wheel, which could be tiresome. Zero-turn mowers provide a nearly flat ride. A smooth ride is another advantage of a Spartan zero-turn mower.

This mower adds ergonomic seats and a lever-based steering system that reduces tension on your shoulders and back while mowing. Using these Spartan’s their zero-turn mower is maneuverable and reaches speeds of 11 miles per hour and a reverse speed of 5 mph.

You can adjust the blades to cut grass closer to obstructions and other obstacles, cutting down on mowing time.

Unlike other riding mowers, a Spartan zero-turn mower is simple to use. It’s convenient because of the zero-turn mechanism. While mowing your grass, you can push it forward or backward.

While there are the right amount of features included on these mowers, here are the common problems some users face.

Starting Problems

Some consumers have had trouble getting their Spartan lawnmowers to start. Several components’ age, condition, and connections determine how well a lawnmower starts.

Starting issues with lawnmowers are common across many brands and caused by factors, including bad wiring, a dirty spark plug, a blocked air filter, or old gas in the fuel tank.

noise problem

Noise Issues

Spartan Mower’s silent operation is one of its primary selling advantages. However, despite having adequate noise isolation, the blade occasionally makes a noise. This could be because of some faulty units that need to be serviced or replaced by the dealer.

Noises can occur when the blade comes loose, and tightening the blade fixes the problem. Noises that don’t sound normal can indicate bearings are worn or wearing.

If you notice your mower is making strange noises, stop using it as it could be unsafe. Instead, check the blade or inspect it by a skilled mower mechanic. (Learn How To Make St Augustine Grass Spread Quickly)

uneven cut

Uneven Cut

Another common problem with Spartan mowers is the uneven cut when mowing your lawn. However, this isn’t always the fault of the mower. Dull blades lead to a poor cut, and you can see the mower leaving streaks. Sharpening the blades is the first thing to do here.

You can also clean the deck underneath to ensure there isn’t any cut grass buildup. If your blades aren’t spinning fast enough, your mowing machine won’t cut efficiently.

Besides this, you’d be surprised how many times tires are underinflated and can cause issues. Ensure the tires are inflated the same all-around, as this will cause an uneven cut. Tire pressure is the users’ responsibility rather than the company.

Expensive Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are more expensive because of the robust design and only particular replacement parts. This is something to think about while purchasing any lawnmower machine.

Hard To Maneuver

The Spartan Mower might be difficult to handle when cutting at an elevation around obstacles like tree roots and flowerbeds. The mower’s wheels can become stuck on things like tree roots from time to time. It is advisable to avoid tree roots with your mower, which could damage the blades.

What Is The Warranty On A Spartan Mower?

Spartan offer a decent warranty such as 3 years or 500 hours residential. Besides this, you have the 2-year unlimited hour commercial warranty and the 120-day belt warranty.

Before calling the dealer, run through the following to ensure it isn’t a simple fault that could end up causing more cost. (Read Lawnmower Starts But Won’t Stay Running)

Replace gas in your lawnmower and clean the cutting deck if you have starting trouble. Never use gas from the previous mowing season. Also, make sure the blades aren’t covered in debris as this could lead to rust, and which can cause further problems.

Are Spartan Mowers Commercial?

Spartan is happy to provide commercial-grade mowers at a reasonable price, and any of our commercial-grade mowing equipment could help your company operate better.

If you already own a Spartan lawnmower or are considering purchasing one, here is a comprehensive overview of Spartan mowers. Now, let’s take a closer look at the issues listed below:

Uneven Cut

Some Spartan owners have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of a clean cut. It’s not the Spartan’s fault. If you don’t keep the mower deck clean or check the tire air pressure on a regular basis, the Spartan mower may leave streaks.

This is common when the mower’s blades are dull. If you don’t follow a suitable maintenance routine, the same thing could happen.

Spartan Mower Won’t Start

There are various reasons why this could happen, and it isn’t limited to Spartan mowers. This is very likely to happen if you have a dirty or disconnected spark plug, as well as a dirty air filter.

To begin troubleshooting the issue, start by filling your mower with new gas. You should never utilize gas from the last season as any mower will frequently fail to start if the fuel is old.

Pay close attention to the spark plug now. Remove any debris. Test your mower after reconnecting and tightening the spark plug.

Clean or replace the clogged air filter if this does not address the problem. Finally, ensure that fuel reaches the engine. Begin by tapping the carburetor’s side to confirm that the gas flows freely.

The fuel filter may need to be replaced in some circumstances.

Apart from the two issues mentioned above, you may encounter other mower issues resulting from improper maintenance.

Spartan Mower Maintenance Tips

The concerns listed above may appear alarming, but they are also frequent situations for other lawnmowers. However, if you follow these basic maintenance instructions, you can solve all of your mower issues:

Checking The Air Filter

When the fuel burns less efficiently, your Spartan mower will underperform. For example, the fuel will burn less efficiently if the air filter of your lawn is clogged.

Many people merely check and replace the oil and spark plugs when it comes to mower maintenance. They frequently neglect to inspect the air filter.It is best to replace spark plugs and your air filter on your engine.

Cleaning Spartan’ Deck

The Spartan mower deck is where all of the mowing action takes place. As a result, debris and lawn clippings naturally accumulate. As a result, keeping the deck clean is critical.

The dampness in the grass clippings contains corrosive chemicals. As a result, they may corrode the mower deck. The clippings may gradually accumulate and jam the discharge chute, restricting ventilation. No mower can offer you a clean cut without a clean deck!

Also, if you don’t clean the mower deck after each usage, the debris and grass will eventually cause more damage to the mower than you can imagine.

Keep Mower Blades Sharpened

It is impossible to have a clean mower cut unless the blades are kept sharp at all times. Aside from keeping your Spartan’s deck clean, dull blades are another reason you might not obtain a clean cut.

The grass is torn apart by dull mower blades. Sharpening the mower blades at least twice a year is required for a clean cut. If you’ve never done it before, don’t try to sharpen the blades yourself. Instead, take it to a Spartan Dealer or a local mower repair shop.

Tire Pressure

The tread on both tires should be the same. You might not get the even cut you want if one tire is higher than the other. The deck will be uneven even if only one tire is deflated, resulting in an uneven cut. (Learn How Much Oil Does A Push Mower Take)

That is why you should check your tire pressure on a regular basis.

Mower Storage

At the end of the mowing season, it’s preferable if you store your Spartan properly. You can’t just park it next to your house or leave it outside.

Water and other impurities could enter the mower and cause permanent harm. Rodents and other stray animals will provide a secure haven for hiding and survival. Make sure to lubricate any areas that can rust or seize.

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