Tub Shower Valve Rough In Height

The height measurement is critical for installing shower fittings such as valves and heads. Washing your hair might be tricky if your head is too low. To switch on and off the water and regulate the temperature, improperly installed faucets at difficult-to-reach heights will require you to bend over or reach high.

Shower fittings at the proper heights make it simple to use your bathroom fixtures. The shower valve height from the floor should be suitable for the shortest and tallest individuals to use easily. Shower stalls have a standard shower valve height of 28 inches.

The shower valve height for bathtub showers is 48 inches, where a showerhead height of at least 72 inches is used. As with all the hardware, you’ll find a standard shower mixer height from floor or the shower pan upward. In our guide, you can learn more about the installation of shower hardware. By the end, you’ll know where to put your valve body, even if there is a bit of personal choice in the positioning decision. (Find Paint For Shower Walls)

Installation of shower hardware

How High Should The Valve Be In A Tub Shower?

The shower valve rough in height depends on whether the shower is set in a bathtub or a shower stall. Positioning accounts for folks of medium height however also cater to short and tall people.

Positioning needs to be at a standard height, so you know where to reach if the water temperature is too hot or cold and you want to adjust it easily.

Here’s more on the valve body-mounted location for various shower setups.

Showers Set Over Bathtubs

For showers installed in bathtubs, the valve height is 28 inches from the floor.

Given that they connect to both the tap and the shower, the height of these valves is frequently low. The low height is also because you must reach the valve when in the bathtub.

The tub spout height should be 4 inches above the tub’s top edge. In addition, you’ll find that when you fill your tub, you’ll have a 2-inch air space above the overflow rim.

Standard shower valve height for a shower set

Showers Set in Shower Stall

The standard shower valve height for a shower set in a shower stall is 48 inches. This shower handle height is good for users, whether standing or individuals who need to shower when seated. (Read 5 Common Problems With Nest Thermostat)

Adjustable Height Shower Valve

Installing a shower valve with an adjustable height allows you to use the shower for all regions of your body without just using your hands. The following are some strategies to use while installing an adjustable height shower valve:

  • Screw Height Adjustment: The screws that keep your current shower valve in place are used to secure the new adjustable valve in place while still allowing for adjustments.
  • Nail Height Adjustment: Replace the valve with the correct replacement screws after grinding down the old one. Replace the present valve’s mounting plate with a height-adjustable plate fitting your showerhead or faucet. You can alter the height according to your personal choice.
  • Self-Adjusting: The shower valve on the self-adjusting adjustable shower valve slides up and down in harmony with the height of the showerhead. It is no longer necessary to adjust the showerhead and valve separately.
  • Manually Operated: A mechanical inverter or a hand tool is used to raise or lower the manually-operated mechanism shower valve to the suitable height as desired by the user.

Height of Shower Tap

The gap between the shower taps and the shower pan should be 20 inches making them some of the lowest bathroom fixtures.

Showerhead Height

Showerheads have to be at least 72 inches above the shower pan, so if there is a taller person in the family, you can raise it.

The best showerhead to be installed to offer the highest showerhead height is a rainfall-style shower head installation that sits higher toward the ceiling.

Height of Shower Grab Bars

For persons with disabilities, you’ll install horizontal shower grab bars are mounted at the height of 36 to 42 inches from the shower pan.

For safety reasons, grab bars in the shower are installed at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees.

Distance Between Shower Fittings

The fixtures’ functions determine the distance between shower fixtures.

Likewise, pipes and their length are determined by the distance between fixtures.

The plumbing between them will be 24 inches when the shower head is 72 inches high and the valve is 48 inches high. The piping distance is 44 inches when the shower head is 72 inches high, and the valve is 28 inches high.

Both the hot and cold water handles should be 8 inches apart, with one 4 inches to the right of the valve and the other 4 inches to the left of the valve.

The distance between the center of the spout and the bottom end of the valve body should be 6 inches.

The distance between the fittings changes as you move the shower head or other fixtures.

Here are a few factors that determine the distance between shower fittings?

Local Codes

Plumbing codes vary from one location to the next. For instance, the showerhead must be a minimum height of 72 inches high in certain regions, but in others, it must be 76 inches from the shower pan.

Some codes are more lenient, allowing for varying heights and spacing when you install bathroom fixtures.

Personal Choice

Aside from local plumbing codes, your preferences may influence how much space you leave when you install bathroom fixtures.

Shower valve height codes, such as the ADA Shower Valve Measurements Requirements (Americans with Disabilities Act), can also be a factor.

If local codes require you to install a shower head at 72 inches, but someone in the family is taller than 72 inches, you can adjust the height to accommodate a tall person.

Consider the local codes when making any changes to your plumbing system to ensure that you follow them to the letter.

Tub shower valve height

How Far Out Should A Shower Valve Be Installed?

The question of how far should a shower valve stick out is frequently posed, although, in most situations, the size is set by the dimensions of the valve.

The handle protrudes from the finished wall by about 3.75 inches, and the gap between your handle cover and wall plate will be about 1 1/4 inches.

If you search for a standard shower rough in height like toilet rough-in, you will be disappointed because there is no standard rough-in for shower and tub. But you can find a standard rough-in for you or your family.

If you have a personal bathroom or one for all the family, it is easy. But the bathroom is for the guest; then, it is a little bit difficult to measure.

1. Tub shower valve rough in height for adults:

  1. Measure the height.
  2. Increase the height by 12 inches.
  3. Now, measure the distance from the subfloor to the top based on the total height.
  4. If it isn’t high enough, you can add less than 12 inches to the bathroom ceiling. During that time, you must use those shower heads, which have a short elbow length.
  5. Showerheads with a diameter of 65 to 78 inches are recommended.

2. Tub shower valve rough in height for teenagers:

  1. Take the height of the family’s highest member or the height of the parents’ tallest member.
  2. Increase the height by 12 inches.
  3. Measure the showerhead’s height.

3. Shower rough in height for the common bathroom:

It’s a little easier to measure shower rough in height for a personal bathroom than for a shared bathroom because you’ll know the height of the tallest person.

Everyone in the family can use the bathroom.

If you are not creating a separate guest bathroom in your basement, your temporary visitor will use the same toilet and bathroom. So, while measuring the shower rough-in, use the height of the tallest person that will stand under your shower unit. (Learn How To Unclog Shower Drain With Baking Soda And Vinegar)

What is tub shower valve rough in height?

Another crucial aspect to consider is the rough-in for the shower valve.

It does so because it regulates the water flow and temperature.

The shower valve body usually has four ports: two inlets for cold and hot water and two more for the showerhead and tub spout.

The shower valve standard height is approximated from the spout or tub rim. It is sometimes taken from the finished floor. For example, the height is usually 10 to 12 inches from the faucet spout.

If you measure the height from the finished floor, it will range from 40 to 48 inches.

However, the above is insufficient for anyone who has basketball player measurements.

The measurement will vary because of this. You can place the shower valve at a comfortable height where your hand can easily reach it. Between 45 and 48 inches from the finished floor is what industry manufacturers recommend.

Set the shower valve to 40″ for a 6’10” tall man, which places the valve generally controls 10″ to 12″ above the tub rim and within easy reach of the faucet spout lever.

Tub Shower Valve Rough In Height

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