What Does Camel Taste Like

Camels can live without water for over 15 days and have been tamed in several areas of the world for centuries. But as more desert dwellers move from North Africa to North America, they bring traditions and their favorite foods from Moroccan cuisine.

So, do people eat camel? In many cultures, people eat camels, which is considered a delicacy compared to chicken, the camel hump being the most prized. The meat has a slightly gamey taste; in particular, this gamey taste comes from old camel. Most often, diners say roasted camel meat tastes like lamb or beef.

Even the Australian government released wild camels; now, these feral camels are culled, and top camel burgers with grilled pineapple. In our guide, you can learn more about camel meat taste. By the end, you’ll have an idea of where to buy camel meat and how healthy it can be eating camel meat compared to cow meat.

camel taste

You’ll also see how you can liven up any barbecue with that camel burger taste instead of regular beef patties. (Read Can You Eat Shrimp Tails)

What is Camel?

People have used camels for a variety of uses throughout history. Camels make it easy to haul heavy cargo over long distances and harsh terrain without needing to feed them or carry fresh water. Camels can go for more than 15 days without drinking.

When food sources are scarce, fat stored in the camels hump can help the animal survive. In recent years, camels have emerged as a cost-effective food source for nations that rely on oil extraction but have limited agricultural land.

They are gentler in our environment than any other species and can be used for milk, meat, wool, and transportation. The red meat has three times the caloric content of poultry and twice the caloric content of lean beef, making them an easily preserved protein source.

Can You Eat Camel Meat?

Many countries in the Middle East and North Africa consider camel a fantastic delicacy and think that this meat is better than beef steak, lamb chops, or chicken wings, with the hump being the tastiest part.

Since humans have long tamed dromedaries for their milk, wool, and other goods like dung, they are employed for these occasions and also grace camel meat buffets in some areas.

benefits of camel

Health and Nutritional Benefits of Camel

It may be nice to know that a camel can last with little food and can thrive on what other animals would ignore. However, as a source of food and nourishment, camels are an animal that is sometimes disregarded.

What we need to know is, is camel meat good to eat? You may be surprised to find camel is suitable for all family members, even those of young age. When the calf emerges after a 13-month gestation, camel milk, which is rich in fat and protein, would have provided nutrition for it.

Iron, which contains your immune system function and distributes oxygen throughout your body, is also present, and it has up to two times as much vitamin C as cow’s milk.

Vitamins A, D, and E are rich in camel milk and help prevent asthma, cancer, and heart disease while pregnant. In many ways, when you eat camel meat, you are eating something better for you than other red meats.

Evidence shows camel meat contains lower cholesterol and saturated fat levels than beef, lamb, hog, or chicken. The meat is also rich in selenium, zinc, and iron, making it an excellent treatment for those with anemia brought on by low hemoglobin levels in the blood. (Read What Does Swiss Chard Taste Like)

What Does Camel Taste Like?

Camel meat tastes like beef but might taste gamey. It might be difficult if not appropriately cooked because it is also extremely lean. The only difference is, depending on the animal’s age at the time of death, the flavor and look are comparable to those of deer or lamb with a sweet aftertaste.

Like all red meats, the camel has an iron-like flavor some find off-putting, while others believe the taste adds richness to recipes like stews where other ingredients are used to flavor it. Because they consume more grasses than grains in their diet, young camels typically have less gamey flavors than older animals. Camel meat can be prepared in various ways depending on the cut.

For instance, ground camels can make burgers, meatloaf, tacos, and kebabs. Before cooking, the meat is combined with onions, garlic, and spices like cumin, chili powder, and curry. Any cuts intended for roasting or grilling must also be deboned. Their high calcium content of them prevents them from disintegrating during the process.

Camel meat is also often served with sauces or other fatty ingredients because camel meat is very lean. Although venison and camel have some types of flavor, there are also some distinctions. Compared to most other game meats, venison has a harsher, drier flavor, whereas when you eat camel meat, there is a milder flavor many people like when cooking with a variety of spices and olive oil.

What Does Camel Milk Taste Like?

Many people love camel milk, and they have for millennia. Early in the 1200s, camels were treasured as status symbols in the Middle East because of their ability to produce enormous amounts of milk.

It can be drunk in hot or cold form and has little flavor. However, camel milk was also renowned as a superior vitamin C source. However, some still contend that it tastes superior to cow milk and that there aren’t many places left where you can buy this specific type of dairy product in modern times.

They claim it tastes smoother and sweeter and doesn’t have the sour aftertaste of typical dairy products. (Learn How Do Brussel Sprouts Taste)

Camel milk is a nutrient-rich beverage with comparatively low-fat content. Because camel milk doesn’t include any traces of whey or casein, it is also ideal for people with lactose intolerance or other sensitivity to cow’s milk.

cooking camel meat

How to Cook Camel Meat?

Many people are unaware that camel meat has a soft, savory flavor and is a fantastic source of protein. Camel meat can be prepared in various ways, but they all have the same cooking technique: slow, meticulous cooking. Here’s a quick deep dive into how to cook camel meat.

The meat should be roasted for 45 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit with salt and pepper, or until it reaches a temperature of 155 F, as the first way of preparation (68 C).

If you wish to skewer vegetables, you can also roast them on skewers. Just be careful not to use too much oil when cooking the veggies. The second option is finding a decent, hot grill and cooking the meat for around 15 minutes on each side. If your grill isn’t large enough to fit all the camel meat, turn it occasionally, so it cooks through evenly. The third option is to make kebabs by skewering portions of camel, which will roast more quickly than if left in an oven alone.

Before placing them on the grill, ensure they are well-oiled with olive oil or other healthy fat. After that, turn every so often until both sides are medium-rare (which should take about six minutes). Use about two pounds of camel per person if you intend to make a stew out of the meat. After adding enough water or broth to cover, your favorite herbs and spices should be added. Simmer till soft for at least an hour with a lid on.

Camel curry

This works well with camel meat. If you have a more significant cut of camel meat, you may trim off little bits to use in a curry. They will give the spices and ingredients a rich flavor.

Chili Camel

Camel chili keeps camel meat soft and juicy. You can use ground camel meat, trim, or cubes of camel steak. Add beans, crushed tomatoes, stock, and tomato juice. Add salt and pepper to taste for a quick weeknight supper.


Camel Tacos may be created with a camel. Ground camel meat seasoned with cumin and chili powder makes a fantastic taco filler. You may marinade a larger cut of camel in the same spices, oil, and vinegar, then grill it fajita-style.

Is Camel Meat Expensive?

The prices for camel meat are about $20 per pound, which is not extremely expensive compared to those for other exotic meats. A camel may be found at a butcher shop specializing in game foods or in specialty grocery stores that carry game meats.

Because camel meat is offered by weight rather than by the piece like other types of meat frequently are, you might have problems locating an economical cut even if you need a few pounds of the animal for your camel meat dish. (Read Can I Eat Brussel Sprouts Raw)

Where to Buy Camel Meat?

In the U.S., Japan, and Europe, the demand for exotic meats like camel had climbed by 20% since 2012, when there was an increase in demand for camel meat. Sales of camel meat in California caused legitimate exotic meat markets to increase by 3,000%. The demand for exotic meats has been steadily rising in other exotic meat markets across the United States.

People will pay more for meat varieties. You can check Exotic Meats if you want quality camel meat slices. However, the most common way to eat camel meat is in hamburgers.

However, if you want it to stick together nicely at higher temperatures, add a little olive oil and breadcrumbs. Ground camel meat contains adequate moisture content to prevent it from drying out during cooking. A Somalian restaurant serving an exceptionally well-liked ground camel burger seasoned with East African herbs and spices and topped with grilled pineapple can be found in Minneapolis.


Is Camels Meat Expensive?

The cost of camel meat is not high. Camel meat costs about $20 per pound, which is not excessive compared to other exotic meats.

Where can I buy camel meat?

Camel meat can be found in specialty supermarkets or a butcher shops specializing in game meats.

Are camel’s meat red or white?

It is neither white nor red. Depending on the camel’s age, the meat’s color can range from raspberry red to dark brown.

Are camel burgers good?

These burgers are overstuffed with camel meat because ground camel meat is one of the leanest red meats available.

What is the tastiest part of camel meat?

The hump is the tastiest part of camel meat.

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