Is Spray On Grass Seed Worth It?

If you enjoy gardening like many others, you may try to get the perfect lawn. You can find soil conditions, dog potty spots, cons of birds eating grass seed, and more, preventing you from having the lawn of your dreams.

If you want to grow grass without all the effort and to safeguard your seed against the weather and birds, you can use hydro grass seed in the early spring.

You may not be aware of such a product, and you may have questions regarding such products as Hydro Mousse and if the green liquid works as, it should.

Luckily, you can go through our guide and find out more about spray-on grass seeds.

By the end, you’ll have a much deeper insight into how to use spray grass seed, when the best time to use it is, and is the grass slurry is a cheaper alternative to dry seeding your lawn.

Hydroseeding Methods

Is Hydroseeding Better Than Seeding?

You may not have used spray-on grass seed, yet you could find it easier than traditional grass-growing methods. You might believe it’s solely for professionals. This is not the case.

Spraying grass seed with a commercially prepared pre-mixed liquid, often known as “hydroseeding,” is a method of spreading or distributing grass seed. It’s more akin to spray painting your lawn.

Typically, the liquid is a “mixture” of:

  • Water
  • Mulch
  • Grass seed
  • Fertilizer
  • Bonding agents

The spray-on grass combination is like “spray-on garden fertilizer.” However, it contains little grass seeds that allow water pressure from the garden hose to flow throughout the garden. Many professional lawn caretakers may have used larger hoses and pumps to do the job faster.

The pressure from the hose allows grass seed to penetrate deeply into the lawn. It enables the grass to grow in a healthier state. If you’ve had a lot of major grass seed failures, try something that provides you an advantage in terms of grass growth pace.

The mulch components sprayed on the seed are unappealing to birds and other flying critters. This aids the growth of baby grass posing no dangers. When compared to spreading grass seed directly, the spray approach is slightly more expensive. It does, however, need the use of specialized equipment, such as a cast spreader. (Learn How To Make Bermuda Grass Thicker)

Spray on Grass Seed

Although the concept of using it is simple, creating it is complex. You’ll need to buy pre-mixed hydro seed and mix it with water to make a slurry.

As previously said, hydro mousse is a common purchase and can cover 100 square feet with the DIY spray. It is flexible for many regions because it uses a variety of grass seeds added and the baby grass can easily get a foothold with no worry of birds.

The Hydro Mousse liquid contains.

  • 60 percent tall fescue grass
  • 20 percent shining perennial ryegrass
  • 10 percent boreal creeping fescue grass
  • 10 percent shamrock Kentucky bluegrass

Even though it is an expensive choice, spray-on grass seed may ease a variety of issues. It’s a great repairing agent in your landscape while you’re using machinery. It mends the ground’s ripped tracks. You can spray Hydro Mousse over your ripped-up lawn while walking. In a few days, the fresh grass will sprout.

Meanwhile, when spraying this grass seed pre-mixture, you can select “heavy seed mode.” In heavy mode, the spray turns a dark green color and colors all the dirt patches in the same tone. It draws attention to the areas that you have already seeded.

For reapplication, the 2-pound bottle can be refilled. You could purchase a canister to save money on a future application.

Hydro Mousse Liquid

Pros of Hydro Mousse liquid

  • Easy-to-use
  • Noteworthy results in 2 to 3 weeks
  • Suitable for improving lawns and filling in dog spots

Cons of using Hydro Mousse

  • Needs lots of soil preparation
  • Can leave green stains on the skin or clothing
  • Follow up required to get the ideal results
  • Expensive

When spraying grass seed on the lawn, always wear gloves to protect your hands and avoid contact with clothing and skin.

Adhere to the right timing for seeds such as avoid putting down if you expect frost in the 45 days. October and November are the best months for the US.

Seeds take up to 2 to 3 weeks to sprout or germinate, so do not despair if there are no seedlings within the first 2 weeks

Follow the spraying and watering instructions. You want to give water to your yard 2-3 times a day in the beginning.

Only newly tilled soil is suitable for hydroseeding. You get inconsistent results with tilled dirt when you utilize it on regions with patches. (Learn How Soon Can You Cut The Grass After Overseeding)

Benefits of Hydroseeding

Wet soil or huge sections of unvegetated soil are ideal for hydroseeding. Hydroseeding can be a highly effective tool in soil management and lawn development. Among the most notable advantages of spraying grass seed are:

  • It protects the soil against surface erosion
  • The mulch promotes natural moisture retention.
  • Can be cost-effective depending on the treatment area.
  • It delivers uniform grass growth.

Hydroseeding Process

Except for the spraying, hydroseeding is like traditional seeding. Preparing the ground is required whether you are hydroseeding, traditional seeding, or laying sod.

  1. Till the soil and remove rocks.
  2. Carry out soil prep by adding organic matter to help keep moisture and nutrients.
  3. Till the soil to grade and softly firm it.
  4. The grass seeds are added last, shortly before the slurry is sprayed on the ground, in hydroseeding. The hydroseeding machine pumps the liquid into a hose.
  5. Once your own grass seed is planted, they need to be watered as you would for typical grass planting. Water the area two or three times per day, but don’t let puddles accumulate. Keep the area wet to encourage seed germination.

Hydroseeding costs range from six cents a square foot to 15 cents a square foot across the US, according to the International Association of Hydroseeding Professionals. To plant grass on a 10,000-square-foot lawn comes out to somewhere between $600 and $1,500. If you are just filling in bare patches, the costs would be minor, and you can get repeat use out of one bottle.

Hyrdoseeding your Backyard

How Much Does It Cost to Hydroseed a Lawn?

Spray-on grass seeding uses a pre-mixed liquid to disperse grass seed. It’s like spray painting your lawn, except with water, grass seed, mulch, a bonding agent, and fertilizer instead of paint.

It’s like spray-on lawn fertilizer with seeds. It’s small enough to spread with a garden hose, but it limits your range. Professionals use bigger pumps and hoses, which allow them to work faster.

The hose’s pressure can also assist grass seed entering the earth, giving it a better chance of growing. Birds don’t like the spray-on seed’s mulch component, which helps your grass survive.

Spray-on grass seed is more expensive than traditional grass seed.

Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn is an easy-to-use lawn repair product. It can easily mend dry sports, blinds, and high-traffic places.

It also simplifies the ways to plant grass by highlighting planting locations.

Each spray-on seed kit reseeds a 100ft square area and may easily spray patchy lawns using the spray bottle head, coating chamber, and Hydro Mousse liquid recipe.

Hydro Mousse contains a mixture of grasses, making it extremely versatile.

  • 60% Tall Fescue grass
  • 20% Shining Star Perennial Ryegrass
  • 10% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue Grass
  • 10% Shamrock Kentucky Bluegrass

Hydro Mousse spray on seed is an excellent solution for spot fixes, like when some equipment has torn tracks in your lawn. You can walk along the ripped-up strip of lawn, spraying as you go, and you should see new grass in a few days.

Hydro Mousse also has a ‘heavy seed mode’ that turns the spray a dark green color which will color the dirt patches and let you know which areas have been seeded and which have not. It’s also available in 2-pound refills without the spray canister or spray bottle. You will need to wear gloves as the non-staining liquid stains if you get it on the skin or your clothes. (Learn How Long Does Grass Seed Last)

Helpful Tips For Spray-On Grass Seed

Between March and October, grass seeds should be planted and watered at least twice a day. For at least three weeks, the soil must be kept moist.

Seeds typically take 1-2 weeks to germinate, and full coverage should take at least a month.

Although the Hydro Mousse spray on grass seed claims to be stain-free, gloves should always be used as a precaution.

When used correctly, spray-on grass seed can be quite successful. You may expect fantastic results, as well as improved growth and coverage, if you engage a competent professional to administer the spray-on grass seed.

When used in tiny amounts, spray-on grass seed like the Hydro Mousse liquid lawn is effective, but it’s not as effective as it appears on TV, and it’s not as simple as spraying and waiting for it to work.

Water pressure can affect the spray on grass seeds and how thick or thin the newly grown seeds will be.

Cost Of Hydroseeding

The cost of hydroseeding a lawn is determined by where you live and how much coverage you require. Pricing is typically based on the square footage of your lawn, with prices averaging 10 to 12 cents per square foot, plus pre-mixed hydroseed and labor.

When spraying, certain vendors will use different spray grass seed and fertilizer compared to the Hydro Mousse liquid formula.

Other costs may apply if you hire a professional to apply your spray-on grass seed. If your grass is on a slope, for example, there may be an additional cost, with modest slopes costing 4 cents and bigger slopes costing up to 8 cents.

Hydro Mousse Alternatives

There aren’t many alternatives to Hydro Mousse grass seed spray. Because most spray-on grass seed operations are large, most people entrust this service to specialists using large spraying machines. (Learn How Long Does It Take Grass To Grow From Seed)

Hydro Mousse spray on grass earned a poor reputation from disgruntled consumers who have expressed dissatisfaction because of the outcomes shown in TV advertising.

Many individuals seek alternatives to grow a lawn quickly after reading evaluations, but there are few alternatives. Hydro Shot and Hydro Mousse were competitors. However, this grass seed spray is no longer available and many need to resort to traditional methods.

Hydroseeding and Storm

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do Spray-On Grass Seeds Get Washed Away With Rain?

A normal rainstorm may wash away some of the green coloring from your hydro seed, but not the grass seedlings. However, a severe storm soon after hydroseeding can cause complications if you have erodible grass.

Will Birds Eat Spray-On Grass Seed?

The spray-on grass seed discourages birds because of the mulch in them compared to dry seeding. Professionally sown spray on grass seed is forced into the soil rather than sitting on the surface, thus deterring birds from devouring it.

Can I Use Spray-On Grass Seed On A Hill?

Applying grass seed on a hill is possible, yet not on extremely steep slopes because it can cause run-off. It can also cluster your seeds at the hill’s base should you have a typical rain storm.

Is Liquid Grass Seed Cheaper Than Sod?

Professionally applied hydro seed costs 15 cents per square foot against sod at around 50 cents. However, sod provides an instant lawn immediately, whereas store-bought spray requires a month or more to establish a full lawn.

Is Spray On Grass Seed Worth It

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