What Kinds Of Ants Have Wings

Ants can creep into any home, and you may wonder as you see them going about their business. Why do some ants have wings, and others don’t?

Not only may you have different ant types in your house, but you can have flying or non-flying ants in the same species. It may appear harmless, yet once you understand the reasons there are flying ants in your house, it may be a cause for concern.

In this guide, you can learn what is an ant with wings, and how you can carry out some quick pest control to deal with the issue.(Read How To Get Rid Of Ants In Grass Naturally)

Flying Ant Species in your House

What are Flying Ants a Sign Of?

You may think you have different flying ant species in your house, yet you may be mistaken, and you have a termite issue instead.

Carpenter ants are often confused with termites, so it is handy to understand the differences between ants and termites.

Body: Termites have no waist, whereas a carpenter ant has a defined waist

Wings: Both have four wings, yet a termite’s wings are the same size and shape, and longer than its body. Winged ants have front wings longer than their rear, and the wings are more durable than termites which fall off around nest openings.

Antennae: Termites have straight antennae where ants have beds or elbows

Color: Worker ants are reddy colors where termites are creamy in color.
Once you understand this, you quickly find it’s not a good sign to see either in your home. Ants have wings when they are ready to breed, and if they are in your house, it probably means you have an ant’s nest in your house. (Read How to Get Rid of Fire Ants)

What Kind of Ants Grow Wings?

Flying ants, or ‟alates,” as they are correctly known are ants, which are sexually mature. You find these are the ‟reproductive” ants of the ant colony created by the ‟queen ant.” It is the function of the worker ants to care for these through their immature stages. Once the colony faces expansion, this is where the winged ants come into play.

Mature males and females fly from their colonies with a single objective to mate. You may hear of these flights as ‟nuptial flights” or ‟dispersal.” However, they are most often performed in swarms as it helps keep dangers away.

Black Ants with Wings

What Kind of Black Ants Have Wings?

Female carpenter ants are the more common black ants with wings, and it can be an indication you have nests or infestations in your walls or your attic.

The females are larger than the workers, and they are the ones frequently flying from their nests. Once they reach their mating spot, you can find queen ant wings fall off when they become the queen of a new colony.

If this occurs inside your home, it means you will have another ant colony. Carpenter ants don’t eat wood as termites do, yet they take advantage of damp and rotten wood. You may find you have a water leak inside your home, and there is rotting wood somewhere.

What Causes Flying Ants in Your House?

Critical reasons for these winged ants to venture into your home are places to nest, and the warmth compared to outside. Ants and termites will come in, yet termites will eat any wood while ants look for nesting areas.

What you need to know is how to deal with them once you see them. Here are a few things you can do to help eliminate the threats of these ants with wings.

Turn off Lights: You may see a swarm in your home once it has reached nighttime. Ants are drawn to the light and heat. Block off the light using curtains or dim the lights.

Plug Holes: You need to make sure all holes and cracks are sealed where ants can crawl inside. Doors and windows being the prime areas for such gaps. Window-type aircon also leaves gaps around the edges. (Learn How To Get Rid Of Ants In The Garden)

Make Ant Traps: Place a lamp in a dark corner and leave a dish of water with a few drops of liquid dish detergent.

Use Cinnamon: You can use cinnamon sticks, or you can sprinkle cinnamon powder in certain areas. Ants, like many insects, don’t take too kindly to the cinnamon smell. You can find this works well in attics as you don’t need to keep checking.

Use a Vacuum: If you find a large number of ants, you can dig out your wet and dry vacuum. Add some soapy water to the tank and suck up the ants, and you have the equivalent of a powered ant trap. Unfortunately, you can’t use a regular vacuum as it is the soapy water that traps the ants rather than the vacuum force.

Once you use all these methods, ants may still be in your home. The reason being you need to deal with their nest. If you can locate it, you can use a natural spray that is made to deal with flying insects.

Some come with natural ingredients, yet they will require re-application once the oils begin drying and dissipating.

Carpenter ants are the most dominant ant species that you can find inside your home. Generally, if they come inside your house because of the warmth and light, rather than to nest. They are more of a nuisance than threatening your house.

However, if the flying ants seem to be there longer than expected, it is a sign you may have carpenter ants taking up home, and you should check all your woodwork, roofing, and piping in case you have any leaks and rotting wood.

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What Kinds Of Ants Have Wings

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