What is Sheesham Wood

Sheesham wood is one of the most popular species of hardwood for furniture. It is lightweight and easy to care for, lasts a long time. It can resist termites and is a budget-friendly choice to solid wood timber or teak wood.

Furniture that uses wood from Sheesham makes a fine addition to your home because of its natural beauty and different grain. To strengthen the color and the natural markings of the wood, you have to polish it. (Read How to Get into Woodworking)

It is the type of timber obtained from the Sheesham tree commonly found in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh’s subcontinental regions. Lumber is found in humid and warm areas, but wood is found in warm and moist areas.

Sheesham wood in the winter

Here you can learn more about Sheesham Wood before you begin crafting your new Indian Sheesham Wood table.

What is Sheesham Wood Called in English?

A fast-growing, hardy deciduous rosewood tree native to the Indian subcontinent and southern Iran is Dalbergia Sissoo. You will find it commonly known as Indian Rosewood or Sheesham wood as it is more widely known.

Sissoo (India Sheesham) is a large tree with straight, thin leaves and pale pink flowers. With Sheesham wood, mango comes from the fruit-bearing trees.

The Dalbergia Sissoo trees grow as a medium to a large deciduous tree, reproduces by seeds and suckers. This mango wood tree can grow up to a maximum of 82 feet (30 meters) and up to 9ft 10 inches in diameter; however, it is often smaller. (Find the Best Respirator for Woodworking)

What is the Difference Between Sheesham and Teak Wood?

Sheesham Wood definition

It is wood from the Sheesham tree, found in the subcontinental regions of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

These kinds of wood are found in humid and high-temperature areas, while the wood has large amounts of water present, making it less resistant to water.

Teak Wood Definition

There is less water in its trunk, and it is water-resistant, so it is used in the construction of boats and other furniture and is like for the reddish-brown appearance.

There is a lot of oil present in the wood, and it isn’t suitable for burning.


Sheesham and Teak are different in texture. Sheesham has a golden-brown chestnut color natural grain and marking. Teak has a smooth finish with a distinctive yellowish to dark-brown color that can mature to a silver-gray patina.


Teak is heavy and dense with a higher tensile strength than Sheesham and is denser. Being heavy, Teak is preferred over Sheesham to be used for making large wooden furniture. Smaller items of Sheesham wood furniture and decor products are better made with Mango Wood.


Among woodworkers working on large furniture, Teak is the preferred wood for furniture.

Teak Wood designs are natural and interesting. However, as it is hard, furniture made from Teak wears-out cutting tools quickly. Top-quality furniture made from teak wood is strong and durable with a natural smooth finish.


Teak is a luxurious hardwood in comparison and has many benefits. Sheesham is still lovely and costs far less yet needs so care and attention. For high-quality outdoor furniture, use Teak; for musical instruments or small wooden furniture, use Sheesham.

Is Sheesham Water Resistant?

The percentage of water in Sheesham Wood is higher than that of Teak. Thus, Sheesham has greater flexibility than Teak. That means that it can be bent without any visible stress to a certain degree.

But, on the other hand, this property makes it prone to moisture damage. To make it resistant, the whole unit can be polished and waxed evenly.

Teak Wood has a more significant proportion of natural oils, on the other hand. Teak is resistant to moisture, mildew, fungi, and even termites.

Sheesham wood with 750 written on one log

This means that Teak Wood is more suitable than Sheesham for outdoor furniture. Thus Teak Wood dominates Sheesham Wood with respect to water and termite resistance.

The wood is a type of Rosewood, and you find the heartwood highly resistant to dry wood termites, making it decay-resistant. Sheesham wood furniture is made from a dense wood and is extremely durable.

Is Sheesham Wood Furniture Good?

Sheesham Wood is always in high demand for making furniture as no two pieces are ever the same.

  • Here is more on the features can characteristics of this wood. Sheesham
  • The color varies from golden to deep reddish-brown.
  • It has natural wood markings in the form of dark streaks.
  • It comprises interlocked grains, so it is extremely tough and durable.
  • Sheesham wood is highly resistant to dry-wood termites.
  • Sheesham won’t warp and has a toughness and hard texture, thus a good choice for cabinets.
  • Sheesham wood is resistant to natural decay. It can, however, suffer from wood-boring beetles.

How to Care for Sheesham Wood Furniture

While Sheesham wood is renowned for its strength, durability, and resistance to mites, there are a few recommendations that have to be followed to preserve and care for your Sheesham wood furniture; so, it can last a lifetime. (Find the Best Random Orbital Sander)

  • Wood furniture from Sheesham Wood should never be exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • Sheesham wood furniture should not be kept in areas with excessive heat or direct sunlight.
  • To avoid marks on the furniture’s top surface, use heatproof mats and coasters before putting them into contact with hot materials.
  • Use a soft cover before placing ornamentation or sharp objects directly on your Sheesham furniture to avoid scratches or scrapes.
  • Dust your Sheesham furniture often to prevent dust from settling in its cracks and crevices.
  • Get your Sheesham furniture regularly polished, maybe at least three times a year, to maintain its look, finish, and appeal.

What is Sheesham Wood

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