The Top 5 Tips for Taking Care of a Big Yard

Taking care of a big yard can be seriously hard work. As soon as you have finished mowing the lawn if can feel like it’s time to start over again. So here are my top 5 tips for taking care of that yard:

Taking care of a big yard

1. Have a plan

Plan what you need to do in your garden to maintain it. Think about what you want your garden to look like and the Garden Plan time that is going to take you. Once you have formulated an idea, draw it out so you can see what it looks like on paper.

If you are making significant changes to your yard (or you have a blank canvas), it’s a very good idea to cut out the shapes of flower beds so you can move them around. This will show you what your idea looks like and enables you to move the design around until you achieve the look you want.

2. Work out a schedule

Setting out what you need to do and when you need to do it, gives you an overall view of the task. From that, you can estimate how long each task will take you and plan around that. You can separate this out by month or even by week or day.

Maintaining a big yard is made easier when you have a comprehensive schedule. When you have a great deal to do it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. Planning most important when you are maintaining your garden. Keeping on top of all the work that needs to be done, is the most difficult part.

3. Have the right tools for the job

Ride on Lawn Movers for Big YardsSave time by using the right tool for the job. If you have a huge yard and a tiny push lawnmower, cutting the grass is going to take you forever. A sit on the mower (such as the Craftsman 20442) will be hugely beneficial to you regarding time-saving. Gone are the days of meandering up and down the lawn, cutting the grass and working up a serious sweat.

Ride on lawn mowers let you get the job done in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the hard work. Also, having work benches, sheds and the right gardening equipment will save you loads of time and back ache.

Overworking yourself because you have the wrong tools for the job is silly. The right tools maybe be a bit costlier, but they are an investment. Spending hours laid out flat on your back because you have hurt yourself isn’t worth it.

4. Plant smart

Don’t go choosing a selection of plants that are incredibly difficult to take care of. Pick things that look after themselves and require minimal maintenance. Shrubs can fill up space and look beautiful and don’t need constant care.
Consider how much time you want to be spent caring for your garden each week and plant accordingly. Don’t be afraid to let the grass grow a bit longer and relax the weeding schedule if needs are.

5. Consider a feature

A garden feature such as a water feature, a pond or a structure such as an arbor. These can all be beautiful and give Garden Featuresthe appearance of a well looked after garden.

If you choose well, they won’t require that much maintenance, and you can focus your attentions elsewhere. They can also fill up some space if you have a large yard, meaning less grass cutting needs to be done!

But, if this all sounds like a lot of work I’d suggest you employ someone to do it for you. Then you can sit back and enjoy your garden with a drink in hand.

Top 5 Tips for Taking Care of a Big Yard

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