What Happens When You Call Animal Control On A Neighbor

Animal cruelty does not have to be physical; ignoring a pet is considered maltreatment and may attract the authorities’ notice. If you notice a neighbor’s pet being neglected, you may feel compelled to carry out some anonymous reporting and contact the animal control service.

Or, what happens if you call the local animal control department on a neighbor? Things differ significantly if you call animal control because of a dog bite or the chances of dog bites from stray animals to children and family.

When a neighbor is reported to animal control, agency officials will contact the animal’s owner. At first, the owner might get away with a warning. However, if the problem persists, the agency may visit the property owner and issue a ticket.

If you see animal mistreatment, calling animal control may be the best option. However, it can be a complex matter, so you can learn what happens when you call an animal control officer in our guide.

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By the end, you’ll know how to deal with the situation and when to call animal control on a neighbor, or you can deal with the situation in a non-confrontational manner. (Learn How To Get Rid Of Crickets In Basement)

What Is Considered Animal Neglect?

Every state has enacted legislation to prevent certain types of neglect. However, animal neglect cases might be challenging to spot, investigate, and prosecute.

Animal neglect is a sort of animal abuse in which a dog’s owner fails to provide proper care for a domesticated pet or other animals they are in charge of. Animal neglect can include the following behaviors, although it can vary between states.

  • Abandoning without proper food, water, or shelter
  • Failure to provide food, water, and shelter
  • Failing to provide medical care for an injured animal
  • Hoarding or Puppy Mills
  • Starvation
  • Tethering a dog in a yard without reasonable care

Animal abuse already exists as animal neglect. However, not all incidents of neglect are from an animal abuser, and some are simply the result of a lack of knowledge about good pet keeping.

In that case, the pet owner may receive a warning and guidelines on pet care.

If you’re concerned about a neighbor’s dog being neglected, keep the following in mind before filing an animal welfare complaint:

The animal carer does not provide food, water, and shelter. For example, we all know that the heat may kill a dog in the summer.

If you notice a neighbor leaving their dog outside without water or shelter regularly, that might be considered neglect. (Learn How To Keep Dog From Digging Under Chain Link Fence)

The owner does not offer veterinary care, even if the animal appears to be in terrible health.

Animal neglect or abuse should be reported to the authorities, especially if it is done on purpose and causes the unfortunate creature pain.

According to the Humane Society, anyone who commits intentional cruelty may have a mental illness. In addition, that person may have been a victim of violence in the past or is more likely to do so in the future.

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What Happens When You Call Animal Control On a Dog?

If you have a problem with your neighbor’s dogs, it’s crucial to know when to call animal control.

And if an inquiry is required, you can’t just call animal control on your neighbor.

What happens when you call animal control on a neighbor is essential to know, as you don’t want to phone animal control and create a bogus complaint.

An irritated neighbor can complain about someone else’s dog only to annoy the owner. Make sure you have proof of a bid for preventing animal cruelty before calling.

Negotiations and discussions with your neighbor should usually be enough to settle the issue. If not, this is when you should contact a local animal shelter.

There are various reasons to report animal neglect or other complaints when you contact two animal rescue organizations in case one can’t help or the situation is extreme.

They are as follows:

Loose Dogs

A dog from your neighbor who wanders onto your property can easily lead to a dog attack. Although ensure it isn’t an isolated incidence before reporting it to local animal control service.

Dogs can get off their leash, and your neighbor may be unaware.

However, if a dog repeatedly visits your home, damages your yard, or exhibits aggressive behavior, report it.

Similarly, if you feel the animal owner let out your neighbor’s animal without an attempt to keep it secure, by all means, call and see what happens when you call animal control on a neighbor.

Dead Pets

Injured animals on your property, or ones that have died without the owner being around. Call animal control for quarantine purposes until the cause of death can be determined of the neighbor’s pets.

Distressed Animals

Animals in distress can be upsetting. Call animal control if there is an urgent situation of an injured cat or dog on your property. If you see your neighbor isn’t around in the local residential areas, it is one of the best reasons to call animal control.

Unruly Dog

A dog that chases livestock and possibly kills them if you have farm animals in your backyard and your neighbor’s dog keeps chasing them away.

Call animal control if you’ve complained to your neighbor several times and nothing has been done.

Animal Abuse

If you see your neighbor’s dog chained or tied for long periods or notice it has lost weight, it may indicate poor treatment.

You could be a witness to animal mistreatment in progress. In that instance, contact your local animal control to inquire about the situation.

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Aggressive Dog Breed

One technique to cope with a neighbor’s aggressive dog is to call animal control. If you spot an aggressive dog roaming around your neighborhood without a leash, or if you witness a neighborhood dog attack or you or your family suffer dog bites, contact animal control right away.

What Does Local Animal Control Do?

Noisy neighbors can aggravate, but instead of filing a complaint or calling animal control right immediately, explore other, more cooperative solutions and use the agency officers knocking as a last resort.

If your neighbor will cooperate, consider one of the following approaches to resolve the conflict:

  • Talk to your neighbor
  • Check if you cause the pet’s disturbance
  • Involve a mediator

Potential Issue Solution

  • Does the pet make noises at certain times or for several hours?
  • Can the neighbor’s pet see or hear them if you have pets?
  • Do they venture close to the neighbor’s pet if you have kids?
  • Pets are rarely noisy for no reason.

If you’re not the reason, and the neighbor doesn’t want to cooperate through direct discussion, you may have to involve a third party.

A local neighborhood association could be an ideal intermediary, as they have everyone’s best interests to consider. If there isn’t such a person to help with neighbor disputes, check any house rules or local laws on what to do.

What Happens When Animal Control Gets Called On You?

Targeting dog owners and ethical breeders have increased. Complicating matters is the fact that many anti-dog laws are enforced illegally.

Nobody wants Animal Control to come knocking on their door, but you need to know your alternatives if they do.

Remember, Animal Control is the law, and the same constitution binds every government agency. Know your rights to protect yourself. One rule applies to all: never resist an officer.

When Animal Control is At Your Door:

Animal Control can’t enter your home without a warrant or your permission in most cases. Sometimes, Animal Control officers have reported a construction or zoning violation after failing to locate enough evidence to make an arrest or take legal action. (Learn How High Can A Fox Jump)

If the agency officers contacting you want to discover a violation, they will, no matter how clean your kennels are.

Talking to them in an open door is not a good idea; if the local police officer believes there is enough reason to enter, it could worsen the issue.

Local and state laws say anything officers see via the open door is “plain sight” and may be used for an arrest or to get a search warrant.

They may search for weapons. Even if you don’t have one, they are inside once they enter your home and may continue searching.

Demand to see the warrant if they have one. A judge must sign a search warrant.

  • A dog search warrant does not contain a jewelry box inventory.
  • A search warrant for your kennel in the garage or barn does not include your home.

A breeder permit may be required in some regions, allowing Animal Control to enter. If you sign such a permit, they can’t enter against your will because you can remove it.

If you refuse, they may cancel your breeder permit; therefore, you must evaluate the repercussions.

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  1. I have a neighbor who has chickens that are not being properly cared for. They have a coop, but they are constantly out of it & walking around freely. They also go out into the road occasionally. This neighborhood is not ideal for raising chickens to begin with & the owner already has their hands full with six children. I never understood why people get pets that they mistreat, neglect, or abuse.

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