How to Decorate a Tree Stump

While carrying out our home improvement around the yard, you may come across that old tree stump you never got around to removing, or you are in a new home, and there is a tree stump left from the previous owners.

Tree stumps can be difficult to remove, and costly, and once gone, they leave a large area you need to landscape over or replant.

It can make sense to leave the stump and cut down on the work, but how do you hide the unsightly stump from view?

Decorate a Tree Stump

There are many ideas for tree stump landscaping, or you can make them a focal point in your garden to add some rustic design, or even let your kids run rampage with their design ideas.

Here, you can learn how to decorate a tree stump to prevent it from being an eyesore and become a part of your yard decorations.

How to Decorate a Tree Stump in the Front Yard

When you have a tree stump in your front yard, it can look unsightly to passersby, and can set the tone for the rest of your garden.

The best thing to do is to disguise the tree with some amazing tree stump ideas or hide it as part of your landscaping. The extent of what you can do will depend on the size of the original tree and the remaining stump. (Learn How To Make Your Backyard Private Cheap)

Bird Bath

A smaller stump makes an ideal stand for a birdbath. All you need to do is use an existing basin or a shallow terracotta bowl. You can even make use of any funky container to make a bath for the local birds.

It is possible to go further and decorate the area with stones and add an affordable solar fountain. The sound of babbling water is calming and prevents water from becoming stagnant.

Tall plants can offer shade if the stump is exposed, and birds will flock to their new bathing area. (Read How to Attract Birds into Your Garden)

House Number and Mailbox

If you are looking, what to do with tree stumps in your yard, which sit close to the sidewalk? If the stump is broad enough, you can have your house number or name carved into the side of the trunk.

One of the best ideas for tree stump landscaping is to make it the stand for your mailbox. If you are hand with your woodworking tools, you may be able to create the mailbox out of the stump itself.

Stump Birdhouse

Stump Garden

One of the simplest stump ideas is to create a stump garden. It is as natural as you can get when making a flowerbed in carved out tree stumps.

Unless the center of the stump hollow already, you may have to do some work to make a large enough hole. If your stump has begun rotting, this will be much easier.

Scoop out the center of the stump, add either potting soil or pots with your plants, and start planting. If the stump holds water, be sure to drill some drainage holes in the side of the stump.

If your stump is taller, other design ideas include fastening pots around the trunk and letting flowering plants grow over the sides where they obscure the stump in a blanket of various colors. (Read Best Chainsaws for the Money Guide)

Using Stumps in Other Yard Areas

Not every stump in your yard will be at the front. It is here you can make them a part of your outdoor living.

Family Dining

One of the best ideas for tree stump use is to add a tabletop. Once you do this, you have an area where you can spend time with the family, and you know your garden furniture is already weatherproof. A stump table can be as rustic or as unique as you like, but you will find it useful either way.

Fairy Garden

Either you can get your kids involved, or you can do this and keep the mysterious element. A fairy garden is a tremendous and novel idea for the garden.

If you get the kids to join in, leave the design up to them. You can add a door, small windows, and surround the bottom of the stump with a small garden area.

If you do this without them knowing, your kids will be amazed and keep watching for the fairies and pixies that live at the bottom of the garden. (Read The Amazing History of Garden Gnomes)

Garden Art

One way to decorate your home is to use a tree stump as a canvas. Garden art is a trend that many stump owners are taking, although it does need some creativity if you are doing it yourself.

Tree stumps art can be as simple as coloring or decorating the stump, or going all out and carving the stump into a unique design. If the stump was from a large tree, you could carve this into garden furniture. (Read Broken Pot Fairy Garden)

You can get plenty of ideas for amazing tree sculptures if you are stuck for inspiration.

Exhart Solar Owl Family in Tree Stump Garden Statue - Night Owls Garden Decor w Solar-Powered Lights – Night Owls in Ring-Shaped Tree Stump w Flowers

Garden Ideas for Cut Down Stumps

If you are searching for tall tree stump ideas, you can find you don’t have to leave the stump standing.

You can make full use of this by cutting this down and using it in another area. Decorating ideas for a large tree trunk can be a garden bench.

However, one of the best garden ideas for the trunk is to cut this up into thick slices and make a garden path.

Wood from your old stump is more pleasing to the eye than concrete pavers are, and it can be an economical option. (Read How to Build a Cinder Block Garden)

Once you begin to think, you can find your imagination and creativity are the only things that limit what you can do with a tree stump in your garden instead of removing it.

How to Decorate a Tree Stump

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