Tapcon Drill Bit Sizes Chart

Tapcon Concrete screws are a type of concrete screw sold under the Tapcon brand name. Tapcon concrete screws are designed to tap threads into various base materials, including concrete, brick, block, and other masonry.

The ITW/Redhead Corporation has been manufacturing these since the late 1970s, and like the original concrete screw, they are manufactured in the United States. To use these screws, you need to drill a hole for the screw; from there, you insert the screw where it then taps the hole and anchors itself to the concrete.

When using the right drill bits, you get precise holes to get maximum holding power for the job, increased drive, and less breakage. In our guide, you can use our Tapcon screw size chart to get the right Tapcon drill bit size.

Tapcon Drill Bit different Sizes

By the end, you’ll be able to find the right drills and drill bits to get the strongest holding threads that offer an accurate fit, thus obtaining higher tolerances of your concrete anchors. (Read Deck Screw Sizes Chart)

What Size Bit Do You Need For Tapcons?

It’s no good looking for drill bits until you know the things that determine what you need.

Size of the Holes

A Tapcon requires a slightly smaller hole than the diameter of the screw being utilized.

The size of the hole is significant. A hammer drill and a carbide-tipped drill bit that fulfills ANSI requirements must be used to drill the hole.

  • Ordinary drill bit: The standard drill bit is designed to drill smaller pilot holes in concrete, block, and brick and is compatible with Tapcon anchors.
  • SDS drill bit: The SDS drill bit is designed for maximum use in rotary hammer drills, offering effective, high-torque drilling with no slippage. The carbide tip cuts through concrete and masonry with ease.

Diameter of Drill Bit

To maintain adequate hole tolerance, a specified diameter of the carbide drill bit must be utilized for each diameter of the concrete screw.

The following are the bit sizes required for each diameter to achieve maximum holding power.

Diameter of Tapcon Concrete ScrewDiameter of Carbide Bit

Carbide-tipped Tapcon Drill Bits are manufactured with tighter tolerances than ANSI standards, allowing you to:

  • A precise fit ensures anchors install quick and last for a long time.
  • To attain optimal holding power, long, precise holes are required.
  • On the job, there is less breakage when using hammer drills.
  • When used with Tapcon anchors, the driving and holding power is increased.

What Size Drill Bit Do I Use For 5/16 Tapcon?

The number of holes a carbide-tipped drill bit can drill depends on numerous factors. First, the hole’s depth is essential. For example, a 3” deep hole will produce 1/3 the holes as a 1” deep hole.

Red brick is more abrasive than concrete and will wear faster. The operator’s technique also has a role in the bit’s life. The question of how many holes a bit can drill cannot really be answered.

If in doubt, prepare extra bits before drilling holes for concrete screws.

Hole Depth

Tapcons must be inserted 1/4 to 1/2” deeper than the concrete screw. Drilling dust settles in the hole’s bottom. This assures it won’t obstruct the installation.

Embedment Depth

Tapcon concrete screws require 1” of base material embedment. 3 1/4″ maximum embedment

Tapcon Screw

Tapcon Screw Length

The minimum length of concrete screw for any application is calculated by adding 1” to the material being secured. (Read Lug Nuts Drill Guide)

The maximum screw length is derived by adding the material thickness to the maximum embedment of 1-3/4”. Tapcon should be used at length equal to or greater than the formulae’s numbers.


Tapcons must be inserted 1/4-1/2” deeper than the concrete screw. Drilling dust settles in the hole’s bottom. This assures it won’t obstruct the installation.

Tapcon concrete screws require 1” of base material embedment. 3 1/4″ maximum embedment

Tapcon Heads

Tapcons come with two different heads. The application will dictate the head style. The flathead Phillips countersunk screw should be used when the fastener needs to be countersunk into the material.

The hex washer-headed concrete screw fastener can be used when a wide bearing surface is required without the necessity for countersinking.

What Size Is My Tapcon Screw?

When installing a Tapcon Concrete Screw, utilizing the right drill bit is critical for knowing the type, size, and length of fastener to use.

To begin, you must first understand the Tapcon Screws installation process:

  1. Drill hole (1/4 Tapcon drill bit size) 1/4″ deeper than anchor embedment with hammer drill.
  2. Use a blow-out bulb or compressed air to clean the hole to remove dust.
  3. Use a hammer drill with a nut driver or Phillips bit to fully seat the Tapcon anchors. With this type of machine, the anchors install quick.

You can use a standard drill bit, SDS-Plus, or one of the dedicated Tapcon drill bits to install a traditional Blue Tapcon Concrete Screw.

Carbide-tipped bit such as Tapcon drill bits is manufactured with higher tolerances than ANSI standards, ensuring a precise fit and long-lasting anchors.

To achieve maximum holding power from your anchors, you need long, precise holes.

However, even with a 3/16 Tapcon drill bit, you can still get lots of holding power equals a larger screw size. You’ll find on the job increased drive yet less breakage.

Do You Need A Hammer Drill For Tapcon Screws?

The bit size is determined by the Tapcon being installed. Therefore, two dimensions must be determined: the bit’s diameter and length.

The Tapcon screw bit is somewhat smaller than the Tapcon’s stated diameter.

All Tapcon screw bits must fulfill ANSI B212.15-1994 specifications, have a carbide tip, and be used in a hammer drill set to hammer and rotation.
The Tapcon diameter determines the bit diameter.

  • To tap a 3/16” Tapcon, use a 5/32” bit, 1/4” Tapcon, 3/8” Tapcon, 1/2” Tapcon, and 3/4” Tapcon, use 3/16” diameter bits,
  • To tap 3/8” Tapcon, use 5/16” carbide tip and 3/4” carbide tipped bits.

The Tapcon concrete screw requires a specific hole size and shape to achieve minimum holding values.

The length of the chosen bit is essential for an accurate fit. That’s because the depth of the hole in the base material varies depending on the Tapcon length and application. (Read Star Bits Sizes Chart)

Each Tapcon concrete screw diameter has a minimum embedment depth requirement. The minimum embedment depth for each Tapcon diameter is:

Minimum Embedment Depth

Diameter of TapconMinimum Embedment Depth

The hole must also be drilled deeper than the Tapcon screw’s penetration into the base material. This greater depth allows dust created during installation to fall into and out of the way.

The 3/16” and 1/4” Tapcon holes must be drilled 1/4” deeper than the Tapcon screw will penetrate, and the 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, and 3/4” Tapcon holes must be drilled 1” deeper.

A Tapcon screw bit has two lengths: the overall length and the usable length.

The overall length of a bit is its length from end to end, while the useable length is the amount of the bit that can be utilized when inserted into the hammer drill.

Tapcon Drill Bit Sizes Chart

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