5 Terra Cotta Pot Fairy Garden Ideas

Many gardeners love to do something different and make their garden unique. One of the best things you can make is miniature fairy pots using old terracotta pots. You often find these in abundance, and in many cases, it doesn’t even matter if they are broken.

If you want to use a clay pot that isn’t broken, you can see how to do that safely so that you can make DIY miniature pot fairy garden ideas that can keep your children guessing if fairies are real or not.

Here are some of the best DIY tips you can find on how to create a DIY miniature broken pot fairy garden, or other items you can use in your DIY fairy garden from broken pieces, or make a beautiful design using succulents as the focal point. (Read 5 Must-have Fairy Gardening Accessories)

Terra Cotta Pot Fairy Garden Ideas

How Do You Break Terracotta Pots in Fairy Garden?

You can watch a top video on how to do this, yet you can just as easily use these DIY steps. You can easily break your pot into easy small pieces and make your gorgeous design for your broken pot fairy garden.

Be careful as clay can shatter easily and have sharp edges when you break your pot.

Always get safety goggles and get a good pair of gardening gloves that can be welcome.

You best cover your pot with a piece of well-made cloth – this will stop flying shards easily.

To know where to break the pot where you want it. Hold a small piece of wood against the inside of the pot where you will hit the outside. This mini tip stops broken pots where you don’t want them. (Find Great Gnome Garden Ideas)

Once you have made one or two large pieces for your design, along with some small pieces, it can be time to proceed to the next part of your miniature DIY fairy design.

How Do You Make a Clay Pot in the Fairy Garden?

What You Need for DIY fairy garden ideas

  • Trowel
  • Broken terracotta pot

Materials for miniature fairy garden pot

  • Silicone adhesive and or sculpting clay
  • Potting soil
  • Cardboard
  • Succulents or other small plants
  • Moss

Steps to Make a Beautiful Miniature Fairy Garden Design

  1. Arrange Pieces: To begin your DIY potted fairy garden, arrange the broken pieces to create different levels in your DIY fairy garden. Use silicone adhesive or sculpting clay and hold the parts of your DIY mini fairy garden pot in place. Let it dry before proceeding.
  2. Add Soil to Your DIY Fairy Gardens: Carefully add your potting soil to fill the spaces. Then, gently pat down and moisten to help hold it in position.
  3. Build Your DIY Steps: If you don’t have broken pieces that are fairy-sized, you can break larger ones to make mini pieces, ideally sized as steps. Use the cardboard to protect your potting bench surface. (Read Trimming Arborvitae)
  4. Add Your Fairy Gardens Mini Plants: You can fill up with soil and then begin placing your succulents. Add mini-features you have made, and then cover open areas using moss.

Are Terra Cotta Pots Good for Plants?

Here you can find the pros and cons of terra cotta pots in your garden.


  • Porous nature lets air and water pass through the walls easy to stop soil disease and root rot.
  • You can easily use pots for indoor plants or gorgeous outdoor container garden ideas
  • Ideal for small Cacti, miniature succulents, and plants that like drier soil
  • Great in colder climates as the walls suck water from the soil, so it dries faster
  • Pots have a beautiful patina design that ages over the years


  • In cold weather, they can crack (more mini DIY fairy garden pots)
  • Plants that like moist conditions will need watering more often

Can You Make a Candle in a Terracotta Pot?

If you have small terracotta pots you want to use, like candles, you need to fill the hole in the bottom with fire retardant material and coat the inside of the pot with a sealant that will prevent the inside from being porous. (Find out What to Do With Tree Stump in Front Yard)

Once you do this, you can either use tealights or fill your pot with low-shrinkage wax and a wick to create your candle.

5 Terra Cotta Pot Fairy Garden Ideas

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