When Do Morning Glories Bloom

Morning glory is a lovely vine with trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in a rainbow of colors. The term ‘Morning Glory’ refers to a group of flowering plants that number in the thousands.

Many gardeners start growing morning glories for the lovely blossoms. Flowers blossom in the morning and fade away in the afternoon, yet some see Morning Glory as invasive. The plant thrives in poor soil and can quickly overrun by growing more than ten feet in one season.

Although it has some issues, the plant is quite simple to care for. But what if the plant is developed for its flowers, but they don’t appear?

morning glory bloom

In our guide, you can learn more about your morning glory not blooming. By the end, you’ll know what’s the issue, how to fix it, and how long does it take for morning glories to bloom. (Read When Do Irises Bloom)

Why Don’t My Morning Glory Flowers Bloom?

If the soil is excessively rich, the Morning Glory plant will not flower; if the Morning Glory plant is over-watered, it will not bloom. In addition, if the Morning Glory plant doesn’t receive enough sunlight, it will not flower, and you can find Morning Glory blossom failure because of phosphorus deficit.

It sounds like established morning glory plants stand little chance of flowering, yet it isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Here are a few issues you face when you plant morning glories.


In poor/average soils, the Morning Glory plant thrives. However, if the soil is richer than required, the plant produces more leaves than blossoms.

This usually occurs when the nitrogen level of the soil is too high. For this plant, skip the manure and don’t fertilize it.

If you must fertilize, consider a product with lower nitrogen content. Morning Glory plants respond well to the fertilizer ‘Bloom Booster.’

They grow flowers in poor soil because they desire to survive and reproduce by scattering morning glory seeds. Therefore, fertilize Morning Glory vines sparingly, since they rarely need it.



When planting morning glories to get effective blossoming, the most crucial external factor is sunlight. In full sunlight, your Morning Glory plant thrives. (Read When Do Birds Of Paradise Bloom)

Examine where your plant is and ensure it is in a sunny spot that can get full sun for most of the day. Transplant your morning glory vine if it is young and doesn’t get enough sunshine.

Morning Glory plants can’t grow in partial or full shade, so ensure your morning glory flower gets at least 6/7 hours of direct sunlight per day.

If any tree shades your Morning Glory flower, use pruning shears or a pruning saw to trim back the tree’s branches.


Morning Glory vines can suffer from flower failure when over watered. So water your plant as much as is required.

When growing morning glories, don’t allow the soil to be dry or waterlogged. Instead, once a week, give your Morning Glory one deep watering.

Morning Glory vines may develop surface-rooting because of frequent watering, so cut back on surface watering.

Check the soil with your finger and water your morning glory flowers when the soil is dry to the touch.

When a plant is given more water than it requires, its leaves droop and turn yellow. As a result, the damaged plant cannot absorb the nutrients required for flower development.

Phosphorus Deficiency

A phosphorous deficit can cause your heavenly Blue Morning Glory plants to cannot bloom. Test the soil and take action based on the results. You will also find little use for a balanced liquid fertilizer, although you can add a little if you desire.

One reason above could cause phosphorus shortage, and also, phosphorous cannot be absorbed by morning glory flowers if the soil contains too much nitrogen.

blooming morning glory

How To Make Morning Glories Bloom?

You can find many tips and tricks to get beautiful foliage from your plants’ most vibrant and healthiest morning glory.

It takes a little know-how to get beautiful flowers early in the season, up to the first frost. It is handy to understand how morning glories grow first.

When Will My Morning Glories Bloom?

Morning glory vines bloom from mid-spring until the first frost. They are frequently late bloomers, with enormous plant displays appearing in late summer.

Morning glories flower dependably from May through September. A gardener can take precautions to ensure a continuous blooming of morning glory.

Start Your Heavenly Blue Early

One of the best ways to get your morning glories blooming early in the season is to start your morning glory seeds early.

You can plant morning glories four-to-six weeks before the last frost and even up to two months.

A seedling mat stops temperature swings that stunt growth of new plants.

Use Bags or Pots

By starting your heavenly blue morning glory vines early, you’ll end up with more robust plants at the time you plant in the ground. (Read Do Pansies Bloom All Summer)

For successfully transplanting morning glory seedlings, it is best to use biodegradable grow bags or pots made of materials that naturally break.

Morning glory seedlings are susceptible to damage during transplanting, so these bags offer a better support system when transplanting. Plant these in early summer as the soil warms to tropical climates level in your garden if planting from seeds. Just place 6-inches apart and cover lightly with soil.

Plant Morning Glories In a Favorite Place

Morning glories are known for overgrowing gardens. Start your morning glories in their favorite areas to deliver the best beautiful blooms.

Morning glory vines love direct sunlight. They thrive in full sun and require long days to bloom beautifully. Don’t expect many flowers if your morning glory vines are excessively shaded or only get partial sun most of the day—plant morning glory where it gets morning and afternoon sun.


When preparing your garden for planting morning glories, ensure your plants have ideal conditions.

Use good-quality in-ground potting soil, and don’t add fertilizer. Morning glory grows best in poor soil, and adding fertilizer doesn’t make them grow better.

It’s a great idea to add mulch around the stalks. Mulch draws excess nitrogen from the moderately fertile soil and helps prevent weeds and over-watering. But, as we have seen, they don’t like too much nitrogen.

How to Enhance Morning Glories Blooms Color

Morning glory flowers are known for one of the most fascinating plant phenomena: the color shifts if you take a picture of a morning glory when it first opens in the morning and then multiple times during the day.

It will change the color of the morning glory flowers from a bluer to a redder tint. Reactions to changes in pH levels create this color shift.

As the temperature rises, the pH of the soil decreases, resulting in a more acidic environment. Morning glory blossoms will be a darker blue if the soil is more alkaline.

How To Care For Morning Glory Flowers

Here are a few more tips on how to care for your morning glories.

Morning glories are low-maintenance plants and can still produce flowers. As a result, you may be concerned when they don’t start blooming.

Building a framework for them to climb over would be the finest thing you could do to ensure their undisturbed blossoming and flower buds.

The structure can be a fence or any other unique structure that adds old-fashioned charm to your garden while sustaining more vegetation of your morning glory vines in strong winds. Morning glory will produce flowers and more foliage sooner as they climb towards the light with a sturdy structure.

The length of the day influences the blooming of morning glories as well. Your flowers will not bloom as planned if the days are longer. Instead, you’ll have to wait for your flowers to bloom.

Morning glories thrive on days that are less than nine hours long. When the weather is cold, the flower blooms more quickly when the days are longer than 14 hours.

Next, make sure the soil is well-drained, which is why the baskets are necessary. Because baskets contain holes, extra water drains quickly. If you’re not planting morning glories in baskets, make sure the area has good drainage.

You may think you need bloom food or plant food to get rich soil for lots of morning glory leaves or the blue to pink flowers you yearn for. However, creeping jenny can send out deep roots to find all the water and nutrition it needs even as the soil dries.

Spray with an appropriate insecticide when the heart-shaped leaves or slender stems are attacked by pests such as leaf miners, spider mites, or other pests.

Keep fertilizer application at the lesser end when you want to get more flowers from your morning glories. However, be warned that too much fertilizer reduces the number of flowers your morning glory rewards you with. It may also cause lush foliage. (Learn How Much Is A Rick Of Wood)

Mulch is helpful in keeping soils at the right moisture level. Collect mulching materials and lay them around the plants.

Because the plant can self-seed, if you don’t want the last annuals to reseed in early September, then pinch off the old flowers.

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