5 Toy Storage for Outside Ideas

When you have kids, who play in the backyard a lot, you can amass many toys. Keeping these in order to stop them from getting damaged or causing accidents can be a challenge.

One of the best ways is to come up with some outdoor toy storage idea, yet finding the right solution can be difficult.

You can either go the DIY outdoor storage path and make your own, or you can go for the purchased ideas to keep your kid’s toys safe and secure. A storage shed can be too large, so here we have some of the best outdoor toy storage ideas to make the best use of your outdoor space for toy organization. (Learn How to Organize a Shed)

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How Do You Store Lots of Toys?

Here you can find the top overall best ways of storing toys you can make quickly without too much effort.

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DIY Rolling Cart for Storage

Although these are available to purchase, you’ll find these perfect for DIY jobs over a weekend. You can make these as large as you want with varying capacity. They are resistant to bangs and knocks and thus highly durable. You can fit in balls; skateboards and they are great for storing all manner of things on the included pegboard side.

Once the weather is bad, you can wheel it from your backyard back into the garage or shed.

Easy DIY Storage Solution

If you don’t have the tools or the time to follow any of the outdoor toy storage ideas, you can take the simplest solution and have a storage bin dotted around where they are needed. One of the best solutions that have decent storage capacity is milk crates.

These durable box style crates are ideal for kids toys and won’t collect water should it rain. You can fasten some to your fence for outdoor toys that are weather-resistant such as water guns or balls, or fasten some on your patio undercover to help keep your kids organized.

Storing toys around your garden doesn’t get much easier than this simple method. If you do wish to stop water from getting in, you can easily fabricate a lid.

How Do You Store Toys Outside

If you don’t wish to go for the DIY Outdoor storage solution, you may wish to go for a weather-resistant purchased option that is more suitable for sports equipment, pool toys and outdoor toys like bikes.

One of these in your backyard will take up more space, so you either need a separate area, or you can come up with an ingenious way to make your storage bench part of your outdoor seating bench solution. (Read Companion Planting Garden Layout)

Here is a couple of outdoor toy storage ideas.

Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench

Offers large 70-gallon capacity of outdoor toy storage

Made from durable weather-resistant resin in wood-look texture

Offers bench seating for two or three with a weight capacity of 771 lbs

Keter Outdoor Storage Box for Patio

More bench shape, this can be the ideal outdoor storage solution that offers a large capacity of 71 gallons.

It is made from weather-resistant materials and easy to install. It is a great way to keep organized without wasting garage space.

What is the Best Toy Storage?

While the above are easy to put together, they are quite heavy and are a more permanent solution. If you want a product that doesn’t cost the earth, yet it helps you make sure your kid’s toys are organized in the backyard, then the YardStash Outdoor Storage Deck Box can be a great final solution.

It is a smaller solution, yet when your kids need a place, they can throw their toys after use, it is perfect for keeping organized.

The box is made from heavy-duty tarpaulin, so it is light in weight at 11 pounds. Seams are welded, and there is a vent to stop condensation. The product is easy to assemble and keep in the backyard or the garage.

The YardStash has space for outdoor toys with dimensions of 31 inches wide x 25 inches deep x 28 inches high. You can keep it by the pool, or around the home to blend into the garden.

One of the great things about this is that kids can use it independently and won’t hurt themselves. It can sit in your backyard, and you know there is nothing to fall on your kids and the locking system is simple buckle straps.

It is a great solution and can be handy enough to have one or two dotted around your home to keep organized. They are suitable for a range of toys, pool gear and stuff in your garage that isn’t heavy.

The great thing is the material won’t crack or buckle under pressure, and you know you can move it anywhere or even take it camping to keep your kid’s toys safe and dry.

All the above solutions are ideal, yet you can see the best toy storage solution is more portable than all the other DIY and purchased toy store offerings.

The idea is simple, and they will hardly be notices in your backyard as they are not too large and blend into the surrounding areas. (Read Socket Size Chart)

If you love DIY, you can select the top storage solution in the list as you can customize it to meet your kid’s toys’ needs. You have the option, and as long as you have a little time, you can find many more garden ideas, or you may even decide to put a shed around your home and add the perfect solution for your kid’s toys.

5 Toy Storage for Outside Ideas

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