What Color Cabinets With Gray Floors

What Color Cabinets With Gray Floors

Gray floors are a great option to make your kitchen space wonderful. Most homeowners find this lovely color’s shades popular and effectively cope with dirt. You can opt for a lighter or darker shade of gray with production methods.

Since gray is a neutral color that other colors can easily complement, a wide variety of color schemes will look great if you’re set on having a gray kitchen floor. Gray floors are in, so the real question is, what color do cabinets go with grey floors? If you want a color to match or contrast, you can opt for lower cabinets with gray floors of one color and your upper cabinets another color, or at least different shades.

In our guide, you can find plenty of ideas to browse as you wear your interior design cap. You can choose from anything, such as white cabinets and grey floors, to dark cabinets with grey floors.

By the end, you can perk up your interior design with bold shades and contrasting colors or have a more relaxed decorated life with earth tones. No matter what color cabinets go with gray floors, your kitchen will be the way you want it. (Read What Color Paint Goes With Brown Granite)

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What Are The Best Cabinet Colors For a Gray Floor

Can you mix and match the colors of your cabinets and floors, or should they match? Which are better, lighter or dark floors compared to the cabinets? Will your cool-toned gray floors ever become outdated?

Dark flooring will help to anchor the room if you choose a white or light gray cabinet. Darker floors also give a kitchen a cozier, friendlier atmosphere, yet may need more cleaning compared to lighter floors.

Here are the color options to match your cabinet colors with your shades of gray.

1. Black Cabinets In A Kitchen With gray Floors

Will the darkness be too dark? In reality, black cabinets go with gray floors and look stunning. This dark shade against light contrast draws attention to the furniture while making your floor feel lighter and offering an airier appearance.

With black, almost anything looks fantastic. It makes a powerful statement while striking contrast with the gray flooring.

Almost anything looks good in black. It makes a bold statement while making visual contrast to the gray flooring. Since it isn’t a color, you can always change the rest of your decor if you grow tired of a particular color scheme over time.

2. Do White Cabinets Go With Gray Floors?

Whites are always a good option, especially if you want to create a light, tidy, and airy atmosphere. White kitchen cabinets come in both traditional and trendy styles.

They go well with almost any type of interior design, including traditional, modern, industrial, and minimalist. Light gray floors and white cabinets allow you to add color to less-permanent kitchen areas.

For instance, if you want to alter the color scheme, paint the walls a vivid color before repainting them. It would be more difficult and expensive to change the color of your kitchen cabinets, so opting for a neutral shade, such as off-white cabinets, add some color and stops it from going out of style.

White cabinets offer a safe alternative because they go well with any shade of gray, just like gray and black cabinets. (Read Pink And Red Make What Color)

3. Black and White Cabinet Colors

Because gray is a mix of black and white, use both for your cabinet color: white cabinets, black island. Alternately, paint the top cabinets one color and the bottom cabinets another. This adds depth to your kitchen and matches your gray flooring.


4. Greens and Blues

Cool-toned gray floors contrast strikingly with matte green kitchen cabinets. This color scheme has a sleek, high-end appearance while keeping the outdoors’s depth and serenity.

Choose gleaming rose gold handles for contrast and match them with light marble counters. If the gray flooring in your home has cool undertones, go with blue cabinets for a calming and stress-free aura by nature.

Blue creates a tranquil kitchen environment to cook for your family or want a Zen space. In a similar vein, green cabinets reflect nature and feel invigorating. In addition, green cabinets present an organic-looking cabinet color with light floors.

However, when pairing blue cabinets with gray floors, remember that the darker the flooring, the richer and deeper the color should be.

While bright blue would pair with a lighter gray, you’d have cabinets match darker shades of gray that are navy blue or similar.


5. Dark Or Lighter Gray

Gray kitchen with gray floor? It may be a cool tone to have gray on both cabinets and floors, yet there are many shades for your darker kitchen cabinets to create rhythm and textured faces.

Light gray tones add space, light, and air, while dark gray tones add intimacy and depth. Choose a darker or lighter shade gray combination of gray to complement for a sleek, modern look, and match grays as much as possible.

6. Red

Compared to red gloss laminate kitchen cabinets, Crimson, cherry, or mahogany for kitchen cabinets creates a more natural, comforting atmosphere.

Red kitchen cabinets make a bold statement, yet too much makes a kitchen look busy. Neutral colors and designs can balance your red and gray kitchen. For example, a red and gray combination, such as red bases and gray walls, creates two-toned kitchen cabinets.

7. Pink And Gray Are Ageless

Making your kitchen cabinets pink will also make them slightly more feminine. Pick a light-colored kitchen cabinet regardless of whether your floors are light or dark gray. Use an orchid pink or rose color to soften the look of your color combination.

In theory, your kitchen or space will look more modern if it has pink cabinets and gray floors. It will make the light lighter thanks to the subtle tones, and your cool gray floors, this sort of color scheme is timeless. (Learn How To Remove Food Coloring From Carpet)

8. Vibrant Yellow

Yellow can bring the light of the sun and is an uplifting color, and can easily pair with black, white, and gray. Gray and yellow cabinets can give natural light to your kitchen that it may be lacking. In addition, grey floors look different from yellow cabinets, and yellow can also make as a natural eye drawer.

Any gray will do because yellow is a powerful color, though it might need a darker gray to balance the vibrancy.

9. Teal

When deciding between green and blue, choose teal. Teal is a safe choice if you’re new to home color. Black hardware complements the open shelving and farmhouse sink. Upper white cabinets help tie together white quartz countertops, white tile backsplash, and your contrasting gray floors.

10. Keep It Natural For a Warm Tone

Don’t rule out using traditional cabinets made of natural wood, either. Although natural wood cabinets are timeless, few people associate them with gray flooring.

A cool gray can stand out by pairing it with dark maple cabinets.

Choosing mahogany or another light wood would look great with dark gray flooring. Remember, it isn’t too much work to darken light wood if you tire of light wood, yet lightening it can be tricky.

Matching Gray Floors with Walls

White, blue, some shades of green, pink/red, yellow, and even gray are some cabinet colors that look good with color gray floors. Stick to cool tones in your cabinetry, such as blues and greens, if your floors are cool gray.

Warmer colors like reds and yellows, on the other hand, complement warmer shades of grades better. Choose light or dark gray cabinets to go with your gray floor for a more traditional look.

Gray has transformed from a dull and melancholy color to a fashionable one. Additionally, gray floors come in various hues and textures, making them anything but dull.

What you can use to incorporate gray floors into your kitchen is suggested below. The space has a soft, light feel when gray walls and floors are put together. Adding light décor can give the room some life while keeping the design aesthetically pleasing for anyone who uses it.

Darker neutrals appear more polished and cool, whereas lighter neutrals have a softer, more serene atmosphere. Some wall colors that go well with gray flooring are sand, honey, light green, and soft yellow.

Pure white should be avoided as it might create too much contrast. When combined with warm color schemes like cream and beige, light gray flooring looks amazing. For a more modern and manly look, use silver.

To create a vibrant room and light, pale yellow is a good color choice. Although it will be much softer and more natural, this color will still give you a yellowish tint.

If most of your furniture is in neutral colors like white or gray, pairing yellow walls with gray floors is a great way to avoid drab looks. The green color green is ideal for those looking for fresh ways to spruce up their living space. In addition, Sage green is one of the best green hues for rooms with gray flooring.

A traditional green keeps its calming and natural effect while being enhanced by this lovely color. Since too much contrast will make the kitchen appear disjointed and overwhelming, color should be used with caution. (Find the Best Paint Sprayer For Cabinets)

Ending thoughts on kitchen color schemes with grey floors

Color temperature shouldn’t be ignored. Once you’ve identified the undertone of your gray flooring, selecting the suitable color scheme is straightforward. Your cabinet color, countertops, area rugs, appliances, and stools should all be painted warm or cool.

Be mindful of the décor’s overall style. As a result, a light gray floor and furniture in light, woody tones are typical for classic designs, while modern styles favor more complex tones. Additionally, loft and industrial designs demand darker kitchen cabinets in terms of tone and contrast.

Pay close attention to the defining colors. For example, to assume that a gray floor is neutral enough to accommodate colorful kitchen decor would be a mistake.

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