What Is A Double Hung Window

When it comes to replacing windows in your home, a few things to take are cost, style, and energy efficiency. However, before comparing features, styles, and installation requirements, it is important to understand the most common types of windows that need to be replaced.

Single-hung and double-hung windows are two of the most prevalent window frame types. While there are many similarities between these two traditionally popular styles, understanding how they differ can determine the best option for your house.

In our guide, you can learn more about single hung vs double hung windows and the best form of your home. Both single and double hung have their advantages above being energy efficient and coming in many window styles.

By the end, you will know all the differences, and which is the best choice between single hung vs double hung windows for your home. (Find the Best Windowsill Herb Garden Kit)

Double hung windows for your home

What is the Advantage of a Double Hung Window?

Are you thinking of replacing the windows at home? Nowadays, double-hung windows are a terrific option with numerous advantages; and are one of the most popular window styles on the market. A double hung window frame has an upper and lower sash that can move up and down and tilt inward.

Easy Cleaning

Most modern double hung windows are easy to clean. Because both sashes tilt in, you can clean the exterior from the inside, saving you the trouble and danger of using a ladder for your window cleaning on the first floor. You do not have to leave your house or work up a sweat to clean your windows. Double hung windows allow you to open the lower sash for access.

Energy Efficient Windows

For energy efficiency, installing double hung windows in your new or existing property has many benefits. Because of their greater energy efficiency, new double hung windows can dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs.

Even over ten years old, windows are inefficient because they were not designed to be or have much energy efficiency. Besides, joints may have loosened or deteriorated over time, allowing more air intrusion into your home. Replacing old windows with new double-hung energy efficient units will reduce your heating and cooling costs, reduce energy loss, and improve your home’s comfort.

Cooling Benefits

When it comes to installing window air conditioners, double-hung windows have an advantage. Air conditioners can be easily placed and secured in the window because the sashes move up and down.

Because the sashes on double-hung windows move up and down, you will need to cover the window with a screen. Unlike casement windows that open outward, a screen allows you to let a breeze in for ventilation while keeping bugs out.


Double-hung windows are amongst the most versatile window styles available, making them the most common replacement window choice today. Double-hung windows, doors come in a choice of sizes, styles, colors, and materials to match, thus making them a wide fit for any home or business.

What’s the Difference Between Double-Hung and Single-Hung Windows?

If you are shopping for windows but are not unsure what the difference between a single hung and a double-hung window is or which one is best for your home, we can help. We understand the key differences between the two types of windows, so here you can find the difference between a single hung window and double-hung window.

Window Operation

The primary distinction between a single hung and a double-hung window is how they function. The top sash of a single-hung window is fixed, while the bottom sash slides vertically. Both the top and bottom sashes of a double-hung window can be opened and closed.

You can open the top sash of a double-hung window, unlike single-hung windows, as both sashes are operable. If you want fresh air that does not blow directly on you while sleeping, this is the device to use. (Learn How To Get Glue Off Glass)

Window Ventilation & Circulation

The amount of ventilation and airflow provided by these windows is the second difference. Opening both double-hung window sashes, maximum circulation is achieved; cool, fresh air enters from the bottom, while warm air exits from the top. Single-hung windows only offer one opening.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Most double-hung windows come with tilt sashes, meaning the upper and lower sashes tilt inward. This allows both the interior and exterior glass to be cleaned from inside your home. This is especially helpful for second and third-floor windows, unlike a single-hung window that could require a window cleaner.


Double-hung windows are often more expensive than a single-hung window of comparable size because of the additional features and functionality.

How Do I Know if My Windows are Double Hung?

Single-hung windows are a common installation in new residences, apartment buildings, and office spaces. Single-hung windows get their name because the bottom sash, or panel, slides vertically while the upper sash is fixed. The bottom sash partially obstructs the upper sash while the window is open.

Builders and homeowners prefer single-hung windows because of the extra materials, such as operable glass in the second sash.

However, because single-hung windows have limits, a double-hung window may end up costing the homeowner less in the long term.

Replacement single-hung windows cannot be tilted for better ventilation, maintenance, or exterior cleaning.

Opening one sash in bathrooms and other rooms that require sufficient ventilation might increase moisture levels, perhaps contributing to mildew growth and stench.

Cleaning single-hung windows can challenge, especially in rooms on the upper floors of a structure. For such difficult-to-reach places, many homeowners engage in a window cleaning firm.

Double Hung windows benefits

Double-Hung Windows

The most popular replacement windows in the United States are double-hung windows. Double-hung have an upper sash and lower sash and offer open and tilt in double-hung windows, making both panels accessible. This improves circulation while also making them easier to clean and maintain.

Replacement double-hung windows are also more secure than single-hung windows since they have two locks instead of one. Because both sashes must operate, the frames are stronger.

Replacement double-hung windows come in a wider selection of colors and external styles than replacement single-hung or casement windows, allowing you to expand your architectural inspiration options than with single-hung windows. (Learn How to Tape Drywall)

Double-hung windows are better for safety because they allow you to quickly flee the house and escape a fire that can block the door. In addition, a double-hung window has safe for children as you can open the top panes rather than the bottom pane.

What does it mean for a window to be double-hung?

A window homeowner can open by sliding the bottom half up of the window style or sliding the top pane downward.

Any home renovation project can take on a unique style with a double-hung window if you have the inspiration. They are far easier to service, and when you compare them to traditional windows, they make your life much easier for several reasons.

Being able to clean the exterior and interior from the same spot is the number one benefit.

What Is A Double Hung Window

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